October 22, 2013

10 fall wardrobe essentials

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So everyone knows how much I looooove fall. I mean I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to fall fashions. The weather, the boots, comfy sweaters and apple picking. Not to quote Zac Brown and all but, life is good today.

So there are some things that I think everyone should have for the fall. No it's not a pumpkin spice latte from Starbs, although those are the perfect accessory. But rather ironically, the Caribbean girl is gonna list her essentials for the fall - ELLLL OH ELLL. This is a big joke, but here goes..

[one] a good, well-fitting pair of skinny jeans
Whether it's light or dark, or distressed or not, investing in a good pair of skinny jeans is essential for the fall, and every season of the year. Skinny jeans are the easiest to tuck into a pair of boots, with some cute fall loafers or just a pair of flats.

[two] the perfect fall brown riding boot
Riding boots and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly, and seriously fall wouldn't be complete without the perfect shade of brown pair of riding boots. They can be paired with leggings, jeans or even with a skirt or dress, and look cute with virtually anything. I'm a firm believer that you can mix black and brown, and I always do it especially with my riding boots. My tip: invest in one good pair that will last you a couple years rather than buying cheap pairs every year. I bought a $200 pair last fall that are still as good as new, and the $60 pair of black boots I bought fell apart after one season.

[three] oversized sweaters
As soon as it's cold, it's the perfect temperature for oversized sweaters. These look cute on almost everybody and you can really show off your style and personality through the sweaters you wear. Pairing them with jeans or leggings make the perfect fall outfit.

[four] white tee
No closet would be complete without some basic tees for layering. Layering is essential for the fall to keep you warm and fashionable, and you can never go wrong with a basic white tee. This can be thrown under a cardigan or sweater, or even break out a blazer for a more polished look with jeans and boots.

[five] colored jeans
Mustard and wine are two of my favorite shades for the fall this year, so investing in a cute pair of colored jeans - especially in those two colors - open up a whole range of outfits for you. Pair a colored jeans with a neutral top or sweater, and dress it up with a statement scarf, or pair them with a textured top and neutral scarves and have fun. Mixing and matching is essential for making the most out of any wardrobe.

[six] black leggings
Probably one of my best purchases this season was a pair of sturdy black leggings. "Splurge" on a pair of great leggings - and by splurge I mean buy a $40 pair instead of a $20 that will show more flesh than you intended. Ensure they are not see-through, and even so, do not wear leggings as pants. ever. Throw them on with an oversized tee or sweater, and tuck them into a pair of boots for a casual but easy look for the fall.

[seven] scarves
There are definitely two types of scarves I think everyone should have for the fall - thick scarves and statement scarves. Thick scarves are essential for those days when it's seriously freezing and you need something to warm your entire body. Throw a big knit scarf over a pair of jeans and a white tee, and look casual, cute and warm! Statement scarves are the perfect pop to any outfit and can make an outfit look ten times better. Look for earthy tones to compliment your fall wardrobe.

[eight] comfy cardigans in every color
You know your favorite cardigan that you throw over everything whenever it gets a little bit chillier? Go back to the store and seriously buy it in every single color. I (stupidly) only bought two colors of my favorite cardigan this season and the store is now sold out and no other cardigan compares to those two. Cardigans go over anything, and can be dressed up or dressed down. I bought a mustard yellow cardigan that I swear by - mark my words: mustard is a thing this year.

[nine] chambray shirt
You may remember this post about the many many ways to wear a chambray shirt. Well it's true. It's the most versatile piece in your closet and can be paired with jeans, white pants, leggings, under sweaters, under cardigans, with skirts or dresses, seriously anyway possible. Investing in a good-fitting (read: not too tight or snug) chambray shirt that you can layer is a must-do for this fall.

[ten] jewelry
Although jewelry's always a closet essential, pairing statement necklaces with sweaters and button downs, or playing up your arm candy is a must-do for fall! You're never fully dressed without a smile - and at least one piece of jewelry. I don't leave my room without my initial rings, my Alex and Ani bracelets, the cross bracelet I got for my birthday and others. Always get dressed up to the fullest :)

So there's a Caribbean girl's must-have list for her fall wardrobe. Happy Tuesday everyone..
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  1. sweaters are my favorite things of life. every single day i could be wearing one.

  2. I couldn't agree with this list more! Unless you include a pair of fleece lined tights. I find them utterly essential underneath skirts & dresses once the temperatures drop...though, that may be a topic for the winter list :)

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  4. That's such a good idea! I never wore skirts or dresses during the fall cause I never know if I can pull them off, but you've inspired me to! You should do a post about it :)

  5. yes to all of these! My riding boots took a hit last year and I need a new pair immediately!

  6. I love DSW! I have my eyes on this adorable pair of black riding boots that I may splurge on soon!


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