August 30, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday!

This week has been long as hell, and it's finally over.. so it's time for:
1) It's Friday, which means the end of syllabus week, finally! I was looking forward to syllabus week all summer knowing it would be an easy week and a continued party, but clearly my professors did not get the memo, and I had SO much work this week. NOT fun!

2) Not only is it a glorious weekend, but it's a glorious LONG weekend - and you know what that means, day drinking and Six Flags - no seriously, I'll be doing both, hopefully not together because I don't want to end up with my guts all over a roller coaster - chances are it'll be happening anyways.

3) This week, I was surprised with a package from Meadowbelle Market. You may remember them from my initial ring giveaway a couple weeks ago, but they sent me one this week and guys, I can't even. The ring is even cuter in real life and I haven't taken it off since!

4) Speaking of rings.. I "put a ring on" Passionfruit, so to celebrate I'm offering 50% off all my ads for a limited time. Enter the promo code YAY to promote your blog or website or company on my sidebar, and check out my stats to see prices and details!

5) I'm super excited because I should be receiving a little gift to myself this weekend - but I took the plunge and ordered myself the 50mm I've been in love with for years. With that, I'm taking a Photography class this semester, and I love it already. I think that's gonna be my happy class this semester - I'm already looking forward to next week's class (and who thought I'd ever be excited for a Thursday night class?!! No one, that's who!)

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day.. am I supposed to pack my white clothes away?! Cause I'm not Amurrican.. so I don't know those rules. But what I do know is how to #backthatazzup with Whitney..
So get in some John Mayer mood cause that's what I'm in:
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August 29, 2013

College Bound: 5 ways to get involved on campus

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. Although the semester has already started for many schools, I'm continuing the series under the general college topic. Read all throughout the year for more "College Bound" posts. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packages, cheap textbooks, saving money, what to do the summer before you leave for college, what you shouldn't forget to pack, clothes you need and how to have the best first week ever.

At Quinnipiac, we had our annual involvement fair yesterday. Hundreds of tables surrounded the quad, promoting their clubs to the 1800+ new students on campus. For a freshman, getting involved is key to enjoying your time at a new place. You likely know no one here, other than your orientation leaders you met back in June, and fitting in seems so important to you. Getting involved when you're in a completely new environment is encouraged, so how do you do it?

{one} joining a club:Going to an involvement fair, or your school's alternative is a great way to find out about clubs that interest you. If your school doesn't have a fair or day that they feature clubs and organizations, think about what interests you. Like the newspaper? Go to the Media Suite and ask about joining (I know I did!). Really enjoying your Anthropology class? Ask your professor about any clubs or opportunities available. Play an instrument? Find your school's music club or pep band. There are always opportunities for getting involved in clubs on campus.

{two} sports:Love playing sports but couldn't commit to Varsity sports, or don't think you're good enough? Intramural and Club teams at your school are a great way to get involved, play a sport you love and meet new people! Another great way to get involved and meet people is by going to your school's games! Cheering on your team is a fun and easy way to make new friends, discover what you like and get involved with your school's spirit group!

{three} greek life:Greek Life is an easy (but more selective) way to get involved on campus. Going through recruitment is a little bit more exclusive than a club, but gives you many of the same (and more) benefits that clubs offer. In a sorority, you're surrounded by friends and sisters, and also have the opportunity to do community service, philanthropic work and reaching a community on your campus. Not only are you surrounded by the sisters of your sororities when you join, but all the Greeks at your school. Remember, it's one big Greek community.

{four} volunteering:My school does a lot of service work and community service, and it's a great way to get involved on campus. Whether it's through your sorority, with a group of friends volunteering at a nearby orphanage, or participating in the Big Event, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in volunteer work. Many schools also have alternative break trips so if you don't want to spend a week partying on a beach in Mexico, you can build a house in the Dominican Republic instead. There's always options if you're interested in volunteering, and it's a nice way to meet new people and show your face.

{five} student government:Student Government is an easy way to become very well-known on campus. If you're interested in changing things in your school, helping your student body or making a difference in your year group, then you may be perfect for SGA. Find out about how you can run for office for your year group, it'll open up a whole set of opportunities for you for campus involvement.

Hope you get as involved as I did my freshman year on campus, you definitely won't regret it!
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August 28, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Hump-Daaaay!
I think Wednesdays are going to be my favorite this semester, because I don't have class until 12 and I am a happy camper.

But I haven't been such a happy camper recently. The realization that I'm back in school is hitting me, and the stress is setting in already. Although I love my apartment and roommates, it's different from what I expected and if it's one thing I hate, it's change. So it's taking me a little bit longer to get used to being back on campus, and everything being so different. I feel different. In some ways, I am different, and it's scary. But if it's one thing that helps me calm down, that reminds me to breathe, it's this quote I found on Pinterest.

