May 24, 2013

Friday Five

1) I started my job for the summer this week - full time at Toute Bagai Publishing, a company that creates MACO Magazines (and where I interned for the last two summers). It's crazy to see how much has changed during my three years here, and I'm so glad to be back on board and working with such amazing writers and editors! Despite having to be at work for 9 (okay, it's not that early but give me a break!), I'm loving it already.

2) I stumbled across this picture, which is my inspiration for the day. I haaaaate "YOLO", but this quote sums life up pretty well, so I'm sharing it. Judge me.

3) Rue La La is selling Lilly Pulitzer Gifts (Lifeguard Press) right now! SO many good sales and going on until Sunday! Click here for an invite!

4) I cut my hair and got my eyebrows threaded (threaded? thread? what's the past tense of threading?), so I finally feel - and look - like a human again!

5) I got some AMAAAAZING news last night that I can't even type because I'm still so excited! asdfghjkl you'll just have to read my separate blog post that'll come later! SO exciting!

Happy Friday!

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