September 09, 2013

Save While You Shop: the best sites for online shopping savings

Happy Monday!

I've spent a lot of time talking about clothes and shoes that I want, handbags that I need and how a college student budgets their money, but I haven't shared with you some of the biggest secrets for saving money: online codes and discounts.

One of the biggest money-savers when shopping online are online flash sales, discount codes and free shipping codes. These can save you tons of money, and any little bit helps. If you love a store, sign up for their email list. (Seriously.. I LOVE LOFT, and I get like 60% discounts emailed to my inbox daily - it saves to get email!) They'll send you discount codes, notices about sales and buy one get one half off coupons, and you get to see the new goods from your favorite stores first!

But there are more savings than just in your inbox, I've discovered some of the best sites that save you money online!

{one} StudentRate
When you're a college student with limited funds, Student Rate is your best friend when shopping online. I spoke about it here, but once you enter your email, they offer you exclusive discounts on any and everything. From clothes, to decor, to makeup, to travel, to electronics, there's a discount available. One of the best features about Student Rate is that they offer cash-back on many deals, like from popular stores like Forever 21, MegaBus and ASOS. You just purchase it through the link, and you get cash back in your account, and 60 days later, in your PayPal account! It's a win/win - you save and shop!

{two} RetailMeNotRetailMeNot is essentially the online shopper's best friend. There are coupon codes for almost every site online, and it's just this huge database of coupon codes. It's super helpful before you purchase anything online, by just typing in the store name on RetailMeNot and seeing what codes are available. They're each tested and told if they work or not, and are the perfect way to save money on every purchase!

{three} Grechen's CodesGrechen's Codes is essentially a blog that writes all about codes and savings at some top name stores, and tells you which items are on sale. Every week she does her "sale picks" post and highlights new pieces on sale for great prices.

{four} Amazon PrimeAlthough Amazon Prime isn't a sale website, by signing up for Prime here (now free for six months for college students), you get free two-day shipping on all your orders! Seriously a shoppers best friend, I hate waiting for my packages to arrive, so Prime is my trusty sidekick when ordering things online!

{five} RueLaLaRue La La is the flash sales of all flash sales! It's a website that has different events every day, with designer clothes on sale at remarkable prices! If you love designer clothes, but not so much designer prices, then Rue La La is for you! It's free to sign up and look around, so you have nothing to lose. Sign up here.

{six} ShopStyleShop Style is essentially where you should be searching when you want anything online. When you search for an item, it tells you everywhere that the item is available at, as well as compare prices and note offers or discounts available for each store. It's a perfect tool, especially if you're looking to splurge on something and you want to make sure you're getting the best deal.

So those are my secrets to saving money while still shopping for my favorite things! Hope you enjoyed this post - don't forget to comment with any of your online shopping tips and tricks, I'd love to hear if I missed anything :)
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