Sure, there are going to be times that are hard, there are going to be struggles, there are going to be times that I want to lock myself in a room and cry for days, but I'm putting all of my trust in God. Whatever's happening in my life is meant to be happening. Every choice, every mistake, every bad decision I make are all meant to teach me a lesson, to help me grow, and to ensure I don't do them again. So I need to stop worrying about them. I need to stop worrying about everything.
As long as I work hard, pray as often as I can, think positively and be happy, then success will follow. I trust in God, and he will provide. The bible says so itself..  "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." - Psalm 56:3. So, it's about time I listen to it. I need to stop worrying about everything and just know that it'll finally work out in the end for me. If it's not okay, then God still has plans for me - just in his own time.

I apologize for the Bible lesson - it's just that when I stumbled across this on Pinterest, it summed up everything I had been feeling over the past couple weeks and calmed it instantly. It eased the anxiety that had been weighing heavily on me, and it reminded me that there is someone to rely on, there is someone who will never fail me.

Hope you enjoyed the mid-week pick-me-up.. I know I surely needed it!

I'm apologizing in advance for the slow posts over the next couple months. School is and will always be my first priority, and as much as I love blogging, I don't think I'll be able to maintain posting every single day - I mean, I've been here a week and I've already been slacking! So expect to see me three to four times a week, and definitely every Wednesday and Friday for my regular posts!

Do you ever go through periods of worrying? What helps ease your worry?
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August 26, 2013

College Bound: how to have the best first week

Happy Monday, y'all! Or happy back to school for me.
When did I become a sophomore? Like this is actually depressing me - I gave a tour this afternoon and practically cried when walking around my old building. Not that I don't love my apartment - I do, it's just that there are so many memories in my old room! :(

Well, I was in my math class this morning and realized how many freshman there were in my class. The Class of 2017 is one of the biggest classes they've admitted to QU so they're everywhere! So to help y'all out.. here are 5 steps to having the best first day and first week of college.. ever.

Take it from me - I'm a sophomore now. Scaaaarrrryyy! 

(me.. having my best day ever. ©Teresa Sabga Photography)

1) Dress for Success:Don't roll out of bed looking like a wreck for your first week of classes, and on the other hand, don't have your butt hanging out of your shorts looking like you're going to a party. These Professors are professionals in your field, and have jobs, positions and experience that you want to have in your future, so try to impress them - at least for the first week. My go-to outfit for the first day of classes is a cute shirt, jeans and sandals. Casual but still respectful when talking to professors and faculty that have PHDs. First impressions mean everything..

2) Sport Comfortable Shoes:Just because you're not wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt doesn't mean you can't have comfort. Wearing comfortable shoes, especially during your first week of school, is highly recommended because the last thing you want is blisters or pain when you're walking around campus trying to find your classes and explore your new home. A comfy pair of Sperry's or sandals would be a great choice here, they're both cute but comfy.

3) Be Prepared:Before your classes, order your books (you can read about how I save money on textbooks here), re-rorganize your notebooks and stationery and make sure your laptop is charged. The last thing you want is to be in a class and not be able to do something because you didn't bring your notebook, laptop or textbook. You can email the professor in advance and tell them if your books aren't in yet, or ask what books you'll need to bring with you, and that helps when organizing everything.

4) Read Your Syllabus:They call it syllabus week for a reason: you have to read your syllabus! Reading your syllabus gives you a good idea of what workload is expected of you for each class you have, and it often breaks down when exams and tests will be, what percentage of your grade comes from homework, and outlines how many times you're allowed to skip class or take a sick day without being penalized. Sometimes, going through the syllabus during the first week (which is add/drop week) is helpful so you can get an idea of if you'll enjoy or do well in the class - if you figure it out sooner, you can drop it sooner without having to withdraw or lose money and credits.

5) Note Important Dates in Class:Reading your syllabus and going to your classes during the first week is really important because often times Professors give you insight into dates that your midterm, final and other tests will be held. You can even get homework during the first week, so it's important to sit down with a planner or calendar and note important dates so you won't forget them and won't ever be unprepared.

If you do all of these, your first week and hopefully your first semester will fly by. Good luck with your first week! 

Another one of my sponsors for the month is Briana from Royally Pink:

Hi everyone! I'm Briana Luca, owner of Royally Pink. Royally Pink is a blog I started in May 2012 after realizing that I needed to do something. I was bored with my summer vacation and felt that something was missing. I stumbled upon some blogs and was in awe of how these women put together a blog with their own ideas, photographs, and everything that comes along with owning a blog.

I thought that I had enough ideas, enough passion, and enough motivation to start a blog. It was a rocky start and I'm still learning but over a year later and I haven't gotten sick of Royally Pink yet, I have fallen more in love with it!

I'm a senior at Iona College in New York and majoring in Journalism. I hope to graduate with a job writing for a fabulous lifestyle, beauty, and fashion magazine whether it's print or digital.

I have an obsession with planners, Lilly Pulitzer, coffee, and England, hence the name ROYALLY Pink.

Here are five fun facts about moi:

1. I have never been out of the country.
2. Writing in blue pen is one of my biggest pet peeves.
3. I am never late for anything; I was always told that if you're early you're on time and if you're on time, your late.
4. Before wanting to be a journalist I wanted to be a therapist; helping people through their problems really interests me.
5. I have an addiction to boy-bands.

