July 31, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday!

It's crazy how much changes from week to week, and we don't even realize it. Makes you think that life's going by a little too fast, huh?
Anyways.. let's put some wisdom in your Wednesday via my Pinterest page..

I've been lucky enough lately to be receiving some amazing offers - for my blog, for me, for jobs, for coverage, everything. All the goals I had set are really all coming into place and I'm not even sure how, to be honest! Things are just falling into place as smoothly as I wanted them to, and more things are coming my way. But, with all the good things coming my way, decisions are also coming my way. And if you know me, I haaaaate decisions - I'm honestly the most indecisive person because quite frankly, I don't care.. I don't have a preference over this or that, and I'd be happy with anything (except shopping - that's the only time I can choose what I want and don't want!).

But you know what? I decided to just say YES. Say yes and figure it all out afterward. I'm a smart girl, I've balanced my life before and I can do it again. I've managed to do well in school while balancing all my activities and work and writing and my social life, and I can do it again. And I will. So Tina Fey knows what's up - I'm going to say yes and just figure it out as I go.

I'm lucky enough to have some really successful family members - siblings and cousins who have followed their dream, done what they wanted and come out with amazing lessons and happier than ever. So last week, I was faced with a situation and called my cousin M for help, and we sat down talking for about an hour about everything - about how far we've both come and how far we both have to go, and she gave me some great advice. None of you know M, but I'll just say she started her own company 3 years ago, and now at 21 is one of my inspirations. We both went into the media field, and she's really paved the way for me to follow in her footsteps, and is such a great example of what we can do with hard work and raw talent.

So, with all these opportunities coming towards me, I'm going to accept them. I will figure out a way to make everything happen, and it'll take a lot of organization and my Erin Condren planner, but I'm ready and willing to do everything. And I can't wait for you to hear all about it..

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest, and check out my word to the wise board - it's where I keep all my inspiration (and there's a lot of it!)
Happy Wednesday!
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July 30, 2013

Courtney Em's Manicure Essentials

Hey y'all!
I did the biggest blogger fail and forgot to prepare myself for posts this week, and kinda maybe sorta had a party last night and kinda maybe sorta forgot to even think about what I would post today.. but then I remembered, Courtney sent me her guest post! Perfect :)

I have THE shortest nails! Like it's actually horrible but I just can't stop biting them. I did this year for Lent cause I'm a good Catholic and all, and totally didn't break it because I felt bad to, and then the minute lent was over, whoops - and they were gone! I really need to stop biting them so they can grow out and look cute again, but I have no will power.

Anyways, Courtney has nails.. so see what she does with them!


Hi everyone! I'm Courtney of Courtney Em. I'm so honored and excited that Caroline allowed me to guest post on her blog; it's one of my favorites!

I love painting my nails; it's so relaxing and I love experimenting with different colors and designs. I've painted my nails myself for years, and I'm always so flattered when people ask when I got my nails done. I didn't get them done at all! I'm no expert by any means, but today I'll be sharing my tips for getting a perfect manicure.

1. Prep your nails. Wipe them clean of any polish using a polish remover. I like to get the strengthening or nourishing kinds: that stuff isn't good for your nails on its own, so it might as well have other ingredients in it that are!
2. File your nails. File in one direction to prevent breakage. I love my nail file block: it has sides that smooth and buff nails, too.
3. Choose a polish. Quality matters, but expensive does not equal high-quality. I like Revlon (around $5), Essie (around $7), and OPI (around $8) polishes because they look smooth, shiny, and opaque. My favorite place to score nail polish is Bed, Bath and Beyond: they have every color imaginable at great prices. In the collage are three fun colors for summer: Revlon Coastal Surf, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and OPI Theodora You.
4. Paint! I usually skip a base coat unless I'm using a red or pink polish because these colors tend to stain nails. Brush once down the middle of your nail, then once on either side. Finish up by lightly brushing downward across the tip of your nail. Repeat once, or twice if your polish is sheer. Five minutes after finishing the last coat of polish, add a top coat if desired. I really like Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat. I can never use up a bottle of base or top coat before it gets gummy, so this one is great because you'll use it up twice as fast.
5. Let your nails dry for at least 20 minutes. My preferred activity while I wait for my nails to dry is to use my laptop: it's productive, but won't ruin your nails. If you're in a hurry, run your nails under cold water for one minute: this will help set the polish faster.

