August 01, 2013

College Bound: things to do the summer before you head to college

Sorry this post is coming so late! It's a public holiday here at home, and I spent most of my day reading in bed and trying to tackle that 30 book challenge I'm doing.

Anyways, I decided to do a continuation of the College Bound series. I already discussed college guides to affordable dorm packages, cheap textbooks and saving money, so you can catch up if you've missed any of them!

My school released freshman housing information last night, so I've been thinking a lot about what you should do your last summer before you go to college..

So, are all you freshman ready to take notes..?

1) actually read the summer reading book: I remember when I got the memo that we had to read a book for one of my classes over summer, I almost laughed. I thought - oh hellll no, I haven't even entered school and they already gave us work? This is going to suck! A lot of my friends (and even I) procrastinated and pushed back reading the book, and some never bothered to read it, but I am so glad I did. It helped me so much throughout the year and throughout the course - and usually these books have inspiring messages aimed to help transitioning freshman. These are required reading for a reason!

2) de-clutter your room: You're heading off to college, so of course you need that one side of a tube sock you got in the 3rd grade, right? Wrong. I suggest going through every box, drawer and closet before heading off to college and deciding what you need and what you need to dump. At least that way, when it comes time to pack, you're not wondering if you'll take those ten stuffed animals you won at the carnival one year, or that mixed CD your crush made you in the 9th grade. You don't need either, so don't pack them.

3) clear out your closet: Following up on the last note, the summer before college is the perfect time to go through your closet and decide what you want to keep, what you actually wear and what actually looks good. College is a time to reinvent yourself, so you don't want to show up wearing the same Abercrombie henleys you bought three years ago. College is a time of maturing, and that should be seen in your closet too, so at least now when you're packing, you won't have to worry about which hot pink shirt is the "perfect shade of pink" - the answer is none of them, now dump them all!

4) dump your high school boyfriend or girlfriend: I'm not talking from experience here, but I've seen too many people come to college with a significant other and within weeks and sometimes months, they've broken up from long-distance, not enough time for each other, or wandering eyes. They don't call it the Thanksgiving Turkey Dump for nothing!

5) do not stalk your roommate on Facebook: Finding out who your roommate is can be an exciting time! But do not, I repeat, do not, stalk your roommates and their entire lives on Facebook before you even met them. I did it, and I seriously thought my roommate M was amish. She messaged me saying she didn't have a cell phone and all I thought was that a) her name was so colonial and Amish sounding, and b) who doesn't have a phone?! (I later found out M happened to have a cell phone but it had died in a drunken adventure - this is why we're now like sisters!) SO, don't panic and stalk your roommate, and judging her awkward 8th grade selfies with Picnik editing! Instead, be friendly, organize what you have to organize and make your real first impression when you two meet in person!

6) take loads of pictures: Nothing says you had a great summer like creating a nice Facebook album full of all your summer adventures, and plastering every photo all over your wall to show your new friends that you had friends back home too! Aside from that, photos are priceless and are a great way to remember those warm summer days and crazy summer nights! (Trust me.. you'll be longing for them, soon enough!)

7) have fun: There's no other summer like this one - it's your last carefree summer. After this, you're actually going to be trying to get jobs at places that matter, like something in your field, not the donut shop down the road. After your freshman year, you'll be working on your resumé, aiming for internships and traveling, and there'll be no other summer like this. So live it up while you can, after all.. you just graduated!

Here's to four more awesome years to all of you! Congrats on the next chapter :)
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  1. Such a great post Caroline!! Reading all of these things makes me remember exactly how pumped I was last summer for freshman year... and reminds me how excited I am to be a sophomore!! :-) Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Thanks so much Annaliese! I know! I was reminiscing on my freshman year and how excited I was last summer, and now I'm so excited to go back and have the most awesome sophomore year! :) Enjoy the final weeks! I'm super jealous you get to head into NC in the Fall though!

  3. This is great advice. I loved college so much. Wish I could go back. It just wouldn't be the same though.

  4. Thank you so much :) There are always better things ahead, I'm sure you enjoy drinking real liquor, having real relationships and not eating Dominos for dinner every night!

  5. All excellent advice, but "Dump your significant other" threw me for a moment. It's true though and if they can manage to do it in a mature way they can still remain friends!


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