September 27, 2013

Friday Five

Oh wait.. happy Friday!

{one}I'm so excited to announce the winner of my Lilly monogrammed sweatshirt is Molly C. Congrats Molly! For those who didn't win this time, keep checking back because next week I have a similar giveaway and it's aweeesomeeee! 

{two}After an amazing bid night last week, it's my first weekend as an Alpha Chi and I'm so excited for chapter this weekend, and for new member stuff and to meet all my sisters (slash start scouting for my biggieee!)

{three}I was supposed to go to Six Flags tomorrow butttttt.. once again we had to cancel. So there goes my Six Flags experience :( maybe in the spring?!

{four}But, on the plus side: there's Fall Fest tomorrow which is essentially this huge country concert at my school and I'm really excited to wear some boots and get a cowboy hat and (fake) tailgate, and enjoy some country music that I don't know.. but it's no longer a dry weekend, sooo there's that!

{five}Just wanna showcase one of my sponsors of this month. Meet Brittany!

I'm Brittany from Oh Hey Brittany! I'm a sophomore psychology major living in southern Alabama. I started blogging about 2 years ago as a hobby, and it has grown to so much more than that! Here are five fun facts about me:

1. I am a squirrel! (I'm in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority)

2. I'm the Vice President of the psychology club.

3. I'm really shy, but I LOVE having leadership positions!

4. I have a poodle and I'm obsessed with her.

5. I want to be a child psychologist one day.

Happy Friday, y'all!

XO caro

September 23, 2013

that time I joined a sorority..

I did it.

I spoke last week about how I was so scared. About how I was downright terrified to go through recruitment. And it was terrifying. It was overwhelming. It was nerve-wracking. But it was probably also the best experience I've had to this date.

There's no way that I can describe getting to know several different sororities in one weekend. There's no words to describe these girls opening up to you, teaching you things about their sorority, and showing you how much they treasure the organization. There's no better feeling than opening up your bid schedule for preference round and knowing that your two favorite sororities want to show you pieces of their ritual. There was nothing like standing with 100 or so amazing girls in your top two sororities, and having them tell you why they love the sorority, and having them show you so much of their traditions and ritual.
I stood there in my first party of the day, and I cried my eyes out. It was perfect, they were all so nice, and I was genuinely happy! Talking to these girls came easy, and I felt so comfortable around them. And then I went to my second and final party of pref round. Entering that room felt unreal. I had great conversations there the day before, and knew I wanted to learn more - but I had no clue I would feel that way entering the room.

Just by entering the room, I knew. After they performed their pref ritual, I knew that they were the one for me. I knew I had found home. And that I did. 

I found home yesterday, and I'm so happy I'm here. I'm a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, and I keep falling more and more in love with A-Chi-O and the Iota Phi chapter already. Running home was the most liberating feeling ever, and I shed so many tears yesterday running into the arms of girls I loved and are now lucky enough to call my sisters.

All of my friends who had gone through recruitment before told me to "trust the system" and it was hard, but when I eventually did, I understood why. The system works. It helps you find home and it led me to Alpha Chi. I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing organization, and I'm so excited to join my 51 pledge sisters in becoming a part of the 170 girls waiting for us. Alpha Chi Till I Die, and I'm only now beginning..

Happy End-of-Recruitment Season!

September 20, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Fridayyy! (finally!)

Ready for another round of Friday Five? Yeah, I am.. cause I missed last week for the first time in months and I'm a horrible blogger and I feel so bad about it. But no worries, I'm here now :)
{one}Last weekend, the reason why I couldn't blog and had like zero access to the internet all day on Friday was because last Friday was Yom Kippur, and we had the day off, and I spent most all of my day on a train heading to Vermont for an event with my sis and BIL. BUT the best part of the weekend in VT was that I GOT TO SEE MY DADDY! That's right! Daddy Moses flew up from Trinidad to attend said event, and I got to spend three days with my daddy! (He took me shopping, it was a good time all around..)