I hope these tips help you create a salon-perfect manicure!

Thanks Courtney for the awesome post! I never know how to do my nails, so thanks for the tips! Don't forget to check out her blog!
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July 29, 2013

meet some sponsors

Hey again!
So, as you know, July was my first month of accepting sponsors, and I wanted to introduce my Complete and my VIII sponsors to you!


Sarah from Sparkle and Mine:

Hello lovelies! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Sparkle & Mine. I'm a college student on a budget who also happens to be a serious shopaholic and makeup junkie! So I started my blog to share tips, tricks, and inspiration for looking fab without breaking the bank. You'll also find tons of DIY ideas, drugstore dupes, and a few other surprises on Sparkle & Mine!I love chatting with my readers, so feel free to find me on any of these social networks and come say hi! ♥You can find Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.


Ashliegh from The Darling Prepster:

Well hey there, Darling! I'm Ashliegh, the pearl-obsessed, shoe enthusiast, poor college kid who runs The Darling Prepster! I'm a 22-year-old soon-to-be senior at my university where I study communication and business! The Darling Prepster originally started as a New Year's resolution to log my everyday outfits but then evolved to include fitness, healthy living, life as a college student and sorority woman on a budget!

Speaking of my sorority, I may or may not be slightly obsessed with mine! I have been a sister of Alpha Phi since my freshman year and it's membership is one that I would not trade for the world. Outside of my studies and sorority, you can find me in a hard hat volunteering for Habitat For Humanity or in a rhinestone encrusted gown competing in Miss America local preliminaries!

Obsessed with J.Crew, Marshall's, and vintage jewelry, I'm a major girly girl and believe in the power of a great first impression! I always have pearls on, am a self-proclaimed social media nerd, and love to travel! i'm not entirely sure what my future holds but I know that I'm going to make the ride worthwhile. Audrey Hepburn is my biggest inspiration and like her, I believe the happy girls are the prettiest.

5 Fun Facts:
1. In high school, I was a band geek and I didn't just play one instrument, try three: flute, oboe, and trumpet. Flute was my first and favorite instrument. I was introduced to oboe in high school and then picked up trumpet on my own after my brother dropped out of band. I also served as a majorette!

2. I've been competing in pageants since I was 15 years old. I used to be incredibly shy and at the first pageant, I froze up on stage during the on-stage question portion! This event was a pivotal moment and made me realize the importance of public speaking skills. Pageants have helped me open up and develop a voice in my community.

3. The Darling Prepster started as a New Year's resolution. With the rise of Pinterest last year, my friends encouraged me to start a blog and pin my daily outfits. With a little sugar and spice and everything nice, The Darling Prepster was created!

4. I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I started my first "business" when I was 9 years old trying to sell homemade lip glosses to friends. At 15, I created a small business where I made corsages and boutonnieres for school dances at local high schools. I'm not quite sure what my next adventure in business will be but I do know that I want to own my own company some day.

5. I'm infamous for losing my cellphone. I lose the darn thing all the time. My friends know that it's probably a lot easier to get ahold of me through email than texting. The thing is, I'm not too worried if I lose my cellphone, but if I lose my planner, then it might as well be the end of the world, haha!

There's me in a nutshell! I'd love to hear from you so drop by The Darling Prepster and hang out for a while, won't ya?!


Annaliese from Southern Belle in Training:

(isn't she so pretty!?)

1. I'm originally from Maine! I lived in the same small coastal town until I moved to the North Carolina in August 2012 for college. This was one of the best decisions that I ever made and I've fallen in love with the South! This is how I got the name of my blog "Southern Belle in Training."

2. I'm a proud Christian! My faith has grown so much in the past year and I'm excited to see how it will continue to grow in the future.

3. I may or may not have a shopping addiction and putting together cute and classy outfits is always the highlight of my day!

4. I'm proudly obsessed with any pop music from the late 90s and early 2000s... especially anything by *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys!

5. I've seen every episode of That 70s Show, but 7th Heaven will always be my most favorite show! (I'm currently in season 9)

Check out her blog here!

