October 18, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday! Anyone remember this?

Betcha didn't think I'd make you watch that, huh? I know, I'm corny. Well, the same producer who came out with that one created this little gem. She must really love chinese food!

Last night officially kicked off Big/Little Week. I submitted my list yesterday, the bigs were informed last night and my heart just can't take it. Reveal is next Thursday and I can't even handle this, I just want my biggie! :( I already got my heart broken when my #1 choice told me she didn't get a little. So there's that..

My assignment for my Photography class this week was "street photography", and Caroline was supposed to make it to NYC last Sunday, but we all remember that Open Bar incident. So that didn't happen. Sooo, I had to go to New Hay Hay and it was terrifying, but I ended up turning it into a street portraits shoot, and I actually kinda like how some of these pics came out.

This weekend is gonna be a big fat lame one, cause I have work allll day tomorrow and then I have to shoot photos on Sunday again. So there goes any chances of me having fun this weekend.

Everyone here knows how much I love Pinterest, so try not to cry when you watch this one. Trust me, it was hard! Is it too early to start planning my wedding? Or at least how my future husband is gonna propose to me?

Sorry I'm lame today. It happens from time to time..
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    1. Hey! I love your blog! You must be so excited about Big/Little! Check out my blog post about how my sorority celebrated Reveal this year!

  2. Love the street portraits! You did an awesome job! I'm taking that same photography class, too, but I was a little more nervous for my assignment.


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