July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Hump Day!
As per usual, I'm delivering my weekly dose of wisdom, via my Pinterest page.

In honor of my 30 book challenge that I'm doing, I'm reading more than I have been all summer. Every book I read, I'm taken to a new world - one within the book. It's actually quite sad that I fall in love with characters in books, want to be some characters or want to live their lives. I literally suffer emotional trauma at the hands of many books, because an author changes the storyline from what I wanted it or expected it to be. Sometimes, I hold my kindle weeping softly because of the heartbreak I'm feeling, and my friends seriously judge me for it. Most recently, on my weekend with L to Tobago, I lay in the jacuzzi with my Kindle in my hand and bawled at the hands of Kailin Gow.

A book has the ability to make me smile, make me cry, make me laugh and make me jealous. Through reading, I've learnt things that I haven't yet been lucky to see, but that I want to see one day. Reading has taught me so much, and has encouraged my love for travel, for art, and for literature. Most importantly, reading gives me an escape every day. For just a little while, I'm not Caroline, I'm not home and I'm not 19. I can be whoever, because when I read a book, I'm involved in the lives of the characters.

And that is the beauty of reading. I've lived thousands of lives (creeeeepy..), and at nineteen years old, I'm ready to live thousands more.

Do you like to read? Join in on my 30 book challenge!
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  1. I've been really trying to read more, I stopped. Any recommendations lately?

  2. I just finished Mindy Kaling's hilarious book Are people hanging out without me? I also LOVE Katie Couric's The Best Advice I Ever Got, and Kailin Gow's Loving Summer series. I'm going to read Girls in White Dresses next, which I think you'll love! Check that one out for sure :)


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