September 06, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday, y'all.. thank gooooddd it's friday!

1) I've been counting down to Friday all week, and to this particular Friday for months.. tonight's the FALL OUT BOY concert! I'm literally so excited I could scream. My camera's charged, my sister and I made a poster, and we are going to meet the boys..

2) The concert is in a little town right outside of Boston, so I'm Boston Bound today.. which could be interesting seeing as I have to figure out how to use the T. I'm scared, although B told me it's not as hard as NYC subways, and I know those down pact so that should be okay, right?

3) My ERIN CONDREN planner came in this week - and although it took forever and I had to start the semester without my planner, it was soooo worth it. The amount of people who stop and ask me where it's from, and everyone compliments me on it. It says my name, and  The Caro Diaries underneath it. So it's adorable!

4) Oh and my new camera lens also came in - so hopefully you'll be seeing photos I took with it. It came right in time for my Photography class last night, and I'm so excited to take all the new pics for the class using it!

5) I made the worst mistake of life by logging onto Netflix and starting an episode of GREEK while waiting between class and work. I was kind of a nerd, and did all my work early on in the week so my Thursday was free in terms of having to do work. Other than reviewing after my classes, I had an hour or two free so I opened Netflix and started the show (for no other reason than it looked funny).. and I didn't go to bed till 2 am last night watching the show. Sooo.. bad decision?

Happy Friday, y'all! I promise to be a little more active next week, I'll schedule posts or something :)

I'm gonna #backthatazzup with Whit today.. so in honor of the FOB concert:

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