As you may remember from this post, I'm going through formal recruitment, and round two starts tomorrow sooo let's cross some fingers that girls love me cause I really just wanna be in a sorority by Sunday night! So because it's recruitment, it's dry weekend! Womppp wompppp.. Luckily for me, I'm a student ambassador and need to spend my Saturday giving tours at Open House - nice paycheck, horrible hours. I also have approximately 2.3 seconds to change before recruitment on Saturday, so there goes me looking cute. Whoops!

{three}Oh, in case you were living under a rock for the last day or two, iOS 7 is out and it is AMAZING! I seriously love it.. I may be the only one though, but I think it's so sleek and cool! The only thing I miss is being able to tweet from my notification centre. Having to scroll to my "Social" folder, open Twitter and then compose a tweet is just such a struggle. Serious #whitegirlproblems.

{four}Oh and my fave store evsss for saving my money, TJ Maxx, just decided to create an online shopping segment. Yes, you've read correctly. Now we can be Maxxinistas at our keyboards. PLUS, they have a runway section with designers like Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Dolce and Gabbana and Elizabeth & James. So you can shop designer and save yourself some cash too. Win/win! TJ Maxx for everyone!

{five}I'm currently running a giveaway for this absolutely adorable lilly-print monogrammed 1/4 zip - it's comfortable, monogrammed and the cutest thing ever! don't forget to enter before next thursday for your chance to win one!

Hope you have a great weekend! Hopefully the next time I post, I'll be in a sorority.. guess we'll see! But before I let you go for the weekend, I got to #backthatazzup with Whit!
So my weekend song..

xo caro

September 19, 2013

Giveaway of the Week: 1/4 zip lilly monogrammed

This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions expressed are my own. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. 

Most of you know me pretty well by now, and you know I love monograms. So when Christina of Christina's Monograms and I decided to collaborate, I was overjoyed.

I was even more overjoyed when I discovered that the adorable and comfortable 1/4 zip sweatshirt she was sending me was monogrammed in lilly fabrics. Lilly lovers everywhere rejoice, because this adorable MUST-HAVE item is only $35.

Not only is the oxford grey sweatshirt super versatile, but it's ridiculously comfy and comes in different colors. It's my go-to whenever I'm lounging around the apartment, and whenever it's too cold outside I throw this on with a pair of leggings and head out. It is hands-down my favorite sweatshirt now and that's a terrifying thing because I was very emotionally attached to some of my previous sweatshirts and nothing compares to this..

The sleeves are actually a little big long, which I love, and they bunch up at the bottom and make it the perfect sweatshirt to throw on at any time. They also run a little big - I'm usually a Medium and I got a Small and it fits perfectly.

I have gotten so many compliments on them, and I find myself looking forward to Fall so I can start wearing this to my 8ams without getting the "it's still summer" looks from everyone around me.. Although it was 39 degrees yesterday morning, so I guess I'll be able to wear this sooner than I thought!

Probably the only issue with this sweatshirt is that it doesn't have pockets.. but then again, who needs pockets when it's so comfy. It's lined with fleece on the inside, and if I didn't have to take it off from time to time, I probably wouldn't! PLUS, if you're in a sorority, she can even monogram it with your letters on it! LILLY LETTERS!

Lucky for you.. Christina and I are giving one of these away! One lucky reader will win the comfiest sweater of their life, completely customized with their monogram in lilly fabrics.. good luck guys!

The giveaway starts today and ends next Thursday 26th at 11:59pm. I'll email you if you won and give you 48 hours to respond. If you don't respond within 48 hours, then I will choose another winner. I will publicly announce the winner on my Friday Five the following day.

September 18, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

I really need to apologize for being MIA for the past couple of days. I meant to post my Friday Five last week, and life got really hectic and I was traveling and I didn't get great wifi signal and you know all hell breaks loose. I spent most of Monday recuperating after this weekend, but I'll tell you all about it on Friday for Friday Five.

