July 01, 2013

Best Summer Songs of 2013

2013 has produced some kick-a$$ songs, to say the least. (Although I'm sure anyone above the age of 45 will disagree..) Summer for me is a time for the beach, lots of parties and just spending every second possible with my girls! These are some of my favorite songs to dance to in a party, sing along in the car or "wine" (not the drink..) with my favorite girls (yes, that's you K and L - you got another shout out!)

1) Watch Out For This - Major Lazer (feat. Busy Signal, Flexican and FS Green

This one is one of my favorite songs right now. It's the perfect dance song, and one that me and my two best friends dance to in the car every single time. It's perfect. I also LOVE to run to this one! It pumps me up like no other!

2) We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

This is such a fun tune by Miley, and although I was a bit perplexed by the music video (to say the least.. did Miley just come out the closet in this video?!), it doesn't stop me from singing at the top of my lungs when this song comes on in the car!

3) The Way - Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

This song takes me back to Commons 117 and dancing around the room with my three amazing roommates. (side note: I MISS YOUR FACES!) She's a mini-Mariah, and I will always love Mac Miller! (tell me he's not adorable.. my first ginger love!)

4) Come and Get It - Selena Gomez

Okay, so I clearly have some sort of Disney love going on here! I usually do not like Selena's songs, but this one blew me out of the water! It's so catchy, and as soon as the Indian beat comes on the radio, I raise the volume! Looks like Selena's growing up! Justin who? (It's fine, I'll gladly take him!)

5) #BlurredLines - Robin Thicke (feat. T.I. and Pharrell) 

God, this one is so catchy! Robin Thicke's voice is to die for, and the combination of his and T.I. and Pharrell's voices is one of pure perfection! Seriously, listen to this and tell me it's not stuck in your head! Plus, Robin Thicke is not a bad sight in a suit. Yum! Adding him to my "marry me" list!

6) Get Lucky - Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell)

Clearly Pharrell is on fire this summer! This one is an immediate hit (and soon to be overplayed on every radio station!)

7) Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Though the video screams typical Pop-Punk Avril, this one is a fun one to sing with your friends this summer! Who wants to grow up? I surely don't!

8) The Other Side - Jason Derulo

Hey, summer love song! This one describes a summer romance - getting drunk, dancing and summertime! Sounds pretty fun to me!

9) Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 

Macklemore is a pretty sick rapper, and he proves it in this track! I love pumping this in the car with my friends. The chorus is so smooth in comparison to his rapping throughout the verses, and it mixes it up which I love! They're a phenomenal combination, and I have their entire CD and have to admit that it's one of my favorites!

10) I Love It - Icona Pop

Okay, so this one isn't 2013, but it rose to fame in 2013 and it's been like 7 months since I first heard it and I still love it! It's such a good song in a party, and really pumps me up no matter what! (I wish I could upload this video I took of my friends and I in a party singing this, but it's waaaay too embarrassing!) I think I Love It won as my 2013 song!

What are your favorite songs this summer? What do you think is the "ultimate" summer song?

P.S: Happy first day of July! and a happy 22nd birthday to my blogger friend, Ashliegh over at The Darling Prepster!

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