June 05, 2013

Limited Time Offer: FREE card (with free shipping) from Black SheepPostal Service

As much as I love my iPhone and MacBook, nothing beats a good old-fashioned letter. But who has time for that these days? Ain't nobody got time for that.. That's why Black Sheep Postal Service was created: to make sending greetings easier, and cheaper. And if it's two things I love it's easy and cheap. (Hey, I'm a college student, what do you expect?)

Black Sheep offers these beautifully designed, fun colored postcards, which are hand-cut and hand-silkscreened all from their headquarters in California. Plus, they're cute. Did I say that already? Not only do they come in like fifteen million colors (I'm exaggerating..), but they also come with the cutest stamps (Justin, the owner, handpicks each and every stamp - no boring Presidents for you - sorry Honest Abe!)

The best part about it is that Black Sheep will write your message AND deliver it for you. So if you wanna say hi to a certain friend/blogger who lives all the way in the Caribbean, it's super easy (wink wink).

Now, I first discovered Black Sheep Postal a little while before Mother's Day. I was really upset I was missing it (the first time I ever had), and I wanted nothing more than to be back home with my mom, rather than studying for finals. I didn't really believe that they could deliver the card to Trinidad, so I just signed up for the hell of it, and sent a stupid message to my mother, 100% believing it'll never reach her. A couple days later, my mom calls to thank me for my beautiful card. Yes, they shipped it all the way to Trinidad. For FREE. Not even joking.

BSPS was such a hit with me (and my mom) that I decided to team up with them and offer my readers a discount (and by discount, I mean totally free!) All you have to do is go to the website, click "send a card", customize it to your heart's desire, fill out your info and on the billing page enter the code and BAM, you're done. Free card sent. No worries about shipping or billing. Just sent.

Enjoy your free card! The code will be available to you until Friday at midnight, so GET ON IT!

Once again, head over to Black Sheep Postal between now and Friday at midnight, enter the code, and get ready to send your free card - super cute! Please only use the code once per person.

If you're wondering how Justin makes these awesome cards, be sure to click here to read all about it, and see some more pics over here.

Don't forget to post below and tweet me (@caromarie217) with your new (free) (awesome) cards! Enjoy :)

this discount code is no longer applicable and has been removed as the offer has expired.


  1. I sent a Father's Day card to my dad! Thanks for this offer!

  2. just ordered mine! can't wait to get it. thanks for the discount!

  3. Hey there. Major update and I need everyone to shoot over and there and check it out. Prayers are needed majorly.



    your input would mean the world to me.

  4. […] I’ve partnered up with Black Sheep Postal to offer my readers a FREE card before tonight at midnight. Just enter the code caro diaries at checkout, and it’s FO […]

  5. Did your dad like the Father's Day card?

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