I'm currently going through formal recruitment, so that's adding to my zero time and super stress, but I'm determined to make it through it..

You may not know this, but I was supposed to go through formal recruitment as a freshman. I was so excited to go through and "find my home", and then the snowstorm happened. Long story short, recruitment was postponed until the weekend after, and I could no longer go through due to schedule conflicts. Lucky for me, they decided to make the switch to fall recruitment (as it's supposed to be), and only six months later, I have the chance to go through recruitment once and for all. So when I had to miss most of first round for a funeral, I was really upset. I managed to make it to two parties and they were so overwhelming and nerve-wracking but I was glad I got the experience. After "preffing" four sororities, I didn't get the phone call saying I was cut, so I'm nervous and excited to move onto philanthropy round this weekend and find out which sororities preffed me back.

At one of the parties I did manage to go to, the President of the sorority said a speech, and she said this exact quote, which I thought was interesting. It's only fitting that it's my Wednesday Wisdom for this week. Although I'm incredibly nervous about going through recruitment, about being judged by hundreds of girls, about stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm excited. I'm excited to find a new home, to meet people I would have never met, to create unbreakable bonds, and to become a sister. And if I listen to my fears, if I back out  and step back because I'm scared, I'm missing out on a lot. So, life begins at the end of our comfort zone, and I'm stepping out.
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September 17, 2013

Steal Their Style: Monogrammed Necklaces

this is a sponsored post from Namefully. all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Have you ever gone through magazines and seen celebs wearing awesome jewelry that you just want? Ever scrolled through your Bloglovin and seen fashion bloggers rocking jewelry that you know you can't afford on your budget? That was me and the monogrammed necklace. Everywhere I looked, I saw someone posting about a monogrammed necklace and I wanted one but didn't want that $200+ price tag that was attached to it.
1 / 2 / 3 // 4 / 5 / 6 // 7 / 8 / 9

Want to steal their style? I know I do.. that's where Namefully comes in. Namefully is a cheap alternative to those $200 necklaces.
shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT; necklaces: Namefully ℅ ; earrings: gifted - Anoushka by Ilmes Jewellery

They have anything from name necklaces like Sarah Jessica Parker a la Carrie Bradshaw, to monogrammed necklaces, to your name in different languages. (Not gonna lie, not choosing the arabic name necklace was so hard!) All their jewelry options come in rose gold, yellow gold or silver, and are ridiculously affordable prices!

Not only are these a great accessory, but they are so versatile that I literally never take mine off.. the necklace is a great touch to any outfit, and quite frankly if it ain't monogrammed I don't want it. JK, but not really.

I'm still mad at my parents for making my middle and last initials the same, because my monogram will forever suck.. (or at least until I get married).

But the best thing about this necklace.. no it's not that it's cute, and that it's in style or even that it's monogrammed. It's that this 18k yellow gold plated necklace is only $50. Seriously..

My roommate Jess approves.. I approve.. and every single style icon approves of the monogrammed necklace. So choose Namefully for a cheaper alternative to the hottest accessory of the season!


Anyways, in other news..Christine from Life With A Side Of Coffee is sponsoring me this month, so say hello and be nice :)

Hey everyone! My name is Christine & I blog over at Life With A Side Of Coffee. I am a very recent graduate who is starting her career and just trying to make a place for myself in this big ol' world. I live in Chicago and love anything a twenty-something would love: finding new places to eat, drinking wine with friends, sitting in coffee shops reading books, cooking, shopping, spending time with the people I care about and so much more. I'm just living my life and blogging in the process about everything from celebrities to recipes, TV shows and new music I've found. I believe all you need to get by in life is a cup of coffee and a glass of wine. Come on over & say hi!!!!

