February 03, 2014

The Best FREE Fitness Apps for your Smartphone

It's still so weird for me to be using Blogger right now.. I had to delete my Wordpress app on my phone and download Blogger and it's still just shocking me. So that'll explain my little disappearance since Wednesday. Sorry.

Today's a snow day in CT, and I'm not complaining. All of my classes got cancelled, I built my first ever snowman (#islandgirlproblems) and I had a huge snowball fight. Now I'm curled up in bed with my laptop and iPad getting homework done - crazy huh? Who knew I could be productive on snow days.

It's way too cold for me to go to the gym. I was supposed to go to my first CrossFit class tonight but the snow is making it impossible to get there so I think it's a no go. I love working out once I get into a schedule - but getting back into a schedule is the worst! I'm being really strict with myself, which I'm super proud of and through my constant dieting and exercising, I've discovered some great apps for my smartphone. Not only are they great, but they're free apps. I hate spending money on an app and using it once or twice. Apps should come with a free trial period, I seriously think so. Apple, get on that! Anyways, so these apps are all free and awesome!! That being said, I decided to share them with you..
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{one} Nike Training Club: 
I'm obsessed with this app. It has more than 100 workouts, and you can even choose specific workouts that target areas you want to improve - your butt, abs, arms, or all of it. There are even some famous athletes who share their workouts. Plus, the app has videos to show you every workout, and even tells you when to move onto the next workout. It's like a personal trainer in your pocket. For FREE.

{two} My Fitness Pal: 
This is the easiest way to keep track of your calories. It's not just a calorie counter, but it helps you keep track of what you eat, and your fitness regime. It really helps you learn where you use the most calories, and helps you change your lifestyle rather than your diet.

{three} Fooducate: 
I discovered this app this week and I'm pissed cause I went food shopping last week and wish I had it! But basically, Fooducate lets you scan items at the grocery store and it highlights the good and bad things about it. I always buy a granola bar thinking it's good for me, until one day I looked past the calorie count and at the sugar information and put it down right away. Fooducate does that for you, so you know you're making healthy choices at the grocery.

{four} Thryve:
Thryve is another food-tracking app, but this one doesn't count your calories. Instead, it focuses on how food makes you feel and the amount of food and types of food you're consuming. You'll need to be 100% honest because it then rates your meal and tells you how good/bad it was for you. It's definitely motivation to get good scores and eat healthy meals!

{five} GymPact: 
Gym Pact is a free app that lets users bet money as an incentive to go to the gym. You bet money that you'll go to the gym three times this week, then you better find your butt at the gym so you don't lose that money. You get paid between $.50 and $.75 to go to the gym per day, but if you miss your allotted gym days that week you're fined $5. Pretty steep huh? It's such a good motivation.

{six} Diet Bet: 
Diet Bet lets you put your money where your mouth is - literally. The more weight you lose, the higher the chance of you winning all the money. Plus if you lose 4% of your body weight, you split the winnings with whoever lost that much too. It's the perfect incentive: get paid to lose weight. Genius.

So, I'm off to track my food intake for the day seeing as I'm stuck here for the night. No gym or CrossFit for me. The one bad part of snow days is that everything shuts down. :(

Hope your weight loss journey is going well :)
Good luck!!
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  1. This is exactly the post I needed to see! I keep telling myself that I'll make it to my university's gym since it's free, but I can never bring myself to stay after class. Now I don't have to stress about it and I can get work out in at home.
    ~ Madi

  2. So jealous you had a snow day, we pretty much never get those in Seattle (shocker). You have to let me know how cross fit goes once you try it out, I've been dying to try a class!

  3. That Thryve app sounds amazing! I'm downloading it right now. I'm sick of apps just tracking my calories and not really helping me at all. But it sounds different, and way awesome. Great post!


  4. These are really awesome ways to get fit! I like the gymnast app, but what happens to the money you lose if you don't go to the gym?

  5. I love fitness pal too. I'll have to check out the other ones you listed. I'm an Alpha Chi too <3 http://thecoruscation.blogspot.com/

  6. you always know the best apps!!

  7. thank you so much for sharriing i will definitly chek them out

  8. You always know the super best article, Thanks.

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