December 17, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Stationery Lover

Oh I'm back and with more Christmas shopping help! You remember my techie list, well I'm here to help you shop for that stationery lover on your list: cough cough, if anyone needs any ideas for me, here's where to start….

{one} any of the Knock Knock stationery pads:

These are hilarious and so useful, and every single time I
see one I want to buy it. My credit card cries when I pass the Knock Knock section of my school bookstore, and I really just want every single item they make. Plus, they have this adorable handwritten collection that I'm obsessed with..

{two} an Erin Condren planner:It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Erin Condren's planners. I did two giveaways for gift cards there, I have my own planner and I convinced about six of my family members to buy them for themselves, so let's just say Erin and I have a love/love relationship. If I was an affiliate for Erin, let's just say I'd be making some serious money.. just look how cute the planners are:

{three} anything from Kate Spade's stationery collection:I swear to you, the designers behind that collection are genius and I want it all! Seriously if anyone is looking for a gift for me, buy me everything Kate Spade til I die. The collection is absolutely perfect and trust me when I say hide your credit cards!

{four} Sharpie pens:I'm obsessed with Sharpies and Post-Its and when I walk into any stationery store, a piece of me dies inside when I see those aisles. So I obviously bought a bunch of Sharpie Pens for school this year, and they're as amazing as you expect! They're seriously thin enough to write with, and they don't bleed through the paper and still give you the pop of color like the Sharpie markers. So buy every single Sharpie for that stationery lover on your Christmas list.

{five} Lilly Pulitzer notebooks:No stationery lover's gift is complete without notebooks in Lilly prints! They come in all different sizes, and Lilly has tons of prints to choose from so that you can personalize any gift! Plus, how encouraging to write in such an adorable notebook!

{six} a Staples gift card:What stationery lover's Christmas gift would be complete without a gift card to the motherland themselves? When all else fails, get them a $100 gift card and let them go wild - cause that's what I do anyways! Ugh.. I want it all!!!! Can't you hear it now? That was easy!

Happy shopping! Christmas is 8 days away!
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  1. what a great gift guide! my boss actually loves stationery so these gifts are perfect for her.

  2. I love stationary! Anything from the Kate Spade line is my favorite!


  3. I love all things stationary, especially stationary that I can mail. Also if you have tried Staedtler pens, I highly, highly recommend them!

  4. oooh! love it! can't go wrong with stationary!

  5. So cute! You should check out Lana's Shop. I had a giveaway with her recently - love her stuff!

    xo Megan,

  6. Oh goodness - you and I are paper hoarding twins! I love the idea of a gift card to the "motherland"! That was easy! (I've always wanted one of those buttons, but I think I would drive everyone around me insane...) #HCXO


  7. Great guide, I know what gifts I'll be getting everyone this holiday

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