Five Fun facts:
1 - I lived in Paris my last summer in college
2 - I've studied wine twice
3 - I got to meet Chuy Bravo from Chelsea Lately and he was super nice
4 - If I could have my dream job I'd be an event planner and big-time traveller
5 - I secretly want to drop my whole life and move abroad

Thanks for spending the month on my sidebar, Christine! Remember, if anyone wants to sponsor me, head over here to see my rates and stats. Shoot me an email if you can't afford/justify dropping that cash, and we can work something out :)
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September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

It's Wednesday and this is coming to you really late, but here's some wisdom from my Pinterest page.

Sometimes things happen in life where you don't get a choice. Sometimes, no matter what, things don't go our way. Sometimes, things suck and days suck and nothing seems fair. And that's alright, because life isn't fair. Fair is the place you get cotton candy. Fair is the place with a lot of booths and games. Fair is where you can ride the ferris wheel. But life, life isn't fair.

We all think we deserve the best - and quite frankly, we do. If we work hard for something, why shouldn't we get it? If we finally get what we want, why should it be taken from us? If things seem to be going great, why do they all of a sudden screw up?

Quite frankly, I don't have the answers for any of these questions. I wish I did, but I don't. Life isn't fair. Life isn't easy. And life certainly isn't on our side most of the time. But we have to make the best out of every situation. We enjoy what we have, the things we have, the people we have and the time we have. We react positively to every change, because if we let it upset us, then we're spending even more time thinking about the topic at hand. Instead of accepting it, moving on and enjoying our lives, we spend every second obsessing over the issue. I do that more times than I think. But it's okay, because you live and you learn..

So I'm accepting every situation that I think is unfair and making the best out of it. And I'm telling you to too.. Good luck, guys!
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September 10, 2013

National Suicide Prevention Day

Today was National Suicide Prevention Day. It's a day that's really dear to my heart after losing a friend who was like a brother to me. You may recall me drilling that suicide is not a fashion statement, and it isn't. It's a serious issue. It affects people of all size, color, shape, age and background. Suicide knows no racism, no discrimination, no picking and choosing. Suicide can affect everyone. So today, I have the lovely Emma guest posting about it..


Why hello there, beautiful! My name is Emma, and I’m guest posting for you today.
My post is probably going to be unlike many that you read on a daily basis. I wanted to touch on a more serious topic, and hopefully help at least one person by doing so. I have endured many struggles in my life, and I hope to be of help to others enduring similar roadblocks in their life.
So here are a few quick tips for helping you out whenever you feel down.

When you want to self-injure:
Trust me, there are better things to do then injure and scar your beautiful, fragile skin. Try turning off Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, your phone, etc. and read a book. You may not love reading, but this can really focus your mind on something else. Try watching some TV. Maybe your favorite show is on. Otherwise, you can channel-surf and find a new show to watch. Go outside or take a walk. This can help you clear your mind and just take a breath of fresh air.

Listen to music. I love listening to music, and I'm sure most of you do, too. So, blast it loud, and sing along. Dance to the beat, and just feel free. Try doing simple activities like "Wreck This Journal". I have a box full of these types of things that I can do when I'm bored, anxious, or upset. Usually, it turns out to be pretty fun. The most important thing is that you just try to do something that makes you feel like you're being true to yourself, and not trying to impress anyone else.

When you're thinking of suicide:
Think about it. You’re going to take away any positive chance at life, and in return will be putting even more people into a deep sadness or depression. They will feel guilty, even if they shouldn’t. They won't be able to do the simplest things without thinking about you. No, taking your life won't help to fix any of your problems. You shouldn't do this. I know, you don't want to listen to anyone, right? You just want to do it, and get it over with. Well instead, please sit down, and breathe. If it isn't triggering, go take a shower. This may sound really silly, but if you think about it, most people are able to think through a lot of things in the shower.

Try getting off the computer to stay away from any negative posts. And don't post on your blog that you are about to attempt suicide. You will just scare many people, who have no real way of getting in touch with you. Also, you may get some negative feedback or anonymous hate, which definitely wouldn't help the situation. Contact a few friends and talk it through. Talk to one of the Twitter/Tumblr angel-anons. Call the suicide hotline in your area. Don't be ashamed to do so. I've done it myself, and I also know a girl that works at a local hotline. They go through intense training, and really want to help you through this rough patch to keep you safe.

