October 03, 2013

Monogram Madness

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

You should know by now that I'm obsessed with my monogram. Although I hate having the same middle and last initial, I would literally monogram everything if I could. Monogrammed towels? I'll take them! Monogrammed headband? So cute! Monogrammed tees? YES!

So when The Pink Pineapple Shop sent me a couple shirts to review for her, I was ecstatic! Not passing up some awesome tees! They arrived really quickly seeing as she made three for me, and my roommates were literally all so jealous when I opened the package! Not only were they absolutely adorable, but they were super comfortable! I've been wearing them around my apartment for weeks and they just get comfier! The colors hold up really well in the wash too - they've been washed like three times already and are still bright as ever! They're what I would call a must-have!

Don't believe me?

I was lucky enough to receive a State Monogrammed Tee, a Lilly Pulitzer Circle Monogram Print, and this Anchor Pocket tee, which is a mix between her anchor monogram tee and her Lilly pocket tee.

Intrigued? I was! Everywhere I wore these, I received so many compliments, and Katie from Pink Pineapple is such a doll to work with and can really do almost anything you ask. Example? Instead of giving me a state monogrammed tee, she HAND-EMBROIDERED the Trinidad outline rather than a state, because you all know I'm no American!

Tell me that's not amazing? She went out of her way to embroider and monogram a state tee for me, but with my country! She earns brownie points for that one!

Want your favorite Lilly print? She has some great prints to choose from and you can customize your tee so it's monogrammed in Lilly (what girl doesn't want that?!) See!

And maybe you're not patriotic or into Lilly, but you're nautical.. Pink Pineapple helps you get nauti with this awesome anchor pocket tee. The listing's no longer on her page, but I'm sure if you're still interested you two can work something out!
So basically, moral of the story is.. Pink Pineapple is amazing! Now whenever I want anything monogrammed, I'll be contacting Katie.. or better yet, if I want some Alpha Chi stuff, she's my girl! So sorority girls, contact her for some personalized soror goodness! The best part is her prices are crazy good! All the shirts I reviewed are under $30, and she has tons of other awesome stuff like sorority bags, football dresses and more!!

Happy Shopping, y'all! Tell her I sent you :)


  1. I really like these. I think it's awesome that she embroidered an outline of Trinidad for you! That's really sweet of her to do that.

  2. Omg I loooove monograms! I'm planning my wedding right now and am definitely getting some monogrammed bridesmaids gifts :)

  3. Wasn't it so sweet of her?!! She was a dream to work with! I recommend her!

  4. UGH, i wish all the brides I were bridesmaids for bought me monogrammed goodies! Such a cute idea! Good luck with the wedding planning!


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