August 06, 2013

One of those days..

So this post is coming to you this late because I've had one of those days. You know those days, when nothing goes according to plan and quite frankly all you want to do is go back to bed?

So here's a short and sweet summary of my (not so great) day.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to the immigration office to renew my passport. Yes, Trinidad is still so backwards where we can't mail our passport in for renewal but have to go in the middle of town and sit down for hours waiting for our number to be called. But my situation's a little different because I'm leaving for the US in a little over a week so I needed that passport renewed today. After explaining my situation to the woman, she told me the supervisor would call my name shortly and handle my case directly. So I waited for two hours without my name being called. At this point, I'm pissed off and ready to go home, so we go to double-check what's taking so long (because people who have come after me have gotten through before I have) and the lady basically says oops, I forgot to submit your name.

I literally was waiting for two hours for nothing. So she submits my name and I finally get called in and organize everything really easily. This whole process takes me ten minutes, if so much, which of course only frustrates me even more because I could have been home by 7 instead of after 9 like I would have now been. So all is fine and dandy, I get approved and take a passport picture that is certain to go down in my list of horrible photos, and I leave.

But I'm walking down the street and not seeing my car. So its either stolen, towed or I've just gone crazy. But with my luck, of course I didn't forget where I parked. My car was towed. So I have to call dad to come pick me up from the middle of town to get my car from the wreckers.

So of course the minute I got home (waaaay after 11 by the way), I bring my lunch in front the TV to enjoy some reality dramas and make my day a little better, but Caroline's life is just not having that. My cable isn't working and oh wait, there goes my Internet too! One quick call to Flow and they decide to tell me service in my whole town is down for the day.

So whoopedy doo, what's a girl to do? I crawl into bed, read a book on my kindle and try to sleep the day away but the sunlight isn't having it and now I can't sleep. And then I remember I have a blog and I'm a bad blogger and forgot to pre-write my post last night and I have no Internet. So it's the Wordpress app on my iPhone (which FYI is horrendous to write a blog post on because of freakin autocorrect!)

So there goes my day. I need to go for a run and clear my head and then just sleep all night until tomorrow's dentist appointment (another ordeal!) oh and of course when I write this, it begins to downpour outside and my run will more than likely get cancelled! Uggghhhh.

Guess which blogger is going to start pre writing blog posts from now on? No, it's not me. It'll never be me cause ill always forget. Oh well..
I have so many ideas for blog posts but I don't know when to post each one, so maybe i'll actually write all and then post whenever I feel like? Or maybe y'all should get used to seeing me a little less because God knows how I'm going to blog five days a week once school starts back up.. Any tips, guys?

have you ever had "one of those days"?


  1. I totally feel you, Caroline! & I'm so sorry to hear about your day. & I keep telling myself I'm gonna pre-write my posts too but that's not happening anytime soon either. But what I suggest for you when school starts is to have it written in your planner like you have meetings and classes and other things like that. That way, it'll put you in the mindset of making it a priority to get it done. I hope that helps. & I hope your day/week gets better!

  2. Sounds a lot like my day! Seriously! Christian had a dentist appointment this morning which went fine, then I had my hair appointment (thank god that went fine! loving my new 'do). Then his car breaks down so we've been sitting in the shop all day. While checking my blog on the phone I realize that today's post that I scheduled last night for some reason wasnt posted. $1,200 later, we finally get home to the internet and cable being out. This girl ain't happy either. I guess tomorrow's another day for us! I told you my day was very similar to yours! Weird!

  3. Every night before bed, I remind myself to pre-write the post for the following day, but I always forget. I'm not kidding when I say I'm a bad blogger!
    I use my planner now to control which posts I write and post which day, but I never end up following the plan, or I forget to follow my planner (partly because I'm bored of my current planner and partly because I'm waiting for my Erin Condren to really get my life in order).. ugh, hopefully we do something soon before school catches up with us!
    Thanks for the nice wishes, Kriselle :)

  4. Whoa, our days both sound crazy! Hopefully the rest of your week turns out better - sucks to be put out $1200 though - that's never convenient!


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