August 03, 2013

[Guest Post] Sockwun's Summer Chick Lit Pick

I'm a little busy right now, shenaniganing up my weekend.. so I have a friend to post for me :)
Sockwun is a blogger who I met through HCBN, and she wrote this post for me a while back. She's a great writer and loves reading, so she laid out her favorite summer reading book!

Sophie Kinsella is a household name when it comes to chick lit. Madeleine Wickham, the woman behind the pseudonym of Sophie Kinsella, debuted her pen name with the 2000 bestselling novel Confessions of A Shopaholic which is the predecessor of five other bestsellers in the Shopaholic series.

I have to admit that I have only read one book out of the entire series: Shopaholic and Baby. The reason is that I am not the biggest fan of chick lit. I am the kind of girl who prefers to break out thriller novels. In spite of that, I find Sophie Kinsella novels extremely entertaining. Especially after finally watching the film adaptation of Confessions of A Shopaholic last night, I am waiting to get my hands on the other Shopaholic books.

However, the Shopaholic series is not the only thing that Sophie Kinsella has worked on. Under this pseudonym, the author has published six other standalone novels. Her latest masterpiece, Wedding Night, was released in April.

The basic synopsis revolves around Lottie, the protagonist who is getting tired of her long-term boyfriends turning out to be commitaphobes. When she runs into an ex-boyfriend, Ben, they are reminded of the pact that they had made a long time ago to get married to each other if they are both still single at the age of 30. The novel continues with disapproving family and friends of the couple wanting to intervene the rushed marriage.

In black and white, Wedding Night does not sound like the ideal book to bring to the beach; it sounds boring and tedious. However, knowing Sophie Kinsella, this novel is bound to be another one of her countless bestsellers that pack familiar chick lit elements with a twist that ties the whole book together.

Wedding Night is not going to disappoint, I do not think. It is sitting in the tote that I will be bringing to Thailand over the weekend. Go ahead, Sophie, amaze me again!

Sockwun Phng is the blogger at ExtraExtravagant, a beauty and style blog that is based in the United States. Although she is a beauty and style blogger, she is no stranger to books; she used to run a book review blog before making the switch. She is still reading and writing constantly, getting ready to publish her second poetry book.

Don't forget to check out her blog!
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