Hi, everyone! I'm Kriselle from Through the Eyes of a Cali Girl! I'm going to be a sophomore at Vanguard University in sunny Southern California. I'm a Communication major with an emphasis in Journalism and a Sociology and Religion double-minor.

I started this blog a couple months ago to showcase my experiences as someone who was born and raised in Southern California. I write about anything from random events in my life to fashion, food, travel or any other lifestyle-related posts. I hope you can stop by and say hi! [:

Here are some random facts about me:

1. I have an obsession with pens!
2. I am a singer and had the opportunity to sing to Paula Abdul my freshman year of high school. (Find the video on youtube!)
3. I have an amazing and weird boyfriend, whom I've been with for 3 years. <3
4. I love to eat Thai food!
5. I've been to three different countries/continents other than the US/North America: The Philippines/Asia, Australia/Australia, and Peru/South America.

I'm so honored to get to be here on Caroline's blog, and if you would like to see more, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Bloglovin'!

Chau for now, hope to see you all soon [:


So there are my Complete and VIII sponsors for July. There are 5 different sponsorship packages you can buy invest in, and you can see them all here, as well as my stats. I'm still deciding on whether I'll be putting a ring on Passionfruit 2.0, soooo that being said, buy ads and convince me to continue using PF!
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beach bag must-haves and a group giveaway

Happy Monday, y'all..
So summer is slowly coming to an end, but the beach weather isn't over yet! To celebrate one final month of beaches and pools and nice weather, I created a list (shocker!)..

So.. without further ado:

the bag displayed is Obag Waterproof Beach Bag in Orange with Rope Handles, which looks big enough to hold all of my must-haves, comes in a cute color and the rope handles give it a nautical look. The best part though, is that it's waterproof and can be cleaned easily - a must for every beach adventure!

1) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Body Mist: sunblock is so important at the beach, and I love this one because it's a mist, so it doesn't get sticky and make your hands all sunblock-y (yes, I made up the word..), and because it also protects your skin in the way only Neutrogena does - so it's great for those with sensitive skin!

2) Cotton Beach Kaftan: how cute is this?! umm.. it's striped! need I say more?

3) Tommy Hilfiger Preppy Palm Beach Towel: this towel is too cute for words, and I think I'm gonna order one next week! It reminds me of Lilly in a way, but it's so cute, preppy and "Palm Beach!" must haveee!

4) Solid Floppy Beach Hat: every girl needs a big floppy beach hat to hide under, and to shade herself when she's reading books! I don't go to the beach without my floppy hat, and I live in a tropical island so that's saying something..

5) Kindle Paperwhite with free 3G & Wi-Fi: I have the Kindle Touch (which they stopped making), and I love it.. but what I love even more about the Paperwhite is that it has backlighting, which the other Kindles don't have. I chose the 3G model because it gives you free 3G so even when you're on the beach, you can buy books off Amazon (and trust me.. you'll need it!) And if you're a reader, you should do this 30 book challenge

6) Waterproof Change Purse: I chose this waterproof change purse so you can throw loose change in without having to bring your entire wallet to the beach and risk losing anything. With this, you can throw $20 in and have it floating around your beach bag.

7) Vino2Go Double Wall Insulated Acrylic Wine Tumbler: I think this might be the greatest invention since sliced bread.. and I mean it. Um, are you seeing it?! It's a insulated wine glass to go! I don't know how beaches in America work, but you can pretty much drink anywhere in Trinidad, so why not bring some wine along for the beach adventure? My favorite way to read is poolside, sipping on some Prosecco. Yummm!

8) eos Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry: I swear by these lip balms.. they're so cute and moisturize at the same time! Plus, the convenient shape allows you to reach every point of your lips, for ultimate moisture!

9) LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Case White/Grey: The last thing you want at the beach is something to happen to your precious iPhone - so this LifeProof case is a genius and probably the best accessory for any beach trip! It protects it from all the elements, and you can even take it underwater - just make sure everything's screwed in right! You don't want to be that guy who breaks their iPhone in the LifeProof case!

