February 18, 2014

Kate Spade Stationery

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions, however, are entirely my own and that of The Caro Diaries. 

Oh look.. another stationery post. No surprise there. What can I say, I'm a stationery queen.. we'll go with it. 

I love Kate Spade - the shoes, the clothes, the handbags, the stationery - everything. I spoke about how much I loved the KSNY stationery in my Gift Guide for Stationery Lovers post, and I've been so excited (and so mad that I had to hide until this post went live) about my collaboration with Lifeguard Press and their Kate Spade New York collection. 

Lifeguard Press has the cutest stationery and everyday items, and when we discussed working on a post together to showcase some of the Kate Spade line (psh.. yeah, like that stuff needs help selling. it's beautiful!), I was overjoyed cause like.. a) stationery, b) kate spade, c) stationery. 

So I got the package in the mail about a week or two ago and worked on shooting the items to showcase, which was really an excuse to pick up my camera cause I haven't in God knows how long, and it was really feeling neglected. So for the sake of loving my camera, bear with me for these photos.. 

Choosing items was the hardest part, and I wanted every single thing, and I may or may not be waiting on my paycheck next week to go back and order everything - especially the notecards. and the umbrellas. and everything.  So I ended up picking out this pencil set, and these notebooks, and I'm not lying when I say holy cow I'm obsessed.

How cute are those notebooks? 

DIY mason jar craft here

These pencils have the cutest saying on them - like "spell it out" and "to whom it may concern". adorbbbbs.

and they come pre-sharpened and perfect, and i don't want to use them… #judgeme 

the striped notebook says "live it", and this one says "love it" on the front - they're honestly adorable. 

one of my fave parts of the notebooks: almost every page has a cute little saying/advice on it. they're repeated throughout the book, but it's adorable (and still small enough that it's actually still a line in the book). 
my fave: "playing dress up begins at the age of five and never really ends"

So quite frankly, the main issue is that i think it's too pretty to use - and I'm obsessed with it and really don't want to ruin it, but honestly though: how perfect are they? 

What do you think of the Kate Spade collection at Lifeguard Press

Update: looking for a tutorial to make glittered mason jars? Check out the ones from this post, and an even simpler version
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  1. Love love love Kate Spade!! Their 75% off sale last week almost killed me. I have the gold & white striped iPhone case and love just staring at it!

  2. Ahhh, I want a little bit of all of it! :)

  3. I love stationary too and the Kate spade is really the cutest!

  4. I've loved Kate Spade for over 10 years now and I've been loving the line even more the past few years. Everything is just so girly and pretty :)

  5. this whole post is dreamy! love kate spade!!

  6. Gah, everything is so cute! And your mason jar is also very cute. :)

  7. Love this <3 Obsessed with that mason jar <3

  8. so cute! and i love your mason jar.
    a fellow stationery addict.

  9. okay, so i totally bought the notebooks because of this post (already have a kate spade planner, might as well continue this KS stationary train, right?) your photos look fab girl!

  10. These are so cute and your photos are lovely! I'm obsessed with Kate Spade stationary.

  11. I LOVE Kate Spade everything! My phone case is Kate Spade, Kate Spade shoes, and I have been eyeing that Kate Spade stationery collection! Great post!

  12. O..M..G.. It's so nice to finally find someone else with a stationary addiction!!! I seriously have a problem!! LOL

  13. OHH EMM GEE! I love Kate Spade everything. I'm definitely getting this today! Thank you for intensifying my online shopping addiction! Haha! ;)


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