May 30, 2013

That Time I... got a concussion from a celebrity

I've decided to do a play on "TBT" and introduce an occasional Thursday segment I like to call "That Time I.."

On April 13th, Quinnipiac had it's Wake the Giant Spring concert, and wallpaper. and B.o.B were both set to perform. Now unluckily (or I guess you can say luckily), our men's hockey team was still #1 and undefeated and were in the finals of the Frozen Four against our number one rival, the ivy in the town right over from us, Yale (YUCK FALE!) This was affectionately called The Battle of the Toads Cup - the club shared by Yale and Quinnipiac and several other nearby schools. I had already made arrangements to attend the concert and gotten my press pass to cover it.

We got there a little early and got settled in in the front, giving me an awesome view of wallpaper. while they performed my favorite song (F**KING BEST SONG EVERRR) and me getting a nice little point and shout out from the lead singer when singing the lyrics! This only pumped me up 1000 times more, and when B.o.B came on, I was dying of excitement!

Now, I've never been a die-hard B.o.B fan, but I've always liked him, and my friend Jake and I made a pact years ago that we would go to his concert together - oops, sorry! My roommate J and I were just in the front screaming and dancing and enjoying the concert and B.o.B kept pointing to us and we'd wave and scream at him. Well, I guess B.o.B thought I was a pretty strong girl, because at that moment he decided to run and dive off the stage and crowd surf.

J and I were in complete shock, and the next thing I know we're both on the floor while a million girls trample over us to try and get a little closer to B.o.B. The whole scene was a mess, and by the time J got up and pulled me from under the crowd, I was pretty claustrophobic and ready to go home. We headed back to our dorm, and carried on the night as normal. When I showed up at B's suite for a party, I had a pretty bad headache and after an hour I finally listened to my friends and went to the health centre, who diagnosed me with a concussion and sent me back to my room with meds and a lot of ice.

At this point, it was a pretty big joke between all of my friends, and they all kept telling me to tweet him - so I tweeted him that night. When I was walking back from the health centre my phone kept blowing up, until I checked it and realized he had tweeted me back! Yeah, that happened. He wasn't apologetic which irritated me ten times more, and he hashtagged #TeamBoB, to which I wanted to respond #TeamHopeYouEnjoyPayingMyHospitalBill, but I refrained. It was all pretty funny though.

I ended up in the hospital later that week after some severe post-concussive symptoms, and it's still the biggest joke for all of my friends - I mean who gets trampled at a concert? Caroline does. Guess it makes for a funny story though.. Still waiting on my free stuff, B.o.B

Have you had any (weird) celebrity encounters? Tell me about them below..

May 27, 2013

loving lilly

Every year I find myself redoing my organizational strategies, new planner intact. I consider myself to be a tech-savvy person, but using my iPhone and MacBook to organize my homework, appointments, notes and reminders just wasn't cutting it. I always used planners to keep me sane throughout the school year, and it wasn't until this year that I fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer's planners. The size, space and just overall cute-ness of it won me over. I love customizing my days with the sticker packs, and the writing space in her planners fit everything I have to do day to day! Plus who can resist Lilly's prints? Certainly not I!

This morning when I got to work, I (and every other Lilly lover out there) was pleasantly surprised (read: so freaking excited) to see the 2014 Lilly agendas waiting in my mailbox for my pre-ordering and browsing to my heart's content. This made me more anxious than I even expected because 1) how can I just choose one? and 2) Jumbo or Large?!

Last year, I bought the Jumbo planner and it fit everything, but I'm super obsessed with one of the large prints, and I'm torn between my love for the print and my love for the size: what's more worth it?

Anyways, my favorites are below:
The LARGE True Navy Tusk In Sun (my favorite, and the reason I'm considering switching to large!)
The JUMBO Multi Get Nauti  (ugh, so cute too!)

I can't even begin to decide which planner to go with, but then the lovely Erin Condren is supposedly releasing a big announcement tomorrow - probably about her customizable life planners, and that gives me even more options. Who knows, I might just ditch Lilly this year for a monogrammed and totally customized Erin Condren. UGH, the struggle. If this isn't a #whitegirlproblem then I don't know what is..

What's your favorite 2014 Lilly print? Comment below!