10) Ray-Ban Boyfriend Polarized Sunglasses: My last accessory is a trusty pair of Ray-Bans! I bought this pair last year and still wear them every day - they're cute and look good on almost every face shape! (P.S. how frustrating is it that I paid more than double that price for the same pair in November?! ugh!)

So.. there you have it. A Caribbean girl's picks for beach bag must-haves!

Are you going on any beach adventures before the summer ends? I'd love to hear about it below! 

Also.. lucky for you, I've teamed up with a couple of my fave bloggers to bring you a giveaway!

Caroline from The Caro Diaries is giving away 60 days of ad space!

Jessie from JPerry Fitness is giving away a Shakeology sample, Shakeology Shaker Cup, and Shawn T's Fast & Furious Insanity DVD!

Kristina from Kristina Does the Internet is giving away $15 Sephora E-Giftcard!

Alicia from River City Chic is giving away a $10 Target Giftcard!

Ashliegh from The Darling Prepster is giving away 1 month of ad space!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter now! The giveaway ends Friday at midnight PST, so around 3am EST!

Happy Monday, y'all!
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July 26, 2013

Friday Five

Oh happy Friday, y'all!
It's been a looooong week, and I am ready for my bed tonight! (I'm clearly a party animal on a Friday night, aren't I?!)
Anyways, here's my five for this week:

1) On Monday night, my best friends and practically sisters, K and L took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday cause they were both out of town this weekend.

2) There are some new surprises coming to The Caro Diaries soon - can anyone say giveaways?! I've also teamed up with three other bloggers to do giveaways in August, one even starting this week - so prepare yourself to win some fun stuff!

3) I am officially doing a guest post about Trinidad and Tobago for I am Meg's travel the world series, and she wrote a feature about me today, which you can see here.

4) My big brother graduated from his Undergraduate degree with Upper Second Class honors! I'm so ridiculously proud of him, and can't wait to see him in a couple weeks! My parents are now in England with him for the graduation and just loving life.. I totally hope they get some His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis memorabilia - I want! ;)

5) If you're in the Boston area and like the Red Sox (let's be real.. who doesn't?! GO SOX!), check out this event called Futures of Fenway held at Fenway tomorrow! It's only $5 and has a bunch of fun things for all the family!

Sorry my week has been kind of super boring - it's been one of those! I'm literally so close to going home and jumping in the shower and then in my bed for the rest of the night. It seriously sounds so tempting! Hope your weekend is great and safe, and hope next week has a little bit more for me to report on.

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July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Hump Day!
As per usual, I'm delivering my weekly dose of wisdom, via my Pinterest page.

In honor of my 30 book challenge that I'm doing, I'm reading more than I have been all summer. Every book I read, I'm taken to a new world - one within the book. It's actually quite sad that I fall in love with characters in books, want to be some characters or want to live their lives. I literally suffer emotional trauma at the hands of many books, because an author changes the storyline from what I wanted it or expected it to be. Sometimes, I hold my kindle weeping softly because of the heartbreak I'm feeling, and my friends seriously judge me for it. Most recently, on my weekend with L to Tobago, I lay in the jacuzzi with my Kindle in my hand and bawled at the hands of Kailin Gow.

A book has the ability to make me smile, make me cry, make me laugh and make me jealous. Through reading, I've learnt things that I haven't yet been lucky to see, but that I want to see one day. Reading has taught me so much, and has encouraged my love for travel, for art, and for literature. Most importantly, reading gives me an escape every day. For just a little while, I'm not Caroline, I'm not home and I'm not 19. I can be whoever, because when I read a book, I'm involved in the lives of the characters.

And that is the beauty of reading. I've lived thousands of lives (creeeeepy..), and at nineteen years old, I'm ready to live thousands more.

Do you like to read? Join in on my 30 book challenge!
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July 22, 2013

15 must-try recipes for every sweet tooth

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was great!

You may or may not know this about me, but I'm addicted to Pinterest. JK, who doesn't know that about me? I probably mentioned it once or twice before.  My "Feed Me" board has some of the yummiest looking foods and desserts I've seen, yet I still haven't tried a single one. What's wrong with me?
So I put together my favorite the top 15 desserts you must-try if you have any kind of sweet tooth.. Looking at these may give you diabetes, so just prepare your eyes (and your stomachs..)

