September 02, 2013

[Guest Post] how to wear a chambray shirt

Happy Labor Day!
I'm supposed to be at Six Flags right now, but it's raining, and my wisdom teeth are coming in so I popped some meds last night and slept right through the 8am alarm clock I set.

I'm so upset cause I really wanted to go and we had such a fun day planned. I guess I'll have to go sometime in the next couple weeks then.

So my mouth is hurting ridiculously, and I just can't write a post now, so my friend Ashliegh is here to teach us all how to wear that staple chambray shirt.

Hey there! I'm Ashliegh, the pearl-obsessed blogger behind The Darling Prepster! I'm so excited to be guest posting here today because I love The Caro Diaries! (We're basically besties :p) The Darling Prepster originally started as a New Year's resolution to log my everyday outfits then soon evolved to include fashion, healthy living, life as a college student and sorority woman on a budget!
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The chambray shirt is the crown jewel of my wardrobe. It's the piece thats always there when I need it most. You know what I'm talking about. The chambray shirt is there for when you look into your closet filled to the brim and say (in your best Valley Girl voice, please) "I have like nothing to wear!"

The chambray shirt is the super hero that's here to save the day. It's secret power is it's versatile ability to go with any outfit. Seriously. There are so many ways to wear this wondershirt - tuck it in or leave it out! It can also serve as a cardigan if you leave it unbuttoned or a quick and stylish swimsuit cover up! It's looks fabulous with your colored skinny jeans for a weekend look or make it work for your workplace by pair it with a pencil skirt! Don't know what to wear with your tribal or sequin skirt? You know it - pair it with the chambray shirt for an effortlessly cool look. The options are limitless!Here are three ways that I've worn it and can't wait to experiment with other options!

Check out these ways to wear the chambray shirt!

How do you wear yours, Darling?

Thanks for hosting me today, Caroline! I hope you come say hello at my blog or Twitter!

Thanks for posting, Ashliegh! I love her style :)
Enjoy your day off and you'll see me tomorrow for a regular post.
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  1. I have a chambray shirt, so these are some awesome ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Ashliegh is so fashionable! I'm so excited to wear my chambray shirt now :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post, Holly! I love mixing up my chambray shirt with dressier pieces!

  4. I've seen this a lot on pinterest and love this style thank you for explaining the shirt name. Now where can I buy this shirt?!

  5. I love H&M's chambray shirts!

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