December 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Sorority Girl

And we're one day closer to Christmas! You've seen my techie and my stationery lover gift guides, I'm back with some gift ideas for that sorority girl on your list: cough, me..

The sorority girl is one of the easiest to shop for, as long as you know her sorority.. so stalk on Facebook till you see her reppin those Greek letters - google them if you have to, and get to shopping!

{one} anything from Adam Block Design:
See that little ad to the right on my sidebar? That's Adam Block Design and they're a sorority girl's best friend! He makes custom designs for chapters and you can even buy shirts that he already made for other chapters! They're the cutest way to show your Greek pride and the sorority girl on your Christmas list will most definitely love it! I have my eyes on a ton of stuff already! Oh and I may or may not be biased by attaching the photo of the sweatshirt he designed for my AXO chapter..

{two} a Spirit Jersey:
Everyone knows that sorority girls and spirit jerseys go hand in hand. They're the comfiest shirts ever, we can wear them with shorts, leggings or jeans, and they rep our sorority.. they cover every required field for the perfect shirt. Plus, they come in really cute colors and you can have your chapter name on them or your founding date. You can order them anywhere online, like from ABD or from other retailers.

{three} anything from Lilly Pulitzer's sorority collection:Lilly has been making prints for her favorite sororities for years now, and every year she adds a couple more sororities! (Luckily for me, AXO is on that list this year!). She makes a typical lilly-like pattern, using the sorority's colors, symbol and name, and sells a ton of stuff in the sorority print like clutches, phone cases, scarves, stationery, bags and more. They're a little pricey, but buy your sorority girl any of those and you've won best gift.

{four} a necklace from Dogeared's sorority line:Dogeared, who already make super cute jewelry, have a sorority collection which is to die for. The necklaces are simple and feature the sorority's symbol, like Alpha Chi's lyre, Theta's kite, ADPi's lion, DeeGee's anchor and more. It's a simple gift that shows that you've put thought into it!

{five} Cheryll Duffie's book:"Anything I Need to Know in Life, I Learned from Being in a Sorority" is a book that every sorority girl should read, and I know would be a great gift for any girl who's in or considering joining a sorority. It shows that there's more than just t-shirts, mixers and wearing your letters, and Duffie captures this perfectly! You can read more about her book here.

So hopefully this list helps you do some shopping for that sorority girl on your Christmas list! I'll be back with more gift guides tomorrow. Happy Shopping!
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  1. Agreed-- anything Lilly is perfect for any and all sorority girls :) Also, those Dogeared necklaces are adorable. Great picks!

    Diary of a Debutante

  2. These are all really great gifts! I was in a sorority in college and I would have loved to receive any of these - especially #4!!

    xo Megan,

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