September 10, 2013

National Suicide Prevention Day

Today was National Suicide Prevention Day. It's a day that's really dear to my heart after losing a friend who was like a brother to me. You may recall me drilling that suicide is not a fashion statement, and it isn't. It's a serious issue. It affects people of all size, color, shape, age and background. Suicide knows no racism, no discrimination, no picking and choosing. Suicide can affect everyone. So today, I have the lovely Emma guest posting about it..


Why hello there, beautiful! My name is Emma, and I’m guest posting for you today.
My post is probably going to be unlike many that you read on a daily basis. I wanted to touch on a more serious topic, and hopefully help at least one person by doing so. I have endured many struggles in my life, and I hope to be of help to others enduring similar roadblocks in their life.
So here are a few quick tips for helping you out whenever you feel down.

When you want to self-injure:
Trust me, there are better things to do then injure and scar your beautiful, fragile skin. Try turning off Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, your phone, etc. and read a book. You may not love reading, but this can really focus your mind on something else. Try watching some TV. Maybe your favorite show is on. Otherwise, you can channel-surf and find a new show to watch. Go outside or take a walk. This can help you clear your mind and just take a breath of fresh air.

Listen to music. I love listening to music, and I'm sure most of you do, too. So, blast it loud, and sing along. Dance to the beat, and just feel free. Try doing simple activities like "Wreck This Journal". I have a box full of these types of things that I can do when I'm bored, anxious, or upset. Usually, it turns out to be pretty fun. The most important thing is that you just try to do something that makes you feel like you're being true to yourself, and not trying to impress anyone else.

When you're thinking of suicide:
Think about it. You’re going to take away any positive chance at life, and in return will be putting even more people into a deep sadness or depression. They will feel guilty, even if they shouldn’t. They won't be able to do the simplest things without thinking about you. No, taking your life won't help to fix any of your problems. You shouldn't do this. I know, you don't want to listen to anyone, right? You just want to do it, and get it over with. Well instead, please sit down, and breathe. If it isn't triggering, go take a shower. This may sound really silly, but if you think about it, most people are able to think through a lot of things in the shower.

Try getting off the computer to stay away from any negative posts. And don't post on your blog that you are about to attempt suicide. You will just scare many people, who have no real way of getting in touch with you. Also, you may get some negative feedback or anonymous hate, which definitely wouldn't help the situation. Contact a few friends and talk it through. Talk to one of the Twitter/Tumblr angel-anons. Call the suicide hotline in your area. Don't be ashamed to do so. I've done it myself, and I also know a girl that works at a local hotline. They go through intense training, and really want to help you through this rough patch to keep you safe.

Also, think about everything that would happen as a result of your suicide. Think about how your mom, dad, sibling, and even pet, will wake up to find you lifeless. Think about a friend, whether in real life or online, that will never be able to replace you and that special type of bond that you two had. Finally, look at the tips above to avoid self-injury. They can be of help in times like this as well. Just make sure to stay away from any triggers or harmful objects, and try your best not to be alone.

When you are heartbroken:
Cry. Just let yourself cry as much as you want. Your tears are unlimited; just let it all out. Know that whoever hurt you was stupid to do so, and they don't deserve to have you in their life. If they broke up with you, left you for someone else, cheated on you, or anything that hurt you this much, then they don't understand true love anyways. They need to rethink their life and what they are doing to people like you. 

Write down how you feel. This helps me a lot. Just write anything and everything that you feel, and then reread it. Rip it up if it will help you feel better. You could also take a nap. Just relax, close your eyes, and let yourself escape from reality for a bit. Give yourself some time to calm down. Try hanging out with friends. You all can go out to dinner, a movie, etc. Being with the people you love can really help to take your mind off of him/her.

When you are dealing with gossip/drama:
This happened to me a lot back in high-school. Just talk to your friends, and tell them how you feel. It may be hard, but remember that if you wait too long, you may miss your chance to fix the friendship. And then, you might lose your friend forever. Try to relax for a little bit as well. Listen to music, and try the other ideas listed above in the section about avoiding self-injury.

When you're focusing on weight loss:
A lot of people, especially girls, want to be skinny. Well, these tips won't magically make you skinny, but they will help you feel healthier and better about your body. First off, don't put pressure on yourself to lose weight right before spring break or summer. It is too short of a time frame to make much of a difference, and will detract from the fun you have on your break. If it is really important to you, work out daily (NOT just right before the break).

A simple way to start working out is to do some basic exercises like crunches and push-ups. They will help to strengthen your basic muscles. Eat healthy. Try to avoiding eating a ton of candy or junk food every day. Personally, this is my biggest downfall! But try to find fruits and low-fat snacks to eat instead of the junk food.

If you can afford it, you can also try Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or another weight-loss meal program. When it's nice out, go outside and take a walk. If you're up for it, run around the block. Listen to your iPod while you do so, and it will distract you a bit. Finally, drink a lot of water. Currently, I drink about 4 cups of water each day. However, you should be drinking 8 cups per day. That may seem like a lot, so try to spread it out and build up to it. Eventually you will be drinking 6 cups, and then 8 cups, a day. Soon you won't have to think twice about it!

Oh, and don’t forget to smile! Feel free to tweet me (@itsemmaelise) with your thoughts. And check out my blog, itsemmaelise!

Thanks for guest posting, Emma!
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