July 20, 2013

When Life Gives You Melanie: High School vs College

Hey, y’all! I’m Melanie from When Life Gives You Melanie, a female empowerment blog. I’m currently studying Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at Boston University. For this guest post, I’m taking a break from my usual feminist rants to share experiences I’ve gained since my transition from high school to college life (consisting of many bumps in the road.)
Note: the following situations are just from my experience, but I hope some of them apply to you loyal college readers!

High School: Get up promptly at 6 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, eat breakfast, run out the door to make the 6:45 AM bus.
College: Finally hop out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times at 9:50 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed; grab a granola bar, Starbucks, or go to the dining hall, and make it to class by 10 AM. 
(Dorm-life mishap: leave your key in your dorm.)

High School: Recite the pledge of allegiance alongside your classmates in homeroom everyday.
College: Pledge to be sensible at the party on Friday you plan to attend with your girls. 
(Occasional whoops: break a heel on your way to the party.)

High School: Visit the library when your teacher says “for the next three days you will be working on an in-class project”. Use the computer to complete the entire project.
College: Visit the library when you have been assigned a 3500 word paper and need “paper” resources to counter the online resources. Use the computer to see what books are available. Take out three books at a time. 
(Facepalm moment: Professor wants at least ten paper sources. Go back to library.)

High School: “Thanks for doing my laundry, Mom/Dad.”
College: “Ugh, I have to do my own laundry “ 
(Are you kidding me: all the machines are taken because it’s Sunday afternoon.)

Peace Love & Hugs,



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