September 23, 2013

that time I joined a sorority..

I did it.

I spoke last week about how I was so scared. About how I was downright terrified to go through recruitment. And it was terrifying. It was overwhelming. It was nerve-wracking. But it was probably also the best experience I've had to this date.

There's no way that I can describe getting to know several different sororities in one weekend. There's no words to describe these girls opening up to you, teaching you things about their sorority, and showing you how much they treasure the organization. There's no better feeling than opening up your bid schedule for preference round and knowing that your two favorite sororities want to show you pieces of their ritual. There was nothing like standing with 100 or so amazing girls in your top two sororities, and having them tell you why they love the sorority, and having them show you so much of their traditions and ritual.
I stood there in my first party of the day, and I cried my eyes out. It was perfect, they were all so nice, and I was genuinely happy! Talking to these girls came easy, and I felt so comfortable around them. And then I went to my second and final party of pref round. Entering that room felt unreal. I had great conversations there the day before, and knew I wanted to learn more - but I had no clue I would feel that way entering the room.

Just by entering the room, I knew. After they performed their pref ritual, I knew that they were the one for me. I knew I had found home. And that I did. 

I found home yesterday, and I'm so happy I'm here. I'm a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, and I keep falling more and more in love with A-Chi-O and the Iota Phi chapter already. Running home was the most liberating feeling ever, and I shed so many tears yesterday running into the arms of girls I loved and are now lucky enough to call my sisters.

All of my friends who had gone through recruitment before told me to "trust the system" and it was hard, but when I eventually did, I understood why. The system works. It helps you find home and it led me to Alpha Chi. I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing organization, and I'm so excited to join my 51 pledge sisters in becoming a part of the 170 girls waiting for us. Alpha Chi Till I Die, and I'm only now beginning..

Happy End-of-Recruitment Season!


  1. Congrats Caroline!! I'm so happy that your recruitment experience went wonderfully. Alpha Chi O is lucky to have you!

    Totallly agreed with what you said about trusting the system... it DOES work! That's how I ended up in ADPi and I'm so happy in my new home, too. :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. CONGRATULATIONS CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats on joining, Alpha Chi Omega! I'm so happy that you found a home!!! Sorority life is the best thing to happen to me and I hope you become the happiest you possible thanks to Alpha Chi!

    Sending some panhel love your way!!

    XO, Sami

  4. Thanks so much Miss ALK! SO glad you're loving ADPi :) They must love you already!
    And the system really finds us our home :)

  5. CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE AN ALPHA CHI TOO! axoxox <3 so excited!

  6. Thanks for the panhel love, Sami! And thanks for holding me and crying with me on Sunday night after I ran home! Seeing you be so confident and comfortable in ADPi only encouraged me to find my home this weekend, and I'm so glad Alpha Chi is the home for me :) I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

  7. Congratulations, Caroline!

    The system is wonderful. Everybody has a home! I'm so glad you found yours :)

    Panhel love from Virginia!


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