May 27, 2013

loving lilly

Every year I find myself redoing my organizational strategies, new planner intact. I consider myself to be a tech-savvy person, but using my iPhone and MacBook to organize my homework, appointments, notes and reminders just wasn't cutting it. I always used planners to keep me sane throughout the school year, and it wasn't until this year that I fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer's planners. The size, space and just overall cute-ness of it won me over. I love customizing my days with the sticker packs, and the writing space in her planners fit everything I have to do day to day! Plus who can resist Lilly's prints? Certainly not I!

This morning when I got to work, I (and every other Lilly lover out there) was pleasantly surprised (read: so freaking excited) to see the 2014 Lilly agendas waiting in my mailbox for my pre-ordering and browsing to my heart's content. This made me more anxious than I even expected because 1) how can I just choose one? and 2) Jumbo or Large?!

Last year, I bought the Jumbo planner and it fit everything, but I'm super obsessed with one of the large prints, and I'm torn between my love for the print and my love for the size: what's more worth it?

Anyways, my favorites are below:
The LARGE True Navy Tusk In Sun (my favorite, and the reason I'm considering switching to large!)
The JUMBO Multi Get Nauti  (ugh, so cute too!)

I can't even begin to decide which planner to go with, but then the lovely Erin Condren is supposedly releasing a big announcement tomorrow - probably about her customizable life planners, and that gives me even more options. Who knows, I might just ditch Lilly this year for a monogrammed and totally customized Erin Condren. UGH, the struggle. If this isn't a #whitegirlproblem then I don't know what is..

What's your favorite 2014 Lilly print? Comment below!


  1. Kaitlyn MartinezMay 27, 2013 at 1:56 PM

    Oh, love Lilly! I've had these planners for years! So amazingg!! Miss you lovie, hope to see you soon! xoxo

  2. I had a Lilly planner last year! It actually doesn't end til December, but I was running out of space in it so I just got a Whitney English Day Designer:
    It literally just arrived this afternoon, but I already love it. I really like the elephant Lilly though! Congrats on your purchase of the domain :)

  3. Oh my goodness! YOU HAVE TO TRY AN ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER! I am the exact same way. I'm very picky with my planners, and my phone/laptop won't cut it. Erin Condren's planners are MADE for people like us. They are utter perfection. I was given one as a gift, in my favorite color & with my full name. I fell in love, and HAD to have another this year. I have no clue how I would function without it. If you want, I'll to a blog or video on how I use mine, if that helps you get a better idea! Just message me.
    In terms of Lilly, I like the elephant print the most of the two. Keep in mind if you had a little extra space or not, when you used the jumbo last year. If it was, quite literally, the perfect size...then stick with the jumbo. Otherwise, you'll probably be fine with a large. You may even be able to call customer service and get a jumbo in that print!

    ♥, Em (

  4. My rambling YouTube video about my Erin Condren planner...for anyone that has 16ish minutes to kill lol

    ♥, Em

  5. […] say how much everyone knows I love Erin Condren and her planners. I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice before. Her life planners are total perfection, and are fully customized, which I love. […]

  6. I love Lily agendas! I have one for the first time and I'm in love!
    I totally get the whole anxiety over choosing a planner. I'm right there with you!
    I got the larger in Tusk in the Sun, and I am currently obsessing over elephant prints:P

  7. No way! I love that one :) So glad it's as nice as it seems! That's the only thing keeping me from ordering Erin Condren, but I totally have to!
    Glad you're enjoying it :)


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