March 25, 2014

Macy's Monday on a Tuesday: Business Casual

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own and that of The Caro Diaries.
March is coming to an end, and people all around me are getting offers for summer internships. Uhh, except me cause like I haven't heard back at all.. can someone love/hire me?! 

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
I've been lusting over some new business casual clothes since I watched Carrie Bradshaw walked into the office at Interview magazine in every episode of The Carrie Diaries. WHICH BTW can we just talk about how it's cancelled, and i'm just not okay with it.. 

can we talk about this? I'm loving the color blocked panels - business casual AND slimming! 

love that structured neckline! 

love the white peplum! 

I'm all about the slimming color blocking apparently - but hey, it's what you gotta do when you gotta donk. 

SO cute and different! I love it! 

the perfect pants to go from work to a night out! thinking of getting one for myself, and at $30, why not?! 

So.. the moral of the story is that I still don't have an internship, but if I get one I'd look damn cute for work everyday. Soooo.. companies? LOVE MEEE..

Happy Career Fair Season, y'all..

and while you wait by your phone for that internship to call you back, enjoy a little gift from Macy's and me.. 

Throughout all of March, Macy's is hosting the "Spin and Win" contest, where students can log into the Macy's app on their phone (it's available for both Androids and iPhones - but shh I use my iPad!) , and spin a virtual wheel for a chance to win up to $500 in gift cards. PLUS. All participants will automatically receive a 20% off coupon. And if that alone doesn't tickle your pickle, you can spin up to 5 times a day. A. DAY. YES. GO. DOWNLOAD IT NOW. All thanks to #macyscampustour

It's the last couple days to win.. so good luck! 

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