July 09, 2013

makeup hacks every girl should know

Hey, y'all! I often use Pinterest as a source of inspiration for fashion, beauty and makeup. I see things that I love and wish I could do (and never try because I'll never be able to do it..), and then sometimes, something magical happens. I find a beauty trick - a beauty hack, shall I say - that's easy to follow and makes my everyday life 100 times simpler. And that's what happened. I found six amazing beauty hacks that every girl should know..

1) DIY airbrush makeup with cheap, everyday face products: 
(via Wedding Bee)

2) How to create a smudged gel liner look from a cheap pencil liner:
(via The Beauty Department)

3) Get instantly thicker lashes by using talcum powder (and more!!): 
(via Color and Crease)

4) How to keep your lip color on all night: 
(via The Beauty Department)

5) How to make your mascara last months longer with only tear drops:
(via DIY n Crafts)

6) How to create bolder bottom lashes (with no mess!):
(via The Beauty Department)

These surely make makeup SO much easier! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see more of my makeup and beauty finds!

What are your best-kept beauty secrets? Do you use Pinterest for beauty and makeup tips? Comment below with your favorite pins and boards!
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  1. I love using Pinterest for all kinds of different tips and inspiration. My favorite is finding D.I.Y. pins and then being able to save them. My board is my favorite! http://pinterest.com/piccadillytown/d-i-y/

    This really great though, I love finding great secrets that are so easy. I don't normally wear a lot of make-up, but with these tips I would definitely try.

    Mostly Lisa

  2. Great post! I need to try these :)

  3. I love your DIY board! Now following! Pinterest really is a dangerous yet amazing thing ;)

    I always refuse to wear makeup cause it's so much effort, but these make it a little bit easier - I was so glad I found them. Glad I could help out :) Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.

  4. Thanks Courtney! Thanks for stopping by :) Let me know if you do try them out..

  5. Not really a hack, but that Monistat chafing cream is a fantastic primer!

  6. I would have never known.. No more wasting money on expensive primer! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.


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