April 15, 2014

Get On It, Netflix

I've been MIA for a while - I know, I know. It's been a hectic semester for me, and any free time I have, I've spent watching Netflix. 

You know by now that I can get addicted to Netflix. Just this month I watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother - and Season 9 depressed me severely. THAT FINALE. I CAN'T. I can't believe it's over.. 

Anyways, since I just ended a 9-season run with Netflix, I began thinking about some movies and shows that Netflix has royally screwed up by not having. Like seriously, Netflix, how many times do I have to tweet you before you put Gilmore Girls online?! 
But there are so many great tv shows from my childhood, and my not so childhood, that I need to reminisce on and watch entire seasons of shows in one sitting. Is that so hard to ask? Apparently. 

So what shows would I love to binge watch and get addicted to again? Thanks for asking, Netflix..

Lizzie McGuire:
Is it so hard to post the early HilDuff phase for us Disney lovers? I felt everything she felt growing up. Her awkward hair stages were my awkward hair stages. And that Aaron Carter Christmas episode? Ugh jeal.. WWLS? (What would Lizzie Say?)
I feel ya, Lizzie.. I feel ya. 

Modern Family: 
Like yes, I get that it's still showing every week and there are re-runs up the wazoo, but what about us who want to binge watch the entire series and laugh with the Pritchetts? Is that so hard Netflix? CAN YOU FEEL MY PAIN?! 
He can.. He feels my pain, Netflix. 

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: 
Now this is a story all about how Netflix turned my life upside down by not putting my fave show up for me.. and Netflix can't you tell how pissed I am? Tears. Legit tears. Don't make me resort to Nick at Nite re-runs and marathons. No bueno. 

This May will be ten years since the series ended, and I want to recap with my fave group of friends - I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE.. Netflix, hear me out.. 
Isn't that how we all feel? Yes... yes it is. 

Gilmore Girls: 
Rory and Lorelai Gilmore helped me grow up. I wanted to be a Journalist because Rory was a Journalist (okay, not true but run with it..) I wanted to live in the middle of nowhere CT like Stars Hollow and that's how I came to school here. And now I want nothing more than to have access to my favorite tv show growing up. Don't punish me, Netflix. Don't do it. 

The Hills: 
Let's be real - almost every girl wanted to be Lauren Conrad when she was on The Hills. Okay let's be even more real, every girl still wants to be Lauren Conrad - at least I do. Her internship at Teen Vogue, her hit show and her closet were all things I wanted at the moment (and still do), but all I really want right now is to re-watch all of my favorite drama filled moments. Does no one remember Holly and Heidi's heart to heart when Spencer had yet another freak out, and Drop The World was playing? Smooth, MTV.. Smoooth. 
I miss you too, LC.. We all miss you. 

The O.C.: 
Adam Brody.. is there any other reason? Netflix, don't make me beg.. I just want to see the Chrismukkah episode on my own time, and not just in the awkward time between Hannukah and Christmas every year. Let me beee.. 

Laguna Beach: 
Ahh.. Laguna Beach. Who can forget "Coming Clean" coming on and watching the drama unfold between baby LC and baby Kristin Cav. Don't deny me of this drama, Netflix.. just don't do it. 
I know what you mean, LC.. get on it Netflix!  

Every single Disney Channel Original Movie: 
Don't deny me of my 90's and early 2000's dreams.. Just let me watch Zenon in peace, and sing along to Supernova Girl in my privacy of my bed. 

Full House: 
Haaaave mercy, Netflix.. don't you know we all just want