June 19, 2013

must-have apps for your iPhone

If there's one issue with today's society, it's our dependence on our phones. Unfortunately, I'm just as guilty. I admit to being addicted to my iPhone - it's practical, fun and can be a cute fashion accessory if you dress it up well enough ;) (p.s. keep your eyes out for a fun new review soon.. wink wink). I don't know how I survived without my iPhone - it controls my calling, my social media, my family chat group (cause we're all spread out all over the world - London, Bristol, Trinidad, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and those are just me and my siblings!), a calculator, calendar, and a million more apps!

1) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: No iPhone would be complete without these apps - a must have for all your social media needs! Facebook even has a Pages Manager app to control your company's page!

2) PinterestSeriously, there's nothing better for a pinterest addict than to have pinterest at your hands at all times. It's there when I'm bored in the car, laying down in bed or at a commercial break on TV. Seriously best app ever!

3) Candy Crush: DON'T DO IT! I laughed at my friends who played CC until I made the mistake of downloading it myself, and now I'm addicted. Don't say I didn't warn you! It's been a month and I'm stuck on level 29, and I keep threatening to delete the app, but I just can't... seriously.

4) Kindle/E-Reader: If you're addicted to reading like I am, then this app is perfect for you! I did myself the best favor ever and bought myself a Kindle two Christmases ago (the first of many many gifts to myself over the years..), and this app saves me if I'm ever somewhere where I wish I could read but forgot my Kindle. You can even order books right from your phone and read it right away, and the screen is a nice difference to my black and white Touch.

5) Timehop: Blast to the past, anyone? I love Timehop solely because it reminds me of what I tweeted/facebook'd/instagrammed a year/two years/three years ago. It's awesome to see how dumb, or smart, you were years ago! Interestingly enough, my tweets and statuses often pertain to my life today too! Cool, huh?

6) Viber: So if you're like me and you live in one country and go to school in another, then Viber is probably your best friend. I admit the service is spotty at times, but Viber is the lifesaver when you're far away from all of your friends. It's perfect for your summer vacation or your study abroad. You can call or text for free to any number that has Viber - it's a free app too, which is even more awesome! It's my favorite way to keep up with my friends from QU!

7) Flashlight: This one is literally a life-saver, and is my favorite app on my iPhone! I loved it during school when I didn't wanna wake up my roommates. It takes me back to the ME2 Nokia days with the annoying one with the flashlight. It's a must-have app!

What are your must-have iPhone apps? 


  1. Never heard of Timehop but that sounds awesome! I've always wondered what I was tweeting when I first got Twitter a couple years ago... haha. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. It's so much fun! I love seeing what I posted years ago! You should definitely check it out - get ready to cringe!

  3. I am in love with snapseed. It's a photo editing app. Love it!

    Game wise, I'm addicted to running with friends.

  4. Never heard of snapseed, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip :)

  5. It's awesome! The service needs a little help sometimes, but not too shabby for a free call!

  6. I saw that you said you love reading, and so do I, so I just thought I'd share this app with you. It's called overdrive, and it is my favorite app! You can checkout e-books from you library and they download immediately on your iPhone! It is so great, except I have a book on hold, so I am checking it like 8 times a day to see if it is ready yet!

  7. That's awesome! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip :)

  8. The Mint App is a great app for budgeting and keeping track of all your accounts in one place! I also use the Period Tracker Lite App since I'm so forgetful with remembering when my time of the month comes, haha.

    Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl

  9. I've never heard of the Mint app, I'll have to check that out! Sounds like something I need!
    And I love the period tracker, cause I would never know when to expect it otherwise haha!


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