Here they are, as numbered:

1) Sugar Cookies (via Our Best Bites)
2) Typography Cake (via A Subtle Revelry)
3) Make It Your Way Cookie Cups (via Very Best Baking)
4) Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies (via Sally's Baking Addiction)
5) Red Velvet Cake Trifle (via Simply Southern Baking)
6) Krispy Kreme Cupcakes
(via B for Bel)
7) Homemade Oreos (via My Kitchen Addiction)
8) Homemade Butterfingers (via Plain Chicken)
9) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread (via JavaCupcake)
10) Mackinac Island Fudge (via Group Recipes)
11) Oreo Cookie Brownies (via Life's Simple Measures)
12) Sugar Cookie Bars (via A Little Bit Crunchy)
13) Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (via Picky Palate)
14) Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread (via The Daily Dish)15) Twix Brownies (via Jasey's Crazy Daisy)

So get to baking, guys! And definitely send some my way.. Hopefully I'll manage to make a couple of these before I leave in a few weeks for school again. Or I guess I can just bake with my roommates..
These all look absolutely delicious though!

What's your favorite recipe? Which one do you like the most?
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July 20, 2013

When Life Gives You Melanie: High School vs College

Hey, y’all! I’m Melanie from When Life Gives You Melanie, a female empowerment blog. I’m currently studying Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at Boston University. For this guest post, I’m taking a break from my usual feminist rants to share experiences I’ve gained since my transition from high school to college life (consisting of many bumps in the road.)
Note: the following situations are just from my experience, but I hope some of them apply to you loyal college readers!

High School: Get up promptly at 6 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, eat breakfast, run out the door to make the 6:45 AM bus.
College: Finally hop out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times at 9:50 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed; grab a granola bar, Starbucks, or go to the dining hall, and make it to class by 10 AM. 
(Dorm-life mishap: leave your key in your dorm.)

High School: Recite the pledge of allegiance alongside your classmates in homeroom everyday.
College: Pledge to be sensible at the party on Friday you plan to attend with your girls. 
(Occasional whoops: break a heel on your way to the party.)

High School: Visit the library when your teacher says “for the next three days you will be working on an in-class project”. Use the computer to complete the entire project.
College: Visit the library when you have been assigned a 3500 word paper and need “paper” resources to counter the online resources. Use the computer to see what books are available. Take out three books at a time. 
(Facepalm moment: Professor wants at least ten paper sources. Go back to library.)

High School: “Thanks for doing my laundry, Mom/Dad.”
College: “Ugh, I have to do my own laundry “ 
(Are you kidding me: all the machines are taken because it’s Sunday afternoon.)

Peace Love & Hugs,


July 19, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday! I am so excited it's the weekend because I'm actually drained, and for no reason haha! I had a pretty awesome week - despite some difficulties with my flight, I ended up flying back home on Sunday as planned, with some tanned skin and peeling shoulders!
So here goes...

1) Yesterday was my birthdayyyy woohooo :) But you already knew that ;) I'm now in my final year of being a teenager - I'm becoming old! My cousin (who is 16 years older than me) and I share a birthday, and I've always called her an old hag as a joke, and last night she told me I'm not too far behind. Scaaary! 

2) For the past couple of years, my best friends and I have done a "tea party". We don't really drink tea, we drink wine - but everyone bakes stuff or brings nice pastries and food and we all catch up and just talk about life! It's so nice because we're all over the place now for university, and we all leave at different times so it's nice to catch up with these girls :) We did our annual party on Wednesday night, which was awesome as always!

3) And thennnn.. they surprised me with a birthday cake! Well, mom bought it for me and dropped it off to L's house for me to be surprised. Funny story: I came home exhausted from work and ended up passing out on my bed for almost two hours. When I woke up, I freaked out and rushed to get ready, and I was considering not going because I was so late, but my sister cussed me and told me I had to (because of the cake.. makes sense now!).. I'm glad I went though :)

4) Last night, my cousin had a christening dinner to celebrate her son who was christened this week! So we got all dressed up, put on some uncomfortable heels and snapped a few pics. This is me and my cousin J (not the one with the kid..).