May 24, 2013

college journalism: getting involved

I had always had this idea that a school's newspaper was the best representation of a school's journalism department. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like reading the info packets with all the statistics and numbers they throw at me, but even I know that's a little altered. A school's paper, on the other hand, isn't. If it sucks, it sucks. If it doesn't, it doesn't. There's no way to hide if a newspaper isn't well written or well executed.

So, when I visited Quinnipiac (and four other colleges) last February, the first thing I made sure to do was pick up a copy of their school newspaper. Surprisingly, (or not surprisingly), The Quinnipiac Chronicle was a clear winner. With top-notch layout, hard-hitting news stories and the proper interaction with students through their Opinion, Interaction and Arts and Life sections, I fell in love with Quinnipiac even more than I already had. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that during the first week of school at the Involvement Fair, I signed up for the Chronicle. I had never anticipated it becoming such an important aspect of my life at school. After going to the first meeting, the News Editor asked if I had any story ideas, yada yada yada, and the following Wednesday, my name was on the front page.

There began my obsession with the Chronicle and college journalism. Shortly after, I joined HerCampus Quinnipiac and fell in love with writing media/arts/fashion pieces. It was here that I began to change my writing style and preferences. I later got offered a position as Social Media Director for my HC chapter, which impacted my outlook on journalism entirely.  In March, the Chronicle and Quinnipiac Student Media sent me to NYC for a conference - the College Media Association's annual event. It was three days of amazing speeches, networking and private media tours, and also one of my highlights of freshman year. At this point, I met phenomenal professionals in the industry, and got tips on how to improve not only my writing for both the Chronicle and HerCampus, but also my social media skills for my position for HerCampus.

It's so weird that I always tried to separate the two organizations because they were in no way linked, yet my blog post and my freshman year timeline intertwines them so much. I guess they both helped me realize what I loved to do, and both helped me improve in the other. Although I was Social Media Director for HC, when Executive Board applications came around for Chronicle, I applied as a section editor rather than one for social media - I did it for HerCampus but I didn't realize how much I liked it, or how big of an influence it would have on me. I entered my interview for E-Board wanting one position, and left wanting an entirely different one, and so I was named the Social Media Coordinator for the Chronicle a couple weeks after.

I guess the moral of this entire post is to encourage you to get involved and keep an open mind always. Actually no, this post was supposed to let you know of my good news, but I swear it's going to come!!!

Last night, I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a post from the Chronicle congratulation all the winners from the Society of Professional Journalists awards ceremony yesterday afternoon. I clicked it curious as to who won, ready to congratulate my fellow Chronicle-rs. That is, until I saw my name. I was utterly confused and surprised to say the least. After a quick message to the Managing Editor who went to the ceremony, I was informed that the Editor-in-Chief submitted one of my pieces - you can read it here - under the "General" category and I WON FIRST PLACE! I literally had no clue! But I'm super happy to announce it, so motivated to keep writing, and so excited to see what else I can do now! The Quinnipiac Chronicle won 18 awards (therefore, I attest to my original statement - good newspaper = good journalism dep't) and I was lucky enough to be one of them (and the only freshman on the list)!

This news just put me in an awesome mood today, so when I got an email from the HerCampus Blogger Network saying they loved my blog and accepted me as part of the network, I was overjoyed! I never expected to be accepted and kind of applied just to say I tried, so the email caught me entirely off-guard. I'm so excited to announce that I'm officially part of the HCBN, so you'll see some changes to my blog - like that lovely logo over there --->.

Thanks for reading my (long) rant about how lucky I am and how great college journalism is. Seriously future freshman, get involved! Happy Friday, thanks for reading another page in The Caro Diaries..

Friday Five

1) I started my job for the summer this week - full time at Toute Bagai Publishing, a company that creates MACO Magazines (and where I interned for the last two summers). It's crazy to see how much has changed during my three years here, and I'm so glad to be back on board and working with such amazing writers and editors! Despite having to be at work for 9 (okay, it's not that early but give me a break!), I'm loving it already.

2) I stumbled across this picture, which is my inspiration for the day. I haaaaate "YOLO", but this quote sums life up pretty well, so I'm sharing it. Judge me.

3) Rue La La is selling Lilly Pulitzer Gifts (Lifeguard Press) right now! SO many good sales and going on until Sunday! Click here for an invite!

