February 13, 2014

DIY Gold Glitter-Dipped Mason Jars

Wait, I just want to throw it out there that I pre-wrote this post. As of right now, it's 2 am and it's now starting to snow outside. Rumor has it that it'll be another snow day for us, so I'm crossing my fingers. Cross yours for me too! Anyways, back to the scheduled programming..

We had a couple snow days last week, and I was feeling real crafty.. Am I a sorority girl or what? (I'm actually really not crafty at all, but hey when you join a sorority, you make do.. aka I had to make a paddle for biggie!) 

I had been wanting to do something with Mason Jars for the longest while, and I took a personal day to go to town and get some shopping done. Walmart and Joanne's are my best friends when in my crafty modes, cause they're the most affordable. And I may or may not be obsessed with Joanne's. Like it's a crafter's dream.. I feel like I should never go to Hobby Lobby cause I'll be broke. Thank God there's none nearby. Small blessings.

Anyways, I spent my snow day crafting and experimenting and not gonna lie, I was pretty pleased with the results. Of course I had zero patience and didn't want to use painter's tape or anything, so I was just hoping i glittered in a straight line - I didn't. But Rome wasn't built in a day.

What You'll Need:
- a mason jar, for starters: you can get these at Walmart for fairly cheap - I think mine were $3 each.
- gold (or silver) spray paint: or really any color you'd like!
- gold (or silver) glitter: or any other color. This is your craft, go free!
- modge podge: I used the matte kind, although I don't think this makes a difference. correct me if i'm wrong.. 
- painter's tape: if you want the line to come out perfectly, and not like mine.. 

Step By Step: 
The first step is obviously spray painting the mason jars. I suggest getting some old newspaper, and doing it outdoors - even when it's negative degrees outside, cause that ish smells. You'll need to leave it for a couple hours to dry, but I left it overnight. You may even need to re-spray some parts of it, because the spray paint drips down the side (which you can see in some of the photos).

After it's dry, you can put the painters tape around to the line you'll want to start glittering. If you don't want to glitter, you can leave it as is - as you can see it looks awesome without the glitter as well. After putting the painter's tape (or just going based on what you think like I did), modge podge from the line down, all the way to the base. You're not gonna wanna glue the base cause the glitter'll be everywhere.

It's pretty self-explanatory from here on out: just glitter over the modge podge and leave it to dry. You're supposed to put modge podge over the glitter after it's completely dry to seal it, but every time I do that, glitter falls off and there are awkward blank spaces. So, maybe I'm doing it wrong - but I'm no craft queen yet, so I'm still learning.

I'm using these to put pens and pencils in on my desk, but I made one for my Big for her makeup brushes. The best part is it's so versatile: they can be vases, pencil holders, makeup brush holders, or basically anything you want. It adds a pop of color and some sparkle to any room, and definitely is one of the easiest crafts I've made.

Good luck crafting! Tweet me your crafting adventures :) Hopefully I'll be doing some more snow day crafts!

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  1. Hi there - (visiting from Grow Your Blog FB) just spent the last half hour browsing through your bloggy:) Love it all! This is a great project - I don't know if I missed it, but is there a way to make sure the glitter doesn't spread all over for years to come? :)

  2. These are SO pretty! I definitely need to make something like this. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

    1. Lindi, you're a no reply blogger so I can't respond via email! Learn how to fix it here: http://www.venustrappedinmars.com/2013/06/google-ultimate-no-reply-blogger.html

  3. Yee oh my gosh I love it! You are too crafty!!!

  4. This looks like such a fun (yet easy!) craft!

    P.S. New follower via Bloglovin' :)

    The Life & Times of Belle

  5. This is the cutest DIY I've seen in a long time!
    I saw that you were also participating in Connect With Preps, and I would love to get to know you as well! Feel free to email me or find me on social media, I would love to chat!

    xo Sydney

  6. What a neat craft! I may have to do this during the weekend!

  7. I just came across the post and had to make some of these myself! Check out my experience and pictures here: http://www.emilydoyen.com! Thanks for the cute idea :)


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