June 11, 2013

RHL's Dorm Room Must-Haves

[this is a sponsored post by RHL. all thoughts and opinions, however, are my own.]

The summer before college (so basically, this time last year), I spent much of my time freaking out and pinning and freaking out and googling and freaking out some more about my bedroom and my bed and my space and my roommates. I knew I had no control over who my roommates were, and I couldn't choose my living situation, so I was basically hoping for the best.

I seriously pinned everything related to my dorm room. I went crazy. (no seriously, you can see all my pins over here). But dorm room shopping is a lot harder when you're 3000+ miles away from your residence hall, plus you've never seen it before other than minute pictures on the school website, plus you have to wait till you're at least IN the US before you buy it (cause I was definitely not lugging pillows and comforters on a flight with me!)

So when I arrived in CT in August, I was shocked to discover that there was nothing available. Okay, I'm being over-dramatic, but when I found a comforter I liked, I couldn't find a sheet to match, or when I found comfy sheets, I hated the comforter sets. And none of the "bed in a bag" sets fit the description I had insisted on. I learned the hard way that shopping for an XL twin bed set was much harder than I expected, especially two weeks before school began. Oops #internationalstudentproblems. After a two-day search of every bedding/home goods/department store in a 50-mile radius, I managed to find a beautiful Donna Karan bedspread that met all my expectations. I got so lucky.

What I wish I knew was that there were perfect sets of bedding practically waiting for me to order. Flash forward like three months, and I learn about Residence Hall Linens from half of my friends. Apparently, it's the easiest and most convenient website ever created for college students. Well no one told me. Basically, what I missed out on was this amazing bundle of everything a college student needs, not only for their bed, but for their dorm room, at a ridiculously good price.

RHL has bedding, towels, sheets, hampers, bathroom supplies, must-haves and decorative items, all for really great prices. They even have package deals, which still allows you to choose your own bedding and pattern - and really cute ones too, I approve! -, including a fleece blanket (which I definitely needed for that harsh CT winter! Brr!) The Complete Campus Collection is a 26 piece value pack for around $300, which is probably half of which I spent on all of my things (and this includes even more than I bought!)

Did I mention they have decorative pillows? Yeah, they're seriously awesome, and a perfect way to turn your dorm room into your home for the year. They even have this awesome thing called a bedside buddy, which can hold pens, a book, iPod, kindle, or whatever else, or you can put your phone in it while it's charging. It just hangs off the side of your bed, super conveniently. I honestly think I'm ordering one for this year!

Below I've chosen some of my favorite decorative pieces and some of the must-haves for your dorm room from RHL to spruce up your bedroom this year. They're all super cute and super affordable, which are a college student (and their parents') fave things!

Call Home Decorative Pillow
Um, HOW CUTE is this. What a cute reminder to call mom and dad and say hey, and also spruce up your room at the same time?

What Would Mom Say? Decorative Pillow
HAHA! With college comes freedom, and with freedom comes decisions. and sometimes bad choices. This one is a cute reminder of what your mom would say if she saw you with that beer in your hand, or making out with that frat boy in the corner. Mother always knows..

Peacock Decorative Pillow
As Katy said, "I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock.." and this peacock pillow adds some color and fun to your room! Plus the neutral colors can blend in with your roommates set too!

Rhino Armor Large Storage Trunk
This one's probably gonna be a lifesaver. You can keep your boots, coats, winter clothes or summer clothes in them when they're not in season, or use it as an additional set of drawers and put shoes or clothes in it. The best part about it is that it's sturdy and can be used as a seat or stool when friends come over to hang out. You can never have enough seats in a dorm room.

Colorful Trash Cans

The most important thing behind a college trashcan is MAKE SURE IT'S A SOLID TRASHCAN AND NOT THE ONE WITH HOLES. I repeat, AVOID THE TRASH CAN WITH THE HOLES! You (and your roommate) will thank you when there's no throw up all over your floor/seeping out of the trash bag. The solid cans will contain all your bodily liquids (let's hope there aren't too much!), and are easily washable!

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Last, but certainly not least, this dry-erase wall calendar is a must! College schedules get really hectic at times, and plans change often, so having a whiteboard as a calendar allows you to change dates accordingly, while still laying out your week and month so you can see when that big psych test you haven't even started studying for is!

College, especially freshman year, is the time of your life! Enjoy it, step out of your comfort zone, meet people you'd never speak to regularly and keep an open mind! It'll be the best year you've ever had, I guarantee!

Luckily for you, RHL is here to help. Don't forget to check their website for all your dorm room needs before heading off to college this summer! It makes it so much easier! So easy that they're giving readers a $20 off on bedding coupon. Just enter SAVE20RHL at checkout!

This is a sponsored post, funded by Residence Hall Linens.


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