September 20, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Fridayyy! (finally!)

Ready for another round of Friday Five? Yeah, I am.. cause I missed last week for the first time in months and I'm a horrible blogger and I feel so bad about it. But no worries, I'm here now :)
{one}Last weekend, the reason why I couldn't blog and had like zero access to the internet all day on Friday was because last Friday was Yom Kippur, and we had the day off, and I spent most all of my day on a train heading to Vermont for an event with my sis and BIL. BUT the best part of the weekend in VT was that I GOT TO SEE MY DADDY! That's right! Daddy Moses flew up from Trinidad to attend said event, and I got to spend three days with my daddy! (He took me shopping, it was a good time all around..)

As you may remember from this post, I'm going through formal recruitment, and round two starts tomorrow sooo let's cross some fingers that girls love me cause I really just wanna be in a sorority by Sunday night! So because it's recruitment, it's dry weekend! Womppp wompppp.. Luckily for me, I'm a student ambassador and need to spend my Saturday giving tours at Open House - nice paycheck, horrible hours. I also have approximately 2.3 seconds to change before recruitment on Saturday, so there goes me looking cute. Whoops!

{three}Oh, in case you were living under a rock for the last day or two, iOS 7 is out and it is AMAZING! I seriously love it.. I may be the only one though, but I think it's so sleek and cool! The only thing I miss is being able to tweet from my notification centre. Having to scroll to my "Social" folder, open Twitter and then compose a tweet is just such a struggle. Serious #whitegirlproblems.

{four}Oh and my fave store evsss for saving my money, TJ Maxx, just decided to create an online shopping segment. Yes, you've read correctly. Now we can be Maxxinistas at our keyboards. PLUS, they have a runway section with designers like Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Dolce and Gabbana and Elizabeth & James. So you can shop designer and save yourself some cash too. Win/win! TJ Maxx for everyone!

{five}I'm currently running a giveaway for this absolutely adorable lilly-print monogrammed 1/4 zip - it's comfortable, monogrammed and the cutest thing ever! don't forget to enter before next thursday for your chance to win one!

Hope you have a great weekend! Hopefully the next time I post, I'll be in a sorority.. guess we'll see! But before I let you go for the weekend, I got to #backthatazzup with Whit!
So my weekend song..

xo caro

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