May 17, 2013

Friday Five

So, I decided now that I'm on summer and I have (a little) more time than I did in school, I'm gonna commit to a weekly post.

HENCE: The Friday Five

1. I'm finally home for summer! After a week in New Hampshire, a lot more shopping than I expected, a visit from B and an annoyingly packed flight, I'm back in Trinidad for 3 months of summer fun!  AND, I finally unpacked my suitcases. Two full (and one ridiculously overweight) suitcases full of clothes literally threw up all over my poor bedroom last night, and I was up until 3 am packing it all away. But there's no better feeling than looking into your closet and actually having clothes hanging up!

2. I went to my first yoga class in approximately three years last night, and I can't feel any part of my body. That being said, I LOVED IT. Officially adding it to my summer list.

3. I updated my bucket list last night. I'll have to post it one day soon, but it's ridiculously long. I love nothing more than crossing things off my bucket list, and it's so exciting to look back after a year in college and see all the things I accomplished. Feeling proud of myself today.

4. I finally caved in and bought myself an Alex and Ani bracelet this week. I've been eyeing them down since November and I refused to conform to the Quinnipiac norm, but they're so pretty and I absolutely needed it. I can already kiss my paychecks goodbye from now on, because I follow them on Instagram and I'm ready to order 15 more.

5. I discovered this Ed & Passenger cover of No Diggity/Thrift Shop. I'm dying. Their voices make me melt, and Ed Sheeran is the only ginger I have ever been in love with.

Just another page in The Caro Diaries.. until next time.


  1. Nice to have you home Caro.. See ya soon

  2. YAY for being a yoga lover! It's my absolute favorite workout/de-stresser.


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