January 28, 2014

A New Chapter

So, I'm late as usual.. nothing new there. But I'm here to explain what's going on in my life.
Noticed anything different on the bloggy blog this week? If no, please have your eyes checked.. because The Caro Diaries has gone through a complete blog transformation!

Not only have I redesigned, I've moved over to Blogger! You remember how much trouble I was having with self-hosted Wordpress and it just really wasn't worth the money for me, so I decided to switch over - something I should have done since this summer, instead of buying my own hosting. But hey, ya live and ya learn. 

Now of course, none of this would have been possible without the fabulous Sarah, who not only designed this entire thing, but moved me from Wordpress to Blogger and answered all my dumb questions. There were (and still are) many dumb questions.

Plus, cause I'm new to Blogger and all, I'm new to GFC, and I really don't know that shindig so do me a favor and follow me cause I look lame with like negative ten followers.

I'm super excited about this new chapter for The Caro Diaries (i didn't even plan that… chapter, diaries, LOL), and to share this new adventure with you all, I'm offering a major discount on my sidebar ads. I'm talking like 50% off major. 

So take 50% off with the code redesign, and support me on my new adventures. I'd love to see your pretty faces on my sidebar, and I promise to be really really annoying with tweeting you 24/7.

Love me? 
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