June 06, 2013

Friday Five

Thank GOD It's Friday! This week felt like it was never-ending, and I have the headaches to prove it. I missed last week's F5 because it was a public holiday, so this is gonna be a double session. Friday ten?

1) Last week were two public holidays in Trinidad that fell on the same day - Corpus Christi and Indian Arrival Day, so the lovely government decided to give us both Thursday and Friday off. It was glorious. I spent Friday down de islands with some family, and it was awesome just relaxing, tanning and reading my book!

2) I watched every episode of The Carrie Diaries this week. Then I cried for the finale and sent B a lot of text messages at 3 am. And by a lot, I mean 25. I'm not even joking (so much so that he later made a Carrie/Maggie/Sebastian reference!) PLUS, it got renewed for a second season and I'm ecstatic (in case you couldn't already tell..)

3) Work is in full swing. That's pretty much all I've been doing all week.

4) There was a Sex and the City marathon last night. Enough said. Can I be her?

5) Two of the most amazing people I've met at Quinnipiac (and call my best friend and sister) met up last night in CT and sent me a pic. I'm SO jealous I wasn't there!

6) I've partnered up with Black Sheep Postal to offer my readers a FREE card before tonight at midnight. Just enter the code caro diaries at checkout, and it's FO FREEEE!

7) I've officially decided to join the Smart Girl's Group - can't wait to start writing for them!

8) Erin Condren. Yes, THE Erin Condren (okay, maybe I'm too obsessed!) pinned my article about her planners. Brb, I'm dying! (And while you're there, follow me on Pinterest)

9) I made some updates to my blog. Okay, now I'm just adding things to add to this post, but I got 8, so I just need two more!

10) How cute is this checkbook? I totally want one. This explains me. I swear I don't have a problem, I'm just being super generous and helping out the economy. God knows it's needs help!

I'm sorry for my sad excuse of pictures today. I still need to get Photoshop back on my laptop, so I used a free iPhone app for that one (ugh!)

Happy Friday, y'all!

xo Caro

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