October 25, 2013

Friday Five

Yayyyy it's finally Friday - this was week one of hell week. I have probably the most hectic week next week and have no clue how I'll get through it, except for the fact that my semi is next Saturday and I can't wait! I'm just gonna forewarn you that this F5 is pretty much gonna be an Alpha Chi edition!
{one}As usual, my Friday Five is coming late, but especially because last night was my sorority's Big/Little Reveal. After a week of hints and clues and my big making me a fake facebook page to screw with me, I'm SO SO SO happy to have gotten my top choice Big! I'm obsessed with her, and have been every single day since we met. She also looks almost exactly like me, so there's that too.. Wanna see her?

{two}So of course I have to showcase my three days of gifts from my biggie.. so day one:

It was red and green themed for Alpha Chi. She made me a champagne glass with a glittered stem and these adorable letters and my first AXO canvas to add to my wall.

{three}Day two..

She made me a chevron monogrammed canvas in Trinidad colors (I love herrr!!), and wine glasses with a chalkboard stem so you can write on it, and another pair of absolutely amazing wooden letters, a picture frame to put our first official photo in, and a chalkboard with some (fake) clues!

{four}Day three!

She gave me a lot of Princess stuff and it started to screw with me and made me think I was part of the Royal fam (turns out it was a clue, because my fam is an offspring of the royal fam). She made a gold glittered star saying little (which is actually a clue for my family), and a pink picture frame, and a huge pink blanket with AXO on it! I have the best big in the world.. She also cleverly made me do a puzzle to figure out my clues for the third day..

{five}Okay this is unrelated to Alpha Chi, but I've officially began moving my blog over to Blogger. I love being self-hosted on Wordpress but it makes it so much more difficult for everything. I don't know if I will regret this decision later, let's hope not.. but until then, Blogger it is! It's gonna be on private until it's fully transferred over and designed, but I can't wait for you to see it!

Have a great weekend, y'all.. I'm gonna #backthatazzup with some jams to represent how cold it is outside:

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  1. oooh how fun! she is cute and i loe the basked you put together!

  2. Those are such cute presents! I got my first choice for my big too, and I cried when it was revealed that she was my big!

  3. Wow these are some pretty great and neat gift baskets. I love the first red basket with the cute Champagne glass. Thanks for sharing this with us


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