I am really excited to be featured on the fabulous The Caro Diaries this month; Caroline is an incredible talent and I'm looking forward to see where she takes The Caro Diaries!

Thanks for stopping by today :) Hope you have a great first week!

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August 23, 2013

Friday Five

So, I'm still apologizing for being MIA for the past couple of days. Life has been hectic, I tell you. But never too hectic for..

1) I've officially moved into my college dorm! I live in one of the best housing on campus and it's an apartment style housing with a kitchen, living room and balcony, and AIR CONDITIONING which is amazing for this 90 degree heat! I'm loving being back on campus and with my roommates and just seeing all my friends, so that's great!

2) I got to school and picked up the packages waiting for me, and I got surprised with a little box from Shoptiques! I won a giveaway a couple weeks ago - it was one of those random "like this and share this" and I liked it, and then apparently I won it! So I got these really cute colorful bangles and they're so summery, I can't wait to wear them this weekend!

3) I also got some new stuff that you'll be seeing on the blog very very soon, and they are beautiful! I can't wait for you to see them and for all the exciting giveaways I have in store for you! Get excited because the next few weeks are gonna be generous!

4) I'm so excited to be starting a new semester purely for the stationery I just bought. I literally cannot wait to use all of them this year - you don't even understand how excited I am over these pens and markers and my new planner which I'll do an entire post on because it's going to be amazing!

5) I'm offering ad spaces on my blog, and offering a 40% discount if you use the code "SoLongSweetSummer". Click here to see all my stats and info, and hopefully you'll be on that sidebar right over there soon!

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm gonna #backthatazzup with Whitney today!

This song has been stuck in my head for like ever.. seriously, go clap along with this one :)
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August 22, 2013

College Bound: clothes you need to pack for college

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packages, cheap textbooks, saving money and what to do the summer before you leave for college. Don't forget to follow along as I continue the series.

College is a time for re-inventing yourself, and it's a perfect time to get rid of all those clothes you never wear, or shouldn't wear. But people often forget some of the most important clothes you'll need when in college.

When packing for college, you don't tend to think about what clothes to pack other than jeans, t-shirts and the occasional party skirt.

for lounging around:
When you're in college and studying for tomorrow's midterm, the last thing you want to be is actually dressed in clothes. My go-to studying outfit for the study lounge or library is a pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt and Minnetonka slip-ons (this will even become your finals week outfit..) so packing sweats you're actually comfortable being seen in is a good idea. Go for graphic tees and oversized sweatshirts in neutral colors, and comfortable leggings and sweatpants for an easygoing study look.

College: comfort

for class and campus:
I'm that girl who thinks that it's disrespectful to wear shorts to classes when you're dealing with professors who have years of experience in the industry you're hoping to break into. But ask me in a couple weeks when I'm sweating to death on my way to class. For class, I usually wear a pair of skinny jeans with a cute top and sandals, or a sweater and boots, or leggings and a long shirt and boots or flats. Mix it up, but don't be that girl whose rear end is hanging out in front of her 40 year old professor and entire Intro to Sociology class - chances are, it'll be a packed room and they'll like what they see, and not in a good way.

College: every day

for presentations and meetings:
If you're any sort of Business major, don't even think about leaving home without business casual clothing! It'll become wardrobe staples for you. But even if you're not majoring in business, it's good to bring some more classy and business-y wear for any class presentations you may have, or important meetings. Some sororities require you to dress business casual to every chapter meeting, so it's always a good thing to have on you, or you may be screwed like I'm about to be!

College: business casual

for hitting the clubs:Don't forget to pack some hot numbers for nights out on the town - don't let your mom convince you otherwise, there will be nights out - with or without a fake ID. In most college towns, just showing your college ID is enough to get you into a club, but with a big black X on your hand. Most states are 18 to party, 21 to drink - so you can still have a great, sober time (or befriend an older person - that always helps!)

College: party

for more casual nights out:
The last thing you want to do is show up to a frat party in heels and a party dress. I've been to parties where these overdressed girls look out of place and like they're trying to hard, and have had Junior and Senior friends thank me for wearing jeans and flats and for looking normal. So make sure you pack some cute casual night clothes to wear if you're heading to a house party or off to dinner with some friends. My go-to outfit is usually a nice shirt with jeans and a pair of riding boots, and when its winter, I throw a fracket over it and hope for the best.

College: house party

for better-dressed functions:
If you're considering rushing a sorority, or there's a remote possibility you can be asked to a  guy friend's formal, then pack a semi-formal or formal dress. The last thing you'll want is to have to shell out tons of extra (unnecessary) money when you got a last-minute invite on an outfit that you could probably create from your closet at home. Even if Greek life events aren't a possibility, many clubs and organizations on campus have end of semester and end of year parties that require you to wear semi-formal dresses, and it's much less of a headache to just pack one or two and shove it in the back of your closet!

