September 04, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday!
Monday's holiday threw me off, and yesterday felt like a Monday and my 8am seemed longer than ever. But, there's no better feeling than realizing the week's halfway done after only one day of class, so there's a plus, right?

No Wednesday would be complete without some Pinspiration, so without further ado..

I've said this a million times before, but I hate change! I don't deal with it well, and it irritates, frustrates and stresses me. (Yes, this is coming from the girl who uprooted her entire life to move to another country for college..).

Recently, I've been facing a lot of change - some good, some bad, and some that hurts to accept. As much as I want everything to be the same, I know it's not possible and in some cases, it's too far gone. It's just a shame that so much had to have changed. All this change has really taken a toll on how I've been acting and been around my friends for the past week, and I really haven't been fair to myself or them by not moving on with this change. I know it's hopeless to try and go back to the way things used to be, yet I still hold out hope that such an important aspect in my life wouldn't be so different.

So when I tried to move on with my life and from this chapter in my life, I really discovered what's been holding me back. It's fear. Fear that something new won't compare to what I had. Fear that I'll never be satisfied knowing I lost something that I considered so valuable to me. Fear that I'll regret giving up when I decide to. But I'm silencing those fears..

When I saw this quote months ago, I pinned it for no reason but it was a good quote. So when I went through my "word to the wise" board this week and saw this quote, it lit me up inside and I realized I have to overcome what I don't want to do. I have to get over this hurdle and just move on in life. Sure I may have lost something that I once considered to be an important part of my life at school, but there's no saying something better won't come along. Maybe this change is a good thing, maybe I'm not who I'm supposed to be, and this change is helping me figure out where I should be in life.

Over the past 6 months or so, I've really been struggling with this change. But this quote is God's way of telling me that I need to accept it for what it is, move on with my life and something waaaay better will come into my life.

This post is not about boys, or school, or work, or anything else. It's about friendship, and moving on can be the hardest part. So, I'm being fair to myself. I'm letting things go, because friends come and go, and people change before you know it. And now I can't wait to see what the future has for me, because there'll be far greater things ahead than I'm leaving behind.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I've been going through lots of changes with my friends as well, so I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. It takes time to get over this stuff, and sometimes you may never fully get over it, but the best you can do is to accept it and learn from it.

  2. One of the truest quotes there is!


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