July 20, 2013

When Life Gives You Melanie: High School vs College

Hey, y’all! I’m Melanie from When Life Gives You Melanie, a female empowerment blog. I’m currently studying Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at Boston University. For this guest post, I’m taking a break from my usual feminist rants to share experiences I’ve gained since my transition from high school to college life (consisting of many bumps in the road.)
Note: the following situations are just from my experience, but I hope some of them apply to you loyal college readers!

High School: Get up promptly at 6 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, eat breakfast, run out the door to make the 6:45 AM bus.
College: Finally hop out of bed after hitting the snooze button three times at 9:50 AM. Brush teeth, wash face, get dressed; grab a granola bar, Starbucks, or go to the dining hall, and make it to class by 10 AM. 
(Dorm-life mishap: leave your key in your dorm.)

High School: Recite the pledge of allegiance alongside your classmates in homeroom everyday.
College: Pledge to be sensible at the party on Friday you plan to attend with your girls. 
(Occasional whoops: break a heel on your way to the party.)

High School: Visit the library when your teacher says “for the next three days you will be working on an in-class project”. Use the computer to complete the entire project.
College: Visit the library when you have been assigned a 3500 word paper and need “paper” resources to counter the online resources. Use the computer to see what books are available. Take out three books at a time. 
(Facepalm moment: Professor wants at least ten paper sources. Go back to library.)

High School: “Thanks for doing my laundry, Mom/Dad.”
College: “Ugh, I have to do my own laundry “ 
(Are you kidding me: all the machines are taken because it’s Sunday afternoon.)

Peace Love & Hugs,



  1. SOOO true on the laundry machines being taken on Sundays! Thankfully, my apartment this fall will have its own!

  2. It's almost sad how true this is. Also Laundry on sunday that's a terrible idea.


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