September 03, 2013

College Bound: staying safe in college

This is a continuation of my "College Bound" series. Although the semester has already started for many schools, I'm continuing the series under the general college topic. Read all throughout the year for more "College Bound" posts. I've previously discussed affordable dorm packagescheap textbookssaving moneywhat to do the summer before you leave for collegewhat you shouldn't forget to packclothes you need, getting involved and having  the best first week ever.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own. 

College can be a really fun time. I spent all of my "College Bound" series preparing you for packing, parties, involvement and all the other fun aspects of college, but what I never talked about was the reality: college can be a scary place.
I go to a pretty small affluent college in the middle of nowhere Connecticut, so you don't really put assault or rape or theft or anything with my school, but I'm sure it happens. The thing is, no matter where we are, we don't know if it's happening or not, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. To take precaution and put steps in place rather than have to deal with it after. That's why universities have installed the blue light systems all over campus, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

When the owner of React Mobile Personal Safety App contacted me about his app, I actually thought it was pretty cool. Essentially, what it is is your own personal blue light system on your smartphone.

Here's how it works:

So, I asked Robb a little bit more about this app and the features, and what it means for you. React has a bunch of different cool features like:

“Follow-Me” Feature: React Mobile, is a safety tool that you hope you never have to use. We differentiate ourselves by providing users with a safety enhancement feature for everyday use. Our premium “Follow-me” feature allows users to have friends and family track them in real-time. When a user is concerned for their safety but doesn’t want to escalate a potentially harmless situation, they can have their friends and family track them in real-time until they are safe.

International Support: Users also have the ability to choose which country they are visiting (or living in) from our settings tab and when they trigger an SOS alert they will be prompted to dial the appropriate emergency authority depending on where they are (ex: if they are in the UK the app will prompt a user to dial 112 not 911).

Social Network Integration: SOS alerts can be posted to Facebook and Twitter – In the event of an emergency we want users to have the capability to alert as many people as possible. We are differentiating ourselves from the competition by offering users the option to post their emergency alerts to Facebook and Twitter with a link to their location.

White Label/Custom Branding: We are differentiating ourselves from competitors by providing corporate and educational institutions with our custom branding opportunities. React Mobile’s Private Label service is a cost effective and easy to implement layer of protection that allows institutions to brand our application as their own. Our private label opportunities allow schools and corporations to focus on delivering a powerful risk mitigation tool to employees without having to go spend the resources and time developing a comprehensive solution like React on their own. Unlike other personal safety products such as pepper spray, rape whistles, guns, tasers, etc., React Mobile, is a safety product that cannot be used against a victim. All that is required
 is a Internet signal, WiFi, or cell coverage to work.   Our Private label product is a cost effective way to take advantage of the safety benefits that technology can provide.  React Mobile is a solution that is affordable for people to pick up independently or for corporations to sell as a benefit to others which helps to drive brand loyalty and employee morale.  You can find out more about React Mobile’s Custom Branding Opportunities by following this link:

React Mobile is Free: Unlike many of our competitors we are offering our product as a free app as we believe that it is a safety tool that everyone with a smartphone should have at their disposal. Unlike the competition, we impose no charge for the use of key features and we don’t require a users’ emergency contacts to have installed the app.

Automatic 911 prompt: Because it is critical to alert the authorities when you are in trouble, our app automatically prompts users to dial 911 if an alert is activated. 

The app is perfect for college students and staying safe on college campuses! The best part is, it's free - which is a steal for such a useful app! I know when I told my mom all about it, she felt so much safer with me walking around campus at night after leaving the library late. But this app can be used for more than just in compromising situations, and whenever you feel uncomfortable in everyday life - like running in a dark neighborhood, meeting new people for the first time, etc.

What is the Follow-Me feature? Our premium “Follow-me” feature allows users’ friends and family to track them in real-time whenever they are concerned for their safety. People frequently feel unsafe and uncomfortable but may not want to trigger an SOS alert. Examples include , a solo or late night runner (or runner in the woods), a realtor meeting a new client for the first time in an unfamiliar place, a student walking home along a dark pathway, an online dater who is meeting a date for the first time. These are just some examples of when people might want the peace of mind of knowing that their trusted, self-selected contacts are tracking them in real-time. If an emergency situation occurs a user can escalate to an SOS alert, however, if for some reason the user can’t issue an alert (i.e. they are attacked), their friends will know where they are if they go missing thanks to the last known GPS and will be able to alert the police.

The app is available for both Android and Apple, and is definitely something every college student should consider downloading.

Stay safe, y'all!
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