March 14, 2014

Friday Five: The Good, Bad and the Giveaway

This post is a bitter sweet one, and quite frankly I'm not sure it'll even get posted because my laptop is being insane so let's cross fingers my 1.5 YEAR OLD MACBOOK allows me to finish this blog post. 
let's start with the bad, shall we? (I like to end on a positive note.. so bad first!) My laptop, which I'm obsessed with, and paid $1,500 for might I add, has decided to abandon me in my time of need. aka my one and a half year old MacBook Pro, which I treat like a Princess, decided to start spazzing out and freezing and shutting off and making three beeping sounds. After spending more than an hour on the phone with Apple Support last night, they told me it was a RAM issue and I needed to replace and upgrade to 8gb of ram. The guy specifically told me to go to Best Buy and have them do it. Best Buy couldn't install if for me, so I bought the RAM and went to an Apple Technician Store within the mall - who then told me Best Buy sold me the wrong RAM and they would replace it with the correct one and install it for me. So I spent about $200 today replacing my RAM, which is supposed to make this thing run amazingly and not spaz or freeze or beep three times. But guess what? IT DID ALL OF THAT. Of course hours later when I'm home and two hours away from the mall.. why wouldn't that be the case? Soooo.. now I'm bawling, stuck with a defective laptop and I'm sure as hell not buying a new one or paying upwards of $400 to fix this. SORRY. I'M IN COLLEGE. If anyone knows how to help me, or has any idea how I can convince Apple to just give me a new laptop so I don't have to cry anymore, I would love that.. 

I'm in New Hampshire for a few more days, and I'm going skiing today!!! Woohoooo - the last time I went skiing was four years ago, and it didn't end so well (that'll be a story for another day, but it's hilarious). So wish me luck.. hopefully I don't break a bone or two. 

Reminding everyone that my amazing giveaway for a completely customized lettered sweatshirt is ending tonight at midnight, so get on it and enter for your last chance to rep your sorority, or fraternity, or philanthropy organization. Not in a sorority/fraternity? That's fine, but I'm sure your brother's girlfriend's cousin's ex-boyfriend's mother's best friend's daughter is, and I'm sure she'll love to rep her Panhel pride. 

So.. some good news! I've gotten pretty lucky with opportunities that have come my way in 2014 thus far, and I'm officially a member of the Seventeen Magazine Social Club - which is essentially a way for me to blog for them, and get some pretty cool opportunities for both my blog and for exposure. So stay tuned for some Seventeen Social Club posts because you'll be sure to see them on my blog throughout the year! Having my name on a Seventeen Magazine contract was amazing, and I'm super excited about the opportunity. 

Luckily for me, the good news doesn't stop there.. I found out last week that I was selected to be a Resident Assistant for 2014-2015 at my university! I was so nervous on the day we were supposed to hear, and I saw people who I knew applied telling me that they were rejected, or wait listed, or accepted - and I literally started to panic. When my phone rang from an unknown number, I answered it and it turned out to be the head of the program, someone I had met with a few times over the last two years at Quinnipiac, and he wanted to personally call and congratulate and inform me that I was given the position. I bawled my eyes out, especially when he told me that I'd be a Freshman RA. I'm super excited to welcome all the Class of 2018 Ledges ladies to Quinnipiac next year - hopefully they love me! But RA Caroline (or Raroline as my current RA roommate calls me) is gonna be showing her face on this blog too, and hopefully I'll have some posts about door decorations, and programs and other fun residence hall stuff!

So thank you for reading! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend.. drink to that? I'll let you know how my skiing adventure pans out, and if Apple ever helps me out in this situation, but I may be all cried out at this point. I'll work on it.. 

And in honor of my laptop not making up it's mind of whether it wants to work or not.. 
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  1. Congrats on all the good news!! :) Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Yay for the good news! I'm sorry about your laptop, though :( I wish I could help!

  3. Hi Caroline! Love reading your blog! I'm actually and RA at my university too and I love it. It's never something that I thought I'd like but it is really rewarding. I'm sure you'll do great!

    Emily ||

  4. I'm in Phi Mu! thanks for the giveaway!

  5. for your computer, have you done this?

    I would also look into these and this

    it's possible your memory (ram) did fail, and installed another set of bad ram (perhaps it had been a return?) into your machine. or maybe its something else. hopefully one of the above links + tests will help!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  6. HI Caro,

    First of all i miss you!

    Love the post! In University your computer is essentially your life. When its slow you think to yourself - am i that slow? lol dont take it out on your computer! Take it out of your computer....the files that is! Do you have an external hard drive?

    Sometimes i would empty a lot of files to the external and the computer would function really well. If you dont have one you should get one in the event ole bessy decides to crash!

    Talk soon! x P


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