July 03, 2013

firework fashions

fourth of july fashions
The Fourth of July is something really new to me. It was never a special day to me, not being American and all, and even now I forget that it's a holiday weekend in the US, but I understand the nationalistic pride that everyone has for their country. In Trinidad, we don't really celebrate our Independence Day as much as y'all do in America. For me, it was usually just a nice weekend before school began, and we'd always see the huge fireworks show in the Savannah, but there was no barbeques, all-day pool parties and events or tailgating or anything of the sort. It's usually just a quiet day. That being said, I cannot wait to experience a 4th of July in the US! I've been told it's an awesome day of family, food and drinks.

But, it wouldn't be a 4th of July without some 'Murricaaa pride. I found 6 DIY pants that you can make for your fireworks festivities! They're all pretty simple, and can be customized however you like. I especially love the cuffed jeans!
Check them out below:

(via M&J Blog)

Happy 4th, y'all! Hope you booze it up just like your forefathers would want you to!

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  1. omg LOVE your title...awesome design....

  2. Thanks! I got the inspiration from this awesome interior designer.. Her site is www.sfdesigns.co if you're interested!

  3. […] with it being the day before the 4th of July, I had that post planned and completely forgot it was a Wednesday. I think I should get my head checked, or take […]


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