October 08, 2013

Dress Your Tech

this is a sponsored post. all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

You may remember my post over summer about iPhone cases under $50 and how absolutely adorable they all were. Well, while I was scrolling on Zazzle, I discovered Jessica Marie Design.

Jessica is a blogger, a designer, a sorority alum and a crafter. I first found her blog and started following only to discover that she designed wallpapers, binder covers, sorority goodies and even iPhone cases. Just reading through her blog inspires me to drive to my nearest Michael's and drop $200 on supplies and craft all night. I can't wait till Big/Little reveal so I get to craft for my big!

Not only does she sell her super-cute tech accessories (tech-sessories?), but she also sells wallpapers, paper templates and more on her Etsy shop! Her "Dress Your Tech" designs are my fave! Plus, if you follow her blog, you'll see she posts free downloads to some of her favorite wallpapers, as well as creates special sorority wallpapers for those of us who are obsessed with our sisters. Her blog is essentially my Pinterest board on one page, because she makes all those crafts I pin and say I will but never do. She's sorority girls' Santa Claus. But really.. more than 28,000 people agree with me. She's amazeballs.

Everyone now knows how obsessed I am with monograms. and gold. and chevron. and my iPhone. so please, combine them all and what do you get? Caroline's dream in life essentially. (OK, i'm kidding - I have more goals for myself in life, but still!) So when Jessica sent me this amazing, perfect, phenomenal iPhone case that was pink and gold chevron, with a C on the back, I was elated. She's Santa, I tell you.

Wanna see?

Does that not just scream Caroline? Cause I'm pretty sure I opened the package and it was already hollering.

BUT my favorite part is that it comes with Vibe. You know how the iPhone speakers suck? and they say to make it louder to put it in a cup and it plays louder? Well that's Vibe! So my music plays loud and my phone is cute, so I can play my tunes all night long with no cups in sight!

So, stop by Jessica's blog or go shop at her Zazzle or Etsy stores, I guarantee you, you won't regret it. I don't..
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Love the Etsy shop and Pinterest page!

  2. looove! that is just so cute!

  3. Her stuff are all so cute! And my Alpha Chi Pinterest board keeps growing haha, someone needs to motivate m to craft! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Isn't it adorable? I'm obsessed with it and everyone else LOVES the case!

  5. Thank you for your fabulous post lovely! I'm glad you liked your iPhone case :)

    P.S. Have you downloaded the Michales app? They have coupons available all the time! Perfect for us craftaholics :)

  6. LOVED my iPhone case, and all of my roommates are mad that their names don't start with C so they can't steal it from me!

    AND OMG, no downloading it now! thank you :) I'll be visiting your blog for some DIY magic for when I start my sorority crafting - next up: paddles for my big.

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