College: formal

for working out:
With college comes freedom, and ten times more responsibility, and half the amount of time you had before. Chances are you won't be playing as many sports as you did back in high school, so making sure you bring workout clothes for runs, or going to the gym is incredibly important. It's really easy to gain weight in college, especially your first year with the new food and lifestyle to get adjusted to. Plus, liquid calories are a killer, so you'll be working off the one-too-many beers you downed at the last party.

for supporting your team at games:
If you go to any university or college that has any sports teams, chances are you'll catch a game or two. You don't want to be that girl who's wearing your "team colors" but is really just a random red shirt you hate and almost threw out last year but thank god you didn't. Get some tshirts and college apparel that you can sport to your games, and extra points if you actually pay attention - these players may be famous some day!

for being someone different:
There's no secret that with college comes parties. I know I said it here already, but college is packed with parties celebrating any occasion - hey, it's Tuesday 3rd September, let's celebrate! - literally. Make sure you pack some costumes for any themed parties, or for Halloweekend!

College: costume

for nights out:
This is going to be one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you: go to Aeropostale, or Target, or Walmart and GET YOURSELF A CHEAP JACKET! In addition to whatever night winter coats and jackets you own, BUY YOURSELF A CHEAP JACKET YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT! These are affectionately known as "frackets", or frat jackets - and the last thing you want to do is lose your North Face at a party. When you go to a frat party, everyone throws their jackets in one corner of the house and I can't tell you the amount of times I've almost walked away with someone else's jacket because it's so similar. Get one you don't care about and you'll be fine.

Good luck packing and moving in, and remember to have fun! Study hard and play hard - it'll be the time of your life!
TCD lineIn other news, I'm so so so sorry I've been MIA for the past couple days. After my awesome weekend and amazing John Mayer concert, I packed up and headed back to school and have been trying to perfect my new room and apartment on campus. I have a little balcony and living room and kitchen, and I love love looove my roommates so I'm so excited for a great year.

Anyways, I have some amazing sponsors this month. If you're interested in sponsoring me, you can click here and see my great prices and if you email me, I can give you a nice discount code ;)

One of my sponsors is Karoline from Karoline with a K! (same name, different spelling.. cool huh?) Check her out!

Hi everyone! My name is Karoline, and I blog over at Karoline with a "K". I blog about anything and everything going on in my recently post-grad life. Some of my favorite things in life are skiing, the beach, wool sweaters, Boston sports, college hockey (I work for an NCAA team!), high heels, and cold beer. I love exploring new cities, but also love being a tourist in my hometown, too. There's adventure everywhere you look.

Isn't she cute? Here are five fun things about her! 

1. Despite the spelling of my name, I am not a Kardashian ;) A woman once said to me "you spell it just like they would!". I just politely told her that my parents weren't trying to be trendy, I'm named after my Polish great-grandmother.
2. I started skiing since I was two.
3. I'm lucky enough to have landed my first "big girl" job out of college that is not only in my field (communication) and what I want to be doing (sports), but also in my hometown. Win-win-win!
4. I've never been able to touch my toes.
5. I'm fairly certain that I could eat sushi every single day of my life and not get sick of it.
Thanks for sponsoring me this month, Karoline! Be sure to check her out, guys!

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August 20, 2013

[Guest Post]: Livin' Classy with Larz

happy Tuesday!
I'm moving back into school today so life's a little hectic, but I have my friend Larz guest posting for me so it's okay!

What makes you classy?

After a summer running around Hollywood, attending various fashion events and the daytime emmys (you can read more on my blog) I found the value in classiness. In our modern society, females feel that exploitation is beauty. I aim to inspire every girl this fall to venture back to the classy days of Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn to stay SASSY, but CLASSY. In addition to my blog, I have launched a youtube series- Livinlikelarz . Periodically, I will be launching videos, based off of the Modern Book (Classy)- which will inspire individuals to stay fashionable, creative, and CLASSY.



FALL STYLE : Sassy & Classy

As featured in Teen Vogue's latest issue- neck ties are back! I challenge every beautiful fashionista to stay classy and beautiful this fall. Beauty and Classiness are the keys to success. Neck ties are brilliant- a true sign of dignity and class.

How to Wear a Necktie:

Shop Larz + Be Classy ( Some of my IDEAS)-


Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.10.57 PM

Stay Classy and Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for CLASSY giveaways coming soon! Huge shout out to Caroline for allowing me to guest post. Her inspiration is contagious!

- Xoxo Larz


Thanks Larz! Stop by and check out her blog - she's so fashionable and so inspiring!

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August 16, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Fridayyyy, y'all!

Today is gonna be short and sweet cause it's been a pretty low-key week, but here goes:

1) I'm officially back in the US! I loved seeing my sister and BIL (aka my second parents) and it feels great to be back in the land of shopping (no, seriously.. I haven't bought a thing in three months!)

2) Plus, my Erin Condren planner which I've raved about is finally on its way, and I cannot wait to see it and unbox and love it in all its beautiful glory.