5) I was surprised by my amazing parents with this cross bracelet for my 19th birthday. I wear gold non-stop, and my watch is gold, but I love how tiny and delicate this bracelet it, and I mix and match them on my wrist! My faith is something that's really important to me, and I've been in love with these bracelets since I saw them months ago, and I'm so glad they chose this one! I love how it curves around my wrist! Great gift, Mom and Dad :) It's one I'll always cherish!

How has your week been? Can you believe it's Friday already?!
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July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone bombs July cover


Haaappy Birthday to meeee.. not to toot my own horn or anything, but toot tooot! Now on to more serious topics..

I usually try to stay away from controversial subjects like this, only having really done it with the suicide fashion spread earlier this year. However, as a young student journalist, when I see poor journalism ethics and morals behind pieces, I feel strongly about it..

Rolling Stone released the cover for their upcoming issue, featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. In case you're living under a rock, or just chose to ignore all the buzz around it, Tsarnaev is one of the two brothers associated with the Boston bombing earlier this year.

The fact that Rolling Stone would even consider placing a criminal like that on their covers disappoints me. The fact that they did it disgusts me. Rolling Stone, a magazine that has portrayed some of the best and worst stars at their highest and lowest points of their careers, has stooped so low as to sensationalize a bomber. Tsarnaev has now been giving the "rockstar" treatment, and is completely glamorized on the cover, with the title "The Bomber" - as if it was some sort of compliment, and not many lives ended at the hands of this young man and his now-deceased brother.

The cover states, "how a popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, and became a monster". A monster that they're featuring on their cover. Hey, I'm all for good journalism, and for getting the story that no one else does, and for taking huge risks.. but this, Rolling Stone, has gone too far. To sensationalize a person who millions have grown to hate. To show his face glamorized on one of the most respected magazines. To promote this idea of infamy.

This cover is a slap in the face to Boston, and to Bostonians everywhere. Families who lost their loved ones will now walk down the street and pass a magazine rack with the murderer's face plastered on it, and are expected to not respond with such outrage. If they really wanted to highlight the April bombing, they could have chosen anybody else - a victim who lost both of their legs, a stander-by who risked their life to help others, a family who lost  their loved ones - an actual hero, someone to look up to, to respect.

The topic was soon trending on Twitter and Facebook, with posts and tweets calling to Boycott Rolling Stone. Even companies like Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid have all announced that they will not carry this issue in their stores out of respect for Boston and the victims. They have a combined 20,000 stores across the country.

CVS, who released a statement from their headquarters in RI, said "As a company with deep roots in New England and a strong presence in Boston, we believe this is the right decision out of respect for the victims of the attack and their loved ones."

Rite-Aid mirrored the statement, tweeting from it's official account, "Out of respect to everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, Rite Aid has decided not to sell the latest issue of Rolling Stone."

Celebrities also have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on the matter. Kelly Osbourne shared a DoSomething.org petition to stop the magazine from using the cover, which had received more than 5000 signatures in 24 hours. Country singer, John Rich tweeted, "You always think as an artist 'If I ever get on the Rolling Stone I'll know I've made it!' That was until they started promoting terrorists."

In a letter to Rolling Stone, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino wrote, "It is ill-conceived, at best, and re-affirms a terrible message that destruction gains fame for killers and their 'causes'."

Rolling Stone released a statement with their best wishes for the victims and their families, but stands by the cover stating that it "falls within the traditions of journalism."

I remember Marathon Monday when I heard about the bombing, and my heart instantly sank. Not only do I have friends and family in Boston, but some of my best friends at school were from Boston and they were instantly worried about their friends and family back home. I watched my school population franticly try to contact their loved ones to ensure that they were alright, and watched the relief creep over their face when they received good news. To think that one of my friends or family's lives could have been injured that day at the hands of these two young men, with nothing better to do than disrupt a society, terrifies me, and I cannot justify this cover, not in the name of journalism.

Although there is good journalism, good ethics always takes precedence.. I apologize, Rolling Stone, but for the first time, I will not stand by your side. I will not stand by good journalism and controversial topics this time. I will stand with Boston.

Okay, now onto a lighter topic..

Just thought I'd share :)

Happy Thursday, y'all! One more day till the weekend yay yay!
What do you think about the Rolling Stone cover? 
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