June 17, 2013

when this girl meets world..

girl meeeets wooooorld..

No seriously, I can't tell you how excited I am that Girl Meets World (aka Boy Meets World spin-off) is finally happening! I was excited when the news broke months ago, but ugh Glamour just posted a few sneak-peek pictures and I officially CANNOT contain myself!

The series is apparently set in NYC, which should be really fun to see how Cory and Topanga adjust to city life, after living in Philly suburbs their whole life. I'm also really excited to see how weird and adorable their daughter is, because let's be real, the Topanga/Cory combination is a lethal one, in a good way! I cannot wrap my head around the fact that they're parents (oh God, I'm acting like they're real people!)

Now you get a first look at the series due out in 2014 too! Look at these amazing, awesome, anticipated pictures (any more As?):
Rowan Blanchard (who plays Riley) and Sabrina Carpenter (who plays Riley's BFF Maya) 

Riley is so cute, and already has a killer style of her own. I can't wait to see how they let her grow throughout the series. I love that it's a Cory/Shawn best friendship, but in Cory's daughter. Much needed and totally adorable !

Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage looking on at their daughter and her BFF in their pre-teenage glory.

God, they look like a married couple. Topanga is so grown up and is rocking the "I'm a really cute mom" style, and I can't wait to see what fabulous fashion she pulls out living in NYC now!

I just really hope we get to see Shawn at some point.. (because really, Riley needs to meet her Uncle Shawn!)

Is anyone else as excited as I am for this series? 2014 needs to hurry! 

[photos: Disney Channel]


  1. Yes! I cannot wait for this!

  2. Thanks for joining the Tuesday Treasures blog hop today! This show sounds insane and this post is giving me nostalgia of my childhood!

    With Love,

  3. oh my gosh i cannot wait for this either!! so excited you put up these pics! and ps love your blog-new follower right here :)

  4. i'm seriously counting down the days! 2014 is too far away!!
    and thanks for stopping by :) you know how much i love your designs! hurry up and start designing for WP so i can hire you! ;)


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