October 09, 2013

Apps Every College Student Should Have

I haven't sat down and wrote a real post that wasn't sponsored or stupid in a while. Like you know, posts that are actually useful? Yeah, those..

But anyways, I've been thinking a lot about how we perceive technology and how the older generation perceives technology. My mom always sees the internet and iPhones and apps as something negative which upsets me cause I'm all about the media and hey - that's potentially my future job! Technology can actually help us though.. and there are a bunch of unique applications designed to help out students and "Generation Y" in general. So I did what I do best.. I opened my iPhone, and created a list.

{one} MOXOkay so the first app every student needs on their smartphone is MOX. It's available for tons of colleges and universities, so check to see if your school uses MOX, but it's essentially this application that has school maps, your class schedule, your class roster and announcements on it, plus more features. It's really useful and a lot of colleges are no longer creating their own apps.

{two} React Mobile
this is a sponsored statement, however all opinions are my own.
So you may remember React from a couple weeks ago, but it's this super cool safety app that essentially acts as the blue light system in your pocket. It can follow you, send your location to friends and family, and with the touch of a button contact authorities. It's not just for emergency situations, but for times when you're walking or running alone, going hiking in a new area or meeting new people for the first time in an unfamiliar location.

{three} 30/30I learnt about this app through Pinterest, but it's essentially this app where, say you have only five hours allotted to do a million things, you can set the amount of time you want to spend on each thing, and it will alert you when it's time to move on to the next. So, I have fifteen minutes of blogging time left before I start doing my math homework.

{four} MintMint is a free financial tracking app that lets you link all of your accounts and manage your expenses in one place, which is really useful for college students. You can't move funds, but no one else has access to the app but you, and it's password protected. You can track costs like food, gas, rent, and can categorize them based on clothing, hobbies, bars/alcohol, food, and more. You can even get notifications about unusual activity, which is really neat to keep track of your spending and your accounts all in one place. It even alerts you when one of your accounts is getting to a low balance so you can avoid fees!

{five} Grades 3 
Grades is a really cool app that's seriously a savior for all college students that want to maintain their good grades. The app requires you to enter the assignments, and the percentage worth of each assignment and it helps determine your grade in the class and what you need to get on the remaining assignments in order to get the grade you want.

{six} SelfControl
Okay so this isn't an iPhone/smartphone app, but one for your computer, but I cannot stress enough how important and amazing this app is. SERIOUSLY, everyone go and download it right now. Basically, it's the self control that none of us have, and you can block any websites for as long as you want (I think it goes up to 24 hours) and you can't get out of it, even if you exit the app - so you're forced to do work. For extreme procrastinators, it even allows you to create a list of websites you can go onto, and you're only given access to those. It's a must for midterms/finals week.

Good luck on midterms, y'all! Hope the school year's going well.

What are your favorite iPhone apps for college/school/everyday life? Image Map


  1. The 30/30 app seems really interesting! I am definitely going to look into downloading it for myself. I know that with the craziness of my schedule, I need something that helps me keep track of the time limits I set for myself.

    Great post, Caro! Thanks for the helpful app! :)

  2. how bout a good old fashioned cut ass lol study alya book and stop being idle haha

  3. My mom is a college prof! I am sending her this!

  4. Hey girl! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :)


  5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I graduated seven years ago ... eek!! But I agree, that Self Control computer app is AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing that 30/30 app ... I use a similar one called Hustle, and I also utilize the app Balanced so that I make sure I'm taking and making time to do things like run, yoga, meditate, etc :)

  6. OMG these sound so wonderful! I'm not in college anymore, but I would have LOVED to have all of these apps! I do have Mint and have been using it for awhile and love it. I'm definitely going to have to get SelfControl cause I definitely need that when it comes to social media stuff. I'm so scatterbrained. Also React Mobile and 30/30 sound way awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Need to go download now.

  7. girl...self control SAVED me during college haha, this is a great list lady!


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