3) It's finally hitting me that I'm heading back to school in a couple days. I'm moving in really early to help out with international orientation, and train for The Chronicle and my job on-campus for the year, but I'm so excited and scared at the same time. I can't wait to see my friends and get back into my routine, but I'm not ready for classes and stress and freaking out about grades. Hopefully I figure it out along the way..

4) BUT going back to college means one thing: new stuff! I'm so excited to go to Staples and drop hundreds of dollars (JK but not really) on all new supplies! I seriously get so excited just thinking about stationery, and I think I have a problem but who cares?! There's no better thrill than choosing the perfect pen - ugh, I think this is a first world problem!

5) And I'm so excited to announce that there's a winner of my monogram initial ring giveaway and it's... Ellie! Congrats Ellie, I hope you love it :)

Happy Friday, guys! Hope you have a safe, shenanigan-filled weekend!

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August 14, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

As I type this, it's 1 am, I have just finished packing and I have to be up to leave for the airport in three hours, yet I'm sitting here blogging. Can I get a dedication award?

I figured it would only be fitting that I should share some more Wednesday Wisdom this week. So, thanks to my Pinterest page:

I spent a lot of time this year at school counting down the days till I could go home. I got ridiculously homesick as a result of my anxiety and panic attacks, and wanted nothing more than to come home and be with my family. Yet, when I got home and got bored after two weeks, I wanted to move back to the US and see concerts and explore and see my friends and do fun things that I saw all my friends doing (or at least posting about on Facebook!)

I counted down every day to get back to the US for various reasons - to see my friends, to move into my new room, to catch up with my roommates, to go shopping, to see a concert and whatever other stupid excuse I could think of. I didn't really appreciate all the time I had at home, in my absolutely beautiful country, with all of my amazing friends, and my family who I love and miss 24/7.

So, I'm making a pact: no matter how homesick I get this semester, no matter how badly I want to jump on a plane and fly the several thousand mile distance between home and school, and no matter how much I want to cry, I won't. I'm promising to enjoy every single minute of my semester, because this life is literally amazing.. I'm not counting down until Christmas Break or the next time I see my sister or any of my other friends, because it's wasting my time and my energy. I'm going to enjoy every day, and the time will fly by faster anyway. And then when I look back at those days, I have even more to remember than just waiting around for one particular day.

So, here's to making every day, every hour and every minute count.. and to never counting the days. Life is too short anyways..

I know this post makes no sense right now, guys. I apologize! My brain is literally just not functioning anymore. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow, if I can muster enough energy to write a post tonight.
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August 12, 2013

College Bound: items you shouldn't forget when packing for college

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packagescheap textbookssaving money and what to do the summer before you leave for college. Don't forget to follow along as I continue the series.

When packing, it's easy to forget about the simplest of items you can pick up anywhere, but trust me - been there, done that! I ignored my mom reminding me to pack several things and I remember getting so irritated when I'd have to make a Target or Walmart run and use my money to pick up the said item you could have gotten a) from home, or b) for free from your parents!

So, to help out, I've compiled a list of all the items you shouldn't forget when you're packing your stuff for college.

1) Extension Cords and Power Strip with Surge Protection: I'm just gonna throw this one out there - you can never have too many extension cords. Plus, a power strip is a must-have to connect all your electronics, your lamps, fan and alarm clock (because God knows you need that one..), so getting one with surge protection helps save your laptop from any freak accidents!

2) Safety Pins: I can't remember the amount of times I asked my roommates and girls in my hallway for safety pins and could never get any. It's the perfect accessory to any outfit that doesn't fit quite right, and can transform an entire outfit. Get a big pack of these before you leave and your roommate will thank you!

3) Ethernet and HDMI cables: Okay, so chances are you won't need an ethernet cable, because almost every campus is wireless now, but it's always good to have if internet connection is ever slow (cough.. BobcatNet!). The HDMI cable, on the other hand, is a must-have. Buying one allows you to connect your laptop to the TV and stream any connection from there - so now you can watch DVDs through your laptop, play music through the TV and more. There's no guarantee anyone in your hall will have a cable that is compatible with both your laptop and your TV, so you're better off buying your own.
TCD Tip:
try buying used off amazon if you want to save some money!

4) Batteries: Whether it's for an alarm clock, your TV remote or any other random thing you can think of, batteries are a must-have when packing for school. The last thing you want is to not be able to change the channel when the latest Kardashian episode is on, and you'll certainly not want to haul yourself down to Walmart and pick up a pack of batteries. Buy and pack them now.. you can thank me later!

5) Headphones or Earplugs: College is noisy. Whether it's your neighbor playing her favorite tunes at 1 am on a Tuesday, or your roommate having a little, er..., fun, you're gonna want headphones to block unwanted noises out. Just putting those suckers in helps you focus when doing homework, blocks out noises and helps you sleep better (read: ignore those noises) when it's not just you and your roommate in the room, if you catch my drift.

