May 30, 2013

That Time I... got a concussion from a celebrity

I've decided to do a play on "TBT" and introduce an occasional Thursday segment I like to call "That Time I.."

On April 13th, Quinnipiac had it's Wake the Giant Spring concert, and wallpaper. and B.o.B were both set to perform. Now unluckily (or I guess you can say luckily), our men's hockey team was still #1 and undefeated and were in the finals of the Frozen Four against our number one rival, the ivy in the town right over from us, Yale (YUCK FALE!) This was affectionately called The Battle of the Toads Cup - the club shared by Yale and Quinnipiac and several other nearby schools. I had already made arrangements to attend the concert and gotten my press pass to cover it.

We got there a little early and got settled in in the front, giving me an awesome view of wallpaper. while they performed my favorite song (F**KING BEST SONG EVERRR) and me getting a nice little point and shout out from the lead singer when singing the lyrics! This only pumped me up 1000 times more, and when B.o.B came on, I was dying of excitement!

Now, I've never been a die-hard B.o.B fan, but I've always liked him, and my friend Jake and I made a pact years ago that we would go to his concert together - oops, sorry! My roommate J and I were just in the front screaming and dancing and enjoying the concert and B.o.B kept pointing to us and we'd wave and scream at him. Well, I guess B.o.B thought I was a pretty strong girl, because at that moment he decided to run and dive off the stage and crowd surf.

J and I were in complete shock, and the next thing I know we're both on the floor while a million girls trample over us to try and get a little closer to B.o.B. The whole scene was a mess, and by the time J got up and pulled me from under the crowd, I was pretty claustrophobic and ready to go home. We headed back to our dorm, and carried on the night as normal. When I showed up at B's suite for a party, I had a pretty bad headache and after an hour I finally listened to my friends and went to the health centre, who diagnosed me with a concussion and sent me back to my room with meds and a lot of ice.

At this point, it was a pretty big joke between all of my friends, and they all kept telling me to tweet him - so I tweeted him that night. When I was walking back from the health centre my phone kept blowing up, until I checked it and realized he had tweeted me back! Yeah, that happened. He wasn't apologetic which irritated me ten times more, and he hashtagged #TeamBoB, to which I wanted to respond #TeamHopeYouEnjoyPayingMyHospitalBill, but I refrained. It was all pretty funny though.

I ended up in the hospital later that week after some severe post-concussive symptoms, and it's still the biggest joke for all of my friends - I mean who gets trampled at a concert? Caroline does. Guess it makes for a funny story though.. Still waiting on my free stuff, B.o.B

Have you had any (weird) celebrity encounters? Tell me about them below..


  1. I really thought you were going to say something about Miguel. I thought you were going to say that you were the girl in the pit at the Billboard awards. Either way, that's horrible! He should have apologized and I would have made sure to send all my bills to him, fan or not. At least you have a great story to tell.

  2. Should've offered to pay your bills! #smh
    In Emma news... "That Time I Was Harassed Mercilessly (and Pointlessly) On My First Blog By Selena & Justin Impersonators...Until I Accidentally Found The Real Selena (& Vanessa Hudgens) Who Then Stood Up For Me...And The Fakers Were Banned From Tumblr"
    Yay celebrity stories! lol

    ♥, Em


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