March 29, 2014

525, 600 minutes

How do you measure a year? 
March 29th marks one year since I officially created The Caro Diaries. A year ago today, I logged onto, typed in my domain name and wrote my first post

Over the last year, I talked about going through homesickness, how I felt about fashion glamorizing suicide, and prepared college kids to head back to school. I shared my favorite makeup hacks, and some discounts you can get with your college ID too. 

I joined a sorority (and spoiler alert: love it enough to give away planners and letters). I admitted I suck at stuff, and told you what to do when you're hungover - not that it ever helps. 

I moved from free Wordpress to self-hosting, and then my blog crashed, and then I moved over to Blogger and started a new chapter

I crafted a little, and watched a ton of Netflix - and got a bit addicted. I even shared some shaving mishaps. 

But the best part of this year is all the relationships and friendships I've made from this blog. All my blog friends, the companies I've worked with, cards I've received and emails I get asking for advice. No products, no reviews, no free stuff will amount to the happiness I feel when I think back to all of the relationships that stemmed from this year. From that one night, sitting with my laptop open, and my words just flowing. 

So here's to many more years of blogging, and for the support I receive and continue to receive. 
So thank you. And to thank you, keep your eyes out for a big giveaway this week.

As always, 
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  1. Congrats!! I'm coming up on a year in June and I'm excited that I've stuck with my blog and made great friends along the way!!

  2. Nice Rent reference! Congrats on your blogiversary!

  3. Happy one year of blogging girl! You and your blog are totally adorable, so happy to have you as part of the blogging community (:

  4. Happy anniversary and here's to many more successful years!

  5. YAY! I absolutely loved this post, what an adorable way to celebrate your one year! I have to say Caroline, you're one of my favorite bloggers because you're so down to earth, aren't afraid to admit your mistakes and are just so much fun! Happy 1 year and here's to many, many more!!!!

  6. congrats on an amazing accomplishment! i can't believe it has been one year! continue doing what you have been doing and you will kill it! mwah!

  7. Hi Caroline, I am a fellow Trini...I believe I know your mom, she works at St. Andrew's right? I do as well. I saw your blog's button on another blog and said to myself, 'Wayz...she looks like Mrs. Moses!' and so here I am, only to realize that you are in fact Mrs. Moses' daughter. Small world. :D I don't know much Trinidadians who love to blog as much as I do. I started blogging in 2010 and have never stopped. I closed down my first blog last year and have opened another since. It is such a cool hobby. I'll definitely be back to read more. :)


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