January 21, 2014

Where Does All the Money Go?!

This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We all know this one too well. We have money in our bank accounts - it's payday after all, and then next thing you know it's over and you're back to your original bank balance (and sometimes even lower..scary!).

These days, it's so ridiculously easy to spend money. Have to order a set of pens off amazon? Say goodbye to your paycheck cause I never checkout just one item. If I spend $20 more I'll get free shipping. I have to. yes because the shipping would have cost you $6 anyways but go right ahead and spend $20 more. So I started evaluating where my money goes as a college student.

It goes to booze. and entry to every bar, club and shindig we find ourselves at. Let's be real, I'm in college.
It goes to my sorority. hey, dues don't pay themselves!
It goes to Netflix. because who has time for TV anymore?
It goes to Amazon. because when you online shop as much as I do, getting Amazon Prime is like your best friend.
It goes to Nordstrom, Macy's and Bloomingdales. because Sheaffer told me to.
It goes to TJ Maxx. because I feel like I'm getting the biggest sales ever when I'm still spending money. Ughh they get me every time.
It's spent on boots, coats and new sweaters. because brrrrr it's cold in here. (Bring It On reference. Judge me.)
But without a doubt, it's spent on books. I'm in college after all - I'm here to learn.

Luckily, I discovered Campus Book Rentals. Their books are 40-90% off bookstore prices and have free shipping both ways. In one minute I managed to rent a textbook for $40 that would have cost me $200 to buy USED! It's simple. You rent it for however long your semester or term is, and when you're done you put it back in the box and send it back. Done and done.

I rent almost every textbook that I know I won't need again. All my Journalism books I tend to buy new or used because hey that's my major, but when I'm taking random classes I'll never use again like intro to basket-weaving. (jk is that even a class?) then I'm surely not spend $100+ on a textbook. That's valuable shopping money.

The really cool thing about Campus Book Rentals is that every book you rent donates money to Operation Smile, and you can treat the book like you would if you owned it - highlighting and writing in it too. Plus if you wanna make some extra money, they have this program called Rent Back which allows you to rent the books you currently own to other college students, and you make up to 4 times more money than buy back options. (My bookstore offered me $20 for my $150 never touched book. Yes. Wish I was joking.)

So if you wanna save money and use it for other things like shopping and boozing and carefree spending, check out Campus Book Rentals. You can thank me later.

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  1. why are books so dang expensive?! not fair. nope.

  2. great post - wish I would've had this option back when I was in college :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Great post! I too always feel like I'm spending a ton of money, especially on books!

    ~ Caroline


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