Also, think about everything that would happen as a result of your suicide. Think about how your mom, dad, sibling, and even pet, will wake up to find you lifeless. Think about a friend, whether in real life or online, that will never be able to replace you and that special type of bond that you two had. Finally, look at the tips above to avoid self-injury. They can be of help in times like this as well. Just make sure to stay away from any triggers or harmful objects, and try your best not to be alone.

When you are heartbroken:
Cry. Just let yourself cry as much as you want. Your tears are unlimited; just let it all out. Know that whoever hurt you was stupid to do so, and they don't deserve to have you in their life. If they broke up with you, left you for someone else, cheated on you, or anything that hurt you this much, then they don't understand true love anyways. They need to rethink their life and what they are doing to people like you. 

Write down how you feel. This helps me a lot. Just write anything and everything that you feel, and then reread it. Rip it up if it will help you feel better. You could also take a nap. Just relax, close your eyes, and let yourself escape from reality for a bit. Give yourself some time to calm down. Try hanging out with friends. You all can go out to dinner, a movie, etc. Being with the people you love can really help to take your mind off of him/her.

When you are dealing with gossip/drama:
This happened to me a lot back in high-school. Just talk to your friends, and tell them how you feel. It may be hard, but remember that if you wait too long, you may miss your chance to fix the friendship. And then, you might lose your friend forever. Try to relax for a little bit as well. Listen to music, and try the other ideas listed above in the section about avoiding self-injury.

When you're focusing on weight loss:
A lot of people, especially girls, want to be skinny. Well, these tips won't magically make you skinny, but they will help you feel healthier and better about your body. First off, don't put pressure on yourself to lose weight right before spring break or summer. It is too short of a time frame to make much of a difference, and will detract from the fun you have on your break. If it is really important to you, work out daily (NOT just right before the break).

A simple way to start working out is to do some basic exercises like crunches and push-ups. They will help to strengthen your basic muscles. Eat healthy. Try to avoiding eating a ton of candy or junk food every day. Personally, this is my biggest downfall! But try to find fruits and low-fat snacks to eat instead of the junk food.

If you can afford it, you can also try Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or another weight-loss meal program. When it's nice out, go outside and take a walk. If you're up for it, run around the block. Listen to your iPod while you do so, and it will distract you a bit. Finally, drink a lot of water. Currently, I drink about 4 cups of water each day. However, you should be drinking 8 cups per day. That may seem like a lot, so try to spread it out and build up to it. Eventually you will be drinking 6 cups, and then 8 cups, a day. Soon you won't have to think twice about it!

Oh, and don’t forget to smile! Feel free to tweet me (@itsemmaelise) with your thoughts. And check out my blog, itsemmaelise!

Thanks for guest posting, Emma!
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September 09, 2013

Save While You Shop: the best sites for online shopping savings

Happy Monday!

I've spent a lot of time talking about clothes and shoes that I want, handbags that I need and how a college student budgets their money, but I haven't shared with you some of the biggest secrets for saving money: online codes and discounts.

One of the biggest money-savers when shopping online are online flash sales, discount codes and free shipping codes. These can save you tons of money, and any little bit helps. If you love a store, sign up for their email list. (Seriously.. I LOVE LOFT, and I get like 60% discounts emailed to my inbox daily - it saves to get email!) They'll send you discount codes, notices about sales and buy one get one half off coupons, and you get to see the new goods from your favorite stores first!

But there are more savings than just in your inbox, I've discovered some of the best sites that save you money online!

{one} StudentRate
When you're a college student with limited funds, Student Rate is your best friend when shopping online. I spoke about it here, but once you enter your email, they offer you exclusive discounts on any and everything. From clothes, to decor, to makeup, to travel, to electronics, there's a discount available. One of the best features about Student Rate is that they offer cash-back on many deals, like from popular stores like Forever 21, MegaBus and ASOS. You just purchase it through the link, and you get cash back in your account, and 60 days later, in your PayPal account! It's a win/win - you save and shop!

