December 13, 2013

Christmas Gifts for The Techie

So I'm done with finals. Thank God, and I'm going home for Christmas tomorrow. Thank God. And Finals sucked. Big time.

You know what else sucks? Christmas sucks.

I mean I'm kidding. Christmas is awesome. I actually love Christmas and look forward to it 11 months of the year, but shopping for Christmas sucks.
I love giving gifts. I love seeing people's expressions when I got them a gift they actually like, and I love showing my appreciation for people. I love handwritten cards and I love sentimental things. So Christmas is my ish.. not kidding. That being said, I hate shopping for gifts. Yeah it's great giving the gifts, but figuring out what everyone wants, and finding the 86 gifts for my 40 family members in 3 stores is literally hell. I'm not gonna lie, it's a real bitch pain.

So I've put together a little series that I affectionately named "Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List". Catchy, huh? I thought so too.. So to start the series off, let's find some gifts for the techie.. (I'm looking at you, Dad!)

{one} iPhone 5S:

The perfect gift for anyone: a $200 phone that hasn't changed much since the last one. But it looks really cool and I want it.. And that fingerprint sensor? Ugh, I want! PLUS, it comes in gold, and you all know that's my best friend!

{two} iPad Mini:

Also known as the iPhone Large, the iPad Mini is the perfect gift for all those techies on your Christmas list. It's small enough that you can carry it in your purse or around with you, but big enough that you can watch movies or play games on it. I'd buy it..

{three} Kindle Paperwhite:

Now I'm a little biased because I love books and I love my Kindle, but it's hands-down the best gift I've ever gotten. It can hold millions of books and most of them are sold for under $10. Reading at the touch of a button? I think yes! The Paperwhite is special cause it has a special back light so you can even read at night, and it doesn't give off glare like the iPad does. So reading on kindle > reading on iPad. At least that's what the commercials say..

{four} Matrix Audio QUBE Speaker:

The QUBE is about the size of a golf ball, and weighs about twice as much but can fill a room with sound for eight hours straight. It's the tiniest loudest speaker you'll come across, and a perfect gift for just under $50.

{five} Logitech Washable Keyboard:

Every techie knows how annoying it is when crumbs, food, or anything really spills on your keyboard, so some genius made this washable keyboard and I'm obsessed! You can literally submerge this keyboard underwater and I want one right now - it's so cool and I'm pretty sure every techie will want one too!

Happy shopping, y'all! I'm homeward bound tomorrow - ughhhh cannot wait.

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  1. That keyboard is so cool. I just had to get my computer keyboard fixed after an incident with Lucky Charms!

  2. I really could use some good speakers! The ones I have are so bulky that I never want to bring them anywhere and just end up blasting music on my phone around the house. What a great list!

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