6) Lightbulbs: Chances are you'll have at least three lamps in your room, and the most annoying thing is having your bulb go out in the middle of a study session. This year, one of our standing lamps was brighter than the actual ceiling light, and was our main source of light in our room, but the bulb blew one day and we just didn't get around to buying a new bulb for weeks. Save yourself the trouble and buy a 6 pack of lightbulbs.

7) Party Clothes: Unless you're actually listening to your mother, college is not just about doing schoolwork. Yes, it's the most important thing, but the college experience is also about getting out there and making friendships and experiencing things you haven't before. You'll be invited to frat parties or even nights on the town, so pack some cute tops and nice party dresses and save yourself the stress of worrying about it when the cute guy from your math class invites you to his frat's Grab-a-Date that night.

8) Costumes: In college, Halloween is not just on October 31st. This year, we celebrated Halloween four times that week, and I found myself desperate for costumes because I didn't plan anything and certainly wasn't buying a $60 costume from Party City. Save yourself the trouble and pack some generic costumes you'll be sure to use. Aside from Halloween, chances are you'll be invited to a themed party once or twice.
TCD Tip:
for a cheap, last-minute (but cliché) Halloween costume, throw on some socks, boxers and a long white button-up with some shades, and you're Tom Cruise from Risky Business!

9) External Hard Drive: This is college, and you're gonna have a ton of assignments, which can clutter your desktop and cause it to run a little bit slower than usual. I always back all of my files up on my external hard drive, because the last thing I want is that 10-page paper I was writing to disappear the night before it's due (seriously.. it happens!). Plug your hard drive in once a week and back up your important documents, you'll thank me later.
TCD Tip:
Try saving some of your really important documents to Dropbox throughout the semester, so that they're backed up in another place - just in case!

10) Rain Boots/Jacket and Umbrella: You'll be walking to class a lot, and the last thing you want is to step in a big puddle with those cute leather riding boots you're sporting. Pick up a pair of rain boots and a jacket and you won't have to worry about ruining any of your clothes or your hair!

11) Air Freshener: Whether it's the smell of mucky boots, or just some lingering food in the room, you'll be so glad you packed some Febreeze. It was a lifesaver last year, and didn't just mask smells but completely got rid of odors in the room. They also come in different scents so you can decide what you want your room to smell like!

12) Lysol Wipes: We used this almost every day last year. In your 2x4 dorm room, dust accumulates pretty fast, so we used our Lysol Wipes to clean up after ourselves, get rid of some dust, or just clean little stains that showed up around the room.

13) Brita Water Filter Pitcher: Buying a case of water every week gets expensive, so investing in a Brita Pitcher saves you a lot of time and money. You fill up the pitcher with regular tap water and it filters out the impurities, making great drinking water right in your bedroom.

14) Mini-vacuum: No one usually thinks to buy a vacuum for their dorm room, but it's one of the best purchases you will make for your room. Like I said, dust comes out of nowhere, and the last thing you want is allergy season with a room full of dust bunnies, or finals week and you're sick and unable to study. It'll keep the room cleaner, looking better and you healthier.
TCD Tip:
Some residence halls have vacuums you can borrow for an hour and return. Check to see if your own does too!

15) A Door-Stop: This is crucial, especially during the first couple weeks of school. No one likes the room whose door is always closed - the best way to make friends on your hallway is to just have your door open slightly. That way, if someone is playing a song you love, you can pop in and say so, and then find out what else you two have in common.

Good luck packing, and with the start of a new year!
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August 09, 2013

Friday Five

Andddd it's Friday again!

1) It's my last weekend hoooomeee before I head back to the US! Seeing as this post is scheduled while I'm enjoying myself at a beach house, it's a little bittersweet. I mean, I am so ready to get back to school, but I'm gonna miss having nothing to worry about.

2) Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate it! But on a more important note, today's a public holiday in Trinidad.. agaaain. Public holidays are awesome.. everyone should just go out and get one! Seriously..

3) I got to have the most amazing dinner with some of my closest friends last night at a cute little brick-oven pizza place.. I had to say my goodbyes to K which almost killed me because I hate goodbyes.. seriously, those things suck!

4) Oh, and just to rub it in your face one more time, today's another holiday in Trinidad! So while you're sitting at your desk pretending to work, I'll be doing what anyone does when they live in the Caribbean and it's a holiday: partying. And remember, don't get too jealous! ;)

5) I'm so excited to announce that the winner of the $130 cash giveaway I did with my good friend Stephanie is.. CALLIE! Congrats, I can't wait to see how you spend it :) I'm also totally jealous!

ALSO, don't forget to enter my giveaway for this monogram initial ring.. it's cute, has your initials on it, stackable and did I mention it's gold?! MUST. HAVE!

Happy Friday, y'all!

August 08, 2013

Giveaway of the Week: Monogram Initial Ring

Hey y'all!

Today I've teamed up with an amazing little company called Meadowbelle Market that make  customized jewelry that are to die for! One of the things that I loved the most when we were discussing products was their stackable monogram initial ring. I loved it so much that we decided to do a giveaway of it, and let me tell you: it is fabulous!

Want to see for yourself?

So.. enter here. The giveaway starts today and ends next week Thursday 15th at 11:59pm EST, and the winner will be announced the following day via Friday Five.

Excited yet? I know you are.. now go tell some friends!

Good luck, y'all!
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August 07, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Oh look at me.. I pre-wrote a post! What is this world coming to?

Anyways, as usual.. it's Wednesday and I'm here to deliver my dose of wisdom via my Pinterest page.

And it wouldn't be hump day without me actually opening up to my blog.. (ironic, I know!)

For years, I've had a lot of best friends, and I still do.. but it's different. I've had big groups of friends who I all trusted equally and told my life to, and slowly over the years I saw these groups start to dwindle and get smaller and smaller. The amount of people I thought I could trust grew less and less, and it was all for this reason: some of these friends of mine didn't actually care about what I had to say, they were merely just prying.

I never realized this at first, but when I would tell someone something it would slowly make its rounds, and I never understood how private conversations could be taken so out of context and completely altered. But then I pulled myself away from the situation. I saw what it looked like from the outside and I was mad. How could I be so blind? How could these apparent best friends that I trust so much betray me like this? And then one day it crossed the line.. 

I learned my lesson: the only people you need in life are your family. I love my friends, don't get me wrong, but I've learned who I say what to, and who I can rely on when I need someone. I've been let down times before, and I've been abandoned when I was at my weakest point, and when I was thousands of miles away from anyone who could actually help, only to be cussed at by my best friends (the ones I could actually trust) for not calling them and telling them what's wrong.

The only people you need in your life may be your family, but you can certainly get a bit farther with some friends on your side. I guess sometimes when I've been let down by some friends, I expect all to do the same. But that's not so true all the time. There are the good ones, the ones you can rely on, the ones you can call at any minute and they'll drop what they're doing if you need them to. Those are the people you should surround yourself with. Those are the ones who actually care what you have to say, and actually care about you. And that's what I'm trying to do.

Have you ever realized you couldn't trust someone you always thought you could?

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August 06, 2013

One of those days..

So this post is coming to you this late because I've had one of those days. You know those days, when nothing goes according to plan and quite frankly all you want to do is go back to bed?

So here's a short and sweet summary of my (not so great) day.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to the immigration office to renew my passport. Yes, Trinidad is still so backwards where we can't mail our passport in for renewal but have to go in the middle of town and sit down for hours waiting for our number to be called. But my situation's a little different because I'm leaving for the US in a little over a week so I needed that passport renewed today. After explaining my situation to the woman, she told me the supervisor would call my name shortly and handle my case directly. So I waited for two hours without my name being called. At this point, I'm pissed off and ready to go home, so we go to double-check what's taking so long (because people who have come after me have gotten through before I have) and the lady basically says oops, I forgot to submit your name.

I literally was waiting for two hours for nothing. So she submits my name and I finally get called in and organize everything really easily. This whole process takes me ten minutes, if so much, which of course only frustrates me even more because I could have been home by 7 instead of after 9 like I would have now been. So all is fine and dandy, I get approved and take a passport picture that is certain to go down in my list of horrible photos, and I leave.

But I'm walking down the street and not seeing my car. So its either stolen, towed or I've just gone crazy. But with my luck, of course I didn't forget where I parked. My car was towed. So I have to call dad to come pick me up from the middle of town to get my car from the wreckers.

So of course the minute I got home (waaaay after 11 by the way), I bring my lunch in front the TV to enjoy some reality dramas and make my day a little better, but Caroline's life is just not having that. My cable isn't working and oh wait, there goes my Internet too! One quick call to Flow and they decide to tell me service in my whole town is down for the day.

So whoopedy doo, what's a girl to do? I crawl into bed, read a book on my kindle and try to sleep the day away but the sunlight isn't having it and now I can't sleep. And then I remember I have a blog and I'm a bad blogger and forgot to pre-write my post last night and I have no Internet. So it's the Wordpress app on my iPhone (which FYI is horrendous to write a blog post on because of freakin autocorrect!)

So there goes my day. I need to go for a run and clear my head and then just sleep all night until tomorrow's dentist appointment (another ordeal!) oh and of course when I write this, it begins to downpour outside and my run will more than likely get cancelled! Uggghhhh.

Guess which blogger is going to start pre writing blog posts from now on? No, it's not me. It'll never be me cause ill always forget. Oh well..
I have so many ideas for blog posts but I don't know when to post each one, so maybe i'll actually write all and then post whenever I feel like? Or maybe y'all should get used to seeing me a little less because God knows how I'm going to blog five days a week once school starts back up.. Any tips, guys?

have you ever had "one of those days"?

August 05, 2013

a shenanigan-filled weekend

Happy Monday, y'all.. or happy "first day Caroline doesn't have work" day! All I can say is that after this weekend, I am SO glad I don't have work today because there was no way I was making it to work today in one piece. I feel so mashed up! So after having a pretty great weekend, I figured I'd finally bite the bullet and link up with Sami and all of her crazy amazing friends and their stories! I'm also adding pictures to this post. Real pictures. That never happens, so this is amazing!

Sami's Shenanigans

My weekend started off very quiet, and I lay in bed on Friday night just reading a book.. which was awesome and much-needed. I also watched a Full House marathon and some Sex and the City.. good night, I think. I'm proud of myself for tweeting this weekend (because for some reason, I always forget to.. whoops!) But I just wanna throw this one out there:

But Saturday is when all the shenanigans unfolded.. My best friend K and her two siblings decided to throw a booze cruise for their birthdays. If you don't know what a booze cruise is, you haven't lived. It's essentially a huge party boat with lots of booze and we cruise around the island. Yep, pretty self-explanatory, no? Well, if you want to picture what this particular booze cruise looked like, then think all of my favorite people on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a DJ and amazing weather, and 5 huge bottles of Puncheon and Malibu mixed (read: the most lethal combination ever..) and then just try to picture my state.

(...and that we did!) Need evidence, you say..? Look no further!

L, myself and K - obviously pre-party!

This was basically all we did - drink on a boat from 12 to about 7pm. 

As if my legs weren't already hurting from dancing all day, I conveniently signed up for a Color Run the next morning. It's not exactly like the color runs they have in the US, because this one was a little smaller and put on by a charity to raise awareness for a cause they'll be promoting for the rest of the year. I wasn't too pleased about the 7am start time, and my hangover headache was there to remind me.

The charity was called "It's for the kids", which we quickly made our tag line for the day.. we literally ran down the road throwing paint at each other shouting DO IT FOR THE KIIIIIDSSSSS! Needless to say, we were not actually racing.. haha great 5K, huh?! By 8am, I was literally soaked in every color possible. Please, look for yourself:

I mean, you would think that after that I'd had enough? Nope.. I went home, took an hour-long shower (I'm not even kidding - the paint would NOT come off!) and then we headed to the beach.. because what else do you do when you live in the Caribbean?

After getting some fresh air and eating some shark and bake (and I know none of y'all have ever heard of shark and bake, but it's fried shark, and fried dough that makes bake - and you put any condiment you could imagine on it and it is essentially the best food ever created in life! Even the Culinary Institute of America thinks so!) And I think this finally cured my 'headache' and I was good to go.

On our way back, we stopped at the "lookout" to take a get some snacks for the ride back, and snapped some photos of the view of the coastline.

I got home, slept for three hours and then watched the Kardashians and all their over-dramatic family drama that I love, and today I can't walk or feel my back. I blame the 5K, my sister blames the alcohol. It's always the alcohol..

So, there was my weekend. I'm gonna list my shenanigans, mingle and gossip a little bit, and hope you decide to join in too!
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August 03, 2013

[Guest Post] Sockwun's Summer Chick Lit Pick

I'm a little busy right now, shenaniganing up my weekend.. so I have a friend to post for me :)
Sockwun is a blogger who I met through HCBN, and she wrote this post for me a while back. She's a great writer and loves reading, so she laid out her favorite summer reading book!

Sophie Kinsella is a household name when it comes to chick lit. Madeleine Wickham, the woman behind the pseudonym of Sophie Kinsella, debuted her pen name with the 2000 bestselling novel Confessions of A Shopaholic which is the predecessor of five other bestsellers in the Shopaholic series.

I have to admit that I have only read one book out of the entire series: Shopaholic and Baby. The reason is that I am not the biggest fan of chick lit. I am the kind of girl who prefers to break out thriller novels. In spite of that, I find Sophie Kinsella novels extremely entertaining. Especially after finally watching the film adaptation of Confessions of A Shopaholic last night, I am waiting to get my hands on the other Shopaholic books.

However, the Shopaholic series is not the only thing that Sophie Kinsella has worked on. Under this pseudonym, the author has published six other standalone novels. Her latest masterpiece, Wedding Night, was released in April.

The basic synopsis revolves around Lottie, the protagonist who is getting tired of her long-term boyfriends turning out to be commitaphobes. When she runs into an ex-boyfriend, Ben, they are reminded of the pact that they had made a long time ago to get married to each other if they are both still single at the age of 30. The novel continues with disapproving family and friends of the couple wanting to intervene the rushed marriage.

In black and white, Wedding Night does not sound like the ideal book to bring to the beach; it sounds boring and tedious. However, knowing Sophie Kinsella, this novel is bound to be another one of her countless bestsellers that pack familiar chick lit elements with a twist that ties the whole book together.

Wedding Night is not going to disappoint, I do not think. It is sitting in the tote that I will be bringing to Thailand over the weekend. Go ahead, Sophie, amaze me again!

Sockwun Phng is the blogger at ExtraExtravagant, a beauty and style blog that is based in the United States. Although she is a beauty and style blogger, she is no stranger to books; she used to run a book review blog before making the switch. She is still reading and writing constantly, getting ready to publish her second poetry book.

Don't forget to check out her blog!
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