{two} RetailMeNotRetailMeNot is essentially the online shopper's best friend. There are coupon codes for almost every site online, and it's just this huge database of coupon codes. It's super helpful before you purchase anything online, by just typing in the store name on RetailMeNot and seeing what codes are available. They're each tested and told if they work or not, and are the perfect way to save money on every purchase!

{three} Grechen's CodesGrechen's Codes is essentially a blog that writes all about codes and savings at some top name stores, and tells you which items are on sale. Every week she does her "sale picks" post and highlights new pieces on sale for great prices.

{four} Amazon PrimeAlthough Amazon Prime isn't a sale website, by signing up for Prime here (now free for six months for college students), you get free two-day shipping on all your orders! Seriously a shoppers best friend, I hate waiting for my packages to arrive, so Prime is my trusty sidekick when ordering things online!

{five} RueLaLaRue La La is the flash sales of all flash sales! It's a website that has different events every day, with designer clothes on sale at remarkable prices! If you love designer clothes, but not so much designer prices, then Rue La La is for you! It's free to sign up and look around, so you have nothing to lose. Sign up here.

{six} ShopStyleShop Style is essentially where you should be searching when you want anything online. When you search for an item, it tells you everywhere that the item is available at, as well as compare prices and note offers or discounts available for each store. It's a perfect tool, especially if you're looking to splurge on something and you want to make sure you're getting the best deal.

So those are my secrets to saving money while still shopping for my favorite things! Hope you enjoyed this post - don't forget to comment with any of your online shopping tips and tricks, I'd love to hear if I missed anything :)
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September 06, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday, y'all.. thank gooooddd it's friday!

1) I've been counting down to Friday all week, and to this particular Friday for months.. tonight's the FALL OUT BOY concert! I'm literally so excited I could scream. My camera's charged, my sister and I made a poster, and we are going to meet the boys..

2) The concert is in a little town right outside of Boston, so I'm Boston Bound today.. which could be interesting seeing as I have to figure out how to use the T. I'm scared, although B told me it's not as hard as NYC subways, and I know those down pact so that should be okay, right?

3) My ERIN CONDREN planner came in this week - and although it took forever and I had to start the semester without my planner, it was soooo worth it. The amount of people who stop and ask me where it's from, and everyone compliments me on it. It says my name, and  The Caro Diaries underneath it. So it's adorable!

4) Oh and my new camera lens also came in - so hopefully you'll be seeing photos I took with it. It came right in time for my Photography class last night, and I'm so excited to take all the new pics for the class using it!

5) I made the worst mistake of life by logging onto Netflix and starting an episode of GREEK while waiting between class and work. I was kind of a nerd, and did all my work early on in the week so my Thursday was free in terms of having to do work. Other than reviewing after my classes, I had an hour or two free so I opened Netflix and started the show (for no other reason than it looked funny).. and I didn't go to bed till 2 am last night watching the show. Sooo.. bad decision?

Happy Friday, y'all! I promise to be a little more active next week, I'll schedule posts or something :)

I'm gonna #backthatazzup with Whit today.. so in honor of the FOB concert:

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September 04, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday!
Monday's holiday threw me off, and yesterday felt like a Monday and my 8am seemed longer than ever. But, there's no better feeling than realizing the week's halfway done after only one day of class, so there's a plus, right?

No Wednesday would be complete without some Pinspiration, so without further ado..

I've said this a million times before, but I hate change! I don't deal with it well, and it irritates, frustrates and stresses me. (Yes, this is coming from the girl who uprooted her entire life to move to another country for college..).