4) I cut my hair and got my eyebrows threaded (threaded? thread? what's the past tense of threading?), so I finally feel - and look - like a human again!

5) I got some AMAAAAZING news last night that I can't even type because I'm still so excited! asdfghjkl you'll just have to read my separate blog post that'll come later! SO exciting!

Happy Friday!

May 17, 2013

Friday Five

So, I decided now that I'm on summer and I have (a little) more time than I did in school, I'm gonna commit to a weekly post.

HENCE: The Friday Five

1. I'm finally home for summer! After a week in New Hampshire, a lot more shopping than I expected, a visit from B and an annoyingly packed flight, I'm back in Trinidad for 3 months of summer fun!  AND, I finally unpacked my suitcases. Two full (and one ridiculously overweight) suitcases full of clothes literally threw up all over my poor bedroom last night, and I was up until 3 am packing it all away. But there's no better feeling than looking into your closet and actually having clothes hanging up!

2. I went to my first yoga class in approximately three years last night, and I can't feel any part of my body. That being said, I LOVED IT. Officially adding it to my summer list.

3. I updated my bucket list last night. I'll have to post it one day soon, but it's ridiculously long. I love nothing more than crossing things off my bucket list, and it's so exciting to look back after a year in college and see all the things I accomplished. Feeling proud of myself today.

May 10, 2013

you say goodbye, i say hello.

For university students, it's the time of year where we find ourselves saying goodbye. Goodbye to a year of academic difficulties, breakthroughs and memories. Goodbye to the classes we loved, and the ones we hated. Goodbye to the professor who gave us a C that one time. Goodbye to those bloody finals that we got no sleep over. Goodbye to your dorm room, your roommates, your hall mates, best friends and classmates. Goodbye to a year of memories, tears, adventures and lessons learned.

For me, this goodbye seems harder than ever. Not only am I saying goodbye to some of my best friends and people who I've come to call family, but I'm saying goodbye to the US, temporarily. Heading home never seemed as bittersweet as it does now.

I don't know when it happened, but my freshman year is over. It seems like just yesterday I moved into my quad, created my cozy little nook, and introduced myself to everyone. I remember orientation like it was last night - the first thing my OLs said when they met me was "Ooh! She has an accent, she's gonna be a fun one!". I remember the first awkward night hanging out with my roommates, the first time we'd all been without our family or friends. I remember all the small things like I've just done then, yet somehow 9 months flew by.


I've been incredibly lucky to meet some of the most amazing people my freshman year. When I moved in, I met the most wonderful RA - Erica - who I consider to be one of my best friends, and my future roommate, now. I met two remarkable Orientation Leaders - Lindsay and Jaime - , who were way too cool for school, and are my two biggest inspirations at Quinnipiac as they graduate in a few days. I met three girls who changed my lives - Stef, Jess and Maggie - the minute they walked through the doors of Commons 117. I met the best friend, partner in crime and soon my sister away from home - Carly - who I wouldn't have been able to survive being so far away from home without. I met the sweetest, most caring boy - Barron - who quickly became my best friend and the third in the Carly-Caroline-Barron trifecta. I met girls I never thought I would bond with - Sami - right down the hall.

I went from not knowing what to do and where to go, to having the strongest group of friends and support group I could ask for. Quinnipiac encouraged us to get involved, which led me to another family altogether - The Quinnipiac Chronicle. Who knew that writing for a newspaper could give me such a joy and such a feeling of home. I've met so many amazing people, learned so many things and got so many amazing opportunities from signing up on that first day.

But this post isn't all about goodbye. After 9 months, I can say that I've earned the next three months of vacation waiting for me. I'm more than happy to say hello to summer, my best friends and family at home, and my home in general. I'm ready to say hello to the new memories that await me, and the hours I'm going to spend updating my friends here after our months apart. I'm ready to say hello to some more change. (Ironic, huh?)

I'm still mind-blown that 9 months of work, friendship, parties, more work and memories has come to an end. When did I grow up?

I write this at 11 am on Friday May 10th, where I'm officially a Quinnipiac University sophomore, and I could not be more proud. If one year at Quinnipiac has allowed me to grow so much, then I can't wait to see what the next three years have in store for me.

So goodbye to all these things, I can't wait till I can say hello again in three months.

And sorry for the ten thousand pictures - it happens when you have friends like mine.

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