August 29, 2013

College Bound: 5 ways to get involved on campus

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. Although the semester has already started for many schools, I'm continuing the series under the general college topic. Read all throughout the year for more "College Bound" posts. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packages, cheap textbooks, saving money, what to do the summer before you leave for college, what you shouldn't forget to pack, clothes you need and how to have the best first week ever.

At Quinnipiac, we had our annual involvement fair yesterday. Hundreds of tables surrounded the quad, promoting their clubs to the 1800+ new students on campus. For a freshman, getting involved is key to enjoying your time at a new place. You likely know no one here, other than your orientation leaders you met back in June, and fitting in seems so important to you. Getting involved when you're in a completely new environment is encouraged, so how do you do it?

{one} joining a club:Going to an involvement fair, or your school's alternative is a great way to find out about clubs that interest you. If your school doesn't have a fair or day that they feature clubs and organizations, think about what interests you. Like the newspaper? Go to the Media Suite and ask about joining (I know I did!). Really enjoying your Anthropology class? Ask your professor about any clubs or opportunities available. Play an instrument? Find your school's music club or pep band. There are always opportunities for getting involved in clubs on campus.

{two} sports:Love playing sports but couldn't commit to Varsity sports, or don't think you're good enough? Intramural and Club teams at your school are a great way to get involved, play a sport you love and meet new people! Another great way to get involved and meet people is by going to your school's games! Cheering on your team is a fun and easy way to make new friends, discover what you like and get involved with your school's spirit group!

{three} greek life:Greek Life is an easy (but more selective) way to get involved on campus. Going through recruitment is a little bit more exclusive than a club, but gives you many of the same (and more) benefits that clubs offer. In a sorority, you're surrounded by friends and sisters, and also have the opportunity to do community service, philanthropic work and reaching a community on your campus. Not only are you surrounded by the sisters of your sororities when you join, but all the Greeks at your school. Remember, it's one big Greek community.

{four} volunteering:My school does a lot of service work and community service, and it's a great way to get involved on campus. Whether it's through your sorority, with a group of friends volunteering at a nearby orphanage, or participating in the Big Event, there are tons of opportunities to get involved in volunteer work. Many schools also have alternative break trips so if you don't want to spend a week partying on a beach in Mexico, you can build a house in the Dominican Republic instead. There's always options if you're interested in volunteering, and it's a nice way to meet new people and show your face.

{five} student government:Student Government is an easy way to become very well-known on campus. If you're interested in changing things in your school, helping your student body or making a difference in your year group, then you may be perfect for SGA. Find out about how you can run for office for your year group, it'll open up a whole set of opportunities for you for campus involvement.

Hope you get as involved as I did my freshman year on campus, you definitely won't regret it!
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