Recently, I've been facing a lot of change - some good, some bad, and some that hurts to accept. As much as I want everything to be the same, I know it's not possible and in some cases, it's too far gone. It's just a shame that so much had to have changed. All this change has really taken a toll on how I've been acting and been around my friends for the past week, and I really haven't been fair to myself or them by not moving on with this change. I know it's hopeless to try and go back to the way things used to be, yet I still hold out hope that such an important aspect in my life wouldn't be so different.

So when I tried to move on with my life and from this chapter in my life, I really discovered what's been holding me back. It's fear. Fear that something new won't compare to what I had. Fear that I'll never be satisfied knowing I lost something that I considered so valuable to me. Fear that I'll regret giving up when I decide to. But I'm silencing those fears..

When I saw this quote months ago, I pinned it for no reason but it was a good quote. So when I went through my "word to the wise" board this week and saw this quote, it lit me up inside and I realized I have to overcome what I don't want to do. I have to get over this hurdle and just move on in life. Sure I may have lost something that I once considered to be an important part of my life at school, but there's no saying something better won't come along. Maybe this change is a good thing, maybe I'm not who I'm supposed to be, and this change is helping me figure out where I should be in life.

Over the past 6 months or so, I've really been struggling with this change. But this quote is God's way of telling me that I need to accept it for what it is, move on with my life and something waaaay better will come into my life.

This post is not about boys, or school, or work, or anything else. It's about friendship, and moving on can be the hardest part. So, I'm being fair to myself. I'm letting things go, because friends come and go, and people change before you know it. And now I can't wait to see what the future has for me, because there'll be far greater things ahead than I'm leaving behind.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
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September 03, 2013

College Bound: staying safe in college

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. Although the semester has already started for many schools, I'm continuing the series under the general college topic. Read all throughout the year for more "College Bound" posts. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packagescheap textbookssaving moneywhat to do the summer before you leave for collegewhat you shouldn't forget to packclothes you need, getting involved and having  the best first week ever.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own. 

College can be a really fun time. I spent all of my "College Bound" series preparing you for packing, parties, involvement and all the other fun aspects of college, but what I never talked about was the reality: college can be a scary place.
I go to a pretty small affluent college in the middle of nowhere Connecticut, so you don't really put assault or rape or theft or anything with my school, but I'm sure it happens. The thing is, no matter where we are, we don't know if it's happening or not, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. To take precaution and put steps in place rather than have to deal with it after. That's why universities have installed the blue light systems all over campus, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

When the owner of React Mobile Personal Safety App contacted me about his app, I actually thought it was pretty cool. Essentially, what it is is your own personal blue light system on your smartphone.

Here's how it works:

So, I asked Robb a little bit more about this app and the features, and what it means for you. React has a bunch of different cool features like:

“Follow-Me” Feature: React Mobile, is a safety tool that you hope you never have to use. We differentiate ourselves by providing users with a safety enhancement feature for everyday use. Our premium “Follow-me” feature allows users to have friends and family track them in real-time. When a user is concerned for their safety but doesn’t want to escalate a potentially harmless situation, they can have their friends and family track them in real-time until they are safe.

International Support: Users also have the ability to choose which country they are visiting (or living in) from our settings tab and when they trigger an SOS alert they will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on where they are (ex: if they are in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112 not 911).

Social Network Integration: SOS alerts can be posted to Facebook and Twitter – In the event of an emergency we want users to have the capability to alert as many people as possible. We are differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering users the option to post their emergency alerts to Facebook and Twitter with a link to their location.

White Label/Custom Branding: We are differentiating ourselves from competitors by providing corporate and educational institutions with our custom branding opportunities. React Mobile’s Private Label service is a cost effective and easy to implement layer of protection that allows institutions to brand our application as their own. Our private label opportunities allow schools and corporations to focus on delivering a powerful risk mitigation tool to employees without having to go spend the resources and time developing a comprehensive solution like React on their own. Unlike other personal safety products such as pepper spray, rape whistles, guns, tasers, etc., React Mobile, is a safety product that cannot be used against a victim. All that is required
 is a Internet signal, WiFi, or cell coverage to work.   Our Private label product is a cost effective way to take advantage of the safety benefits that technology can provide.  React Mobile is a solution that is affordable for people to pick up independently or for corporations to sell as a benefit to others which helps to drive brand loyalty and employee morale.  You can find out more about React Mobile’s Custom Branding Opportunities by following this link:

React Mobile is Free: Unlike many of our competitors we are offering our product as a free app as we believe that it is a safety tool that everyone with a smartphone should have at their disposal. Unlike the competition, we impose no charge for the use of key features and we don’t require a users’ emergency contacts to have installed the app.

Automatic 911 prompt: Because it is critical to alert the authorities when you are in trouble, our app automatically prompts users to dial 911 if an alert is activated. 

The app is perfect for college students and staying safe on college campuses! The best part is, it's free - which is a steal for such a useful app! I know when I told my mom all about it, she felt so much safer with me walking around campus at night after leaving the library late. But this app can be used for more than just in compromising situations, and whenever you feel uncomfortable in everyday life - like running in a dark neighborhood, meeting new people for the first time, etc.

What is the Follow-Me feature? Our premium “Follow-me” feature allows users’ friends and family to track them in real-time whenever they are concerned for their safety. People frequently feel unsafe and uncomfortable but may not want to trigger an SOS alert. Examples include , a solo or late night runner (or runner in the woods), a realtor meeting a new client for the first time in an unfamiliar place, a student walking home along a dark pathway, an online dater who is meeting a date for the first time. These are just some examples of when people might want the peace of mind of knowing that their trusted, self-selected contacts are tracking them in real-time. If an emergency situation occurs a user can escalate to an SOS alert, however, if for some reason the user can’t issue an alert (i.e. they are attacked), their friends will know where they are if they go missing thanks to the last known GPS and will be able to alert the police.

The app is available for both Android and Apple, and is definitely something every college student should consider downloading.

Stay safe, y'all!
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September 02, 2013

[Guest Post] how to wear a chambray shirt

Happy Labor Day!
I'm supposed to be at Six Flags right now, but it's raining, and my wisdom teeth are coming in so I popped some meds last night and slept right through the 8am alarm clock I set.

I'm so upset cause I really wanted to go and we had such a fun day planned. I guess I'll have to go sometime in the next couple weeks then.

So my mouth is hurting ridiculously, and I just can't write a post now, so my friend Ashliegh is here to teach us all how to wear that staple chambray shirt.

Hey there! I'm Ashliegh, the pearl-obsessed blogger behind The Darling Prepster! I'm so excited to be guest posting here today because I love The Caro Diaries! (We're basically besties :p) The Darling Prepster originally started as a New Year's resolution to log my everyday outfits then soon evolved to include fashion, healthy living, life as a college student and sorority woman on a budget!
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The chambray shirt is the crown jewel of my wardrobe. It's the piece thats always there when I need it most. You know what I'm talking about. The chambray shirt is there for when you look into your closet filled to the brim and say (in your best Valley Girl voice, please) "I have like nothing to wear!"

The chambray shirt is the super hero that's here to save the day. It's secret power is it's versatile ability to go with any outfit. Seriously. There are so many ways to wear this wondershirt - tuck it in or leave it out! It can also serve as a cardigan if you leave it unbuttoned or a quick and stylish swimsuit cover up! It's looks fabulous with your colored skinny jeans for a weekend look or make it work for your workplace by pair it with a pencil skirt! Don't know what to wear with your tribal or sequin skirt? You know it - pair it with the chambray shirt for an effortlessly cool look. The options are limitless!Here are three ways that I've worn it and can't wait to experiment with other options!

Check out these ways to wear the chambray shirt!

How do you wear yours, Darling?

Thanks for hosting me today, Caroline! I hope you come say hello at my blog or Twitter!

Thanks for posting, Ashliegh! I love her style :)
Enjoy your day off and you'll see me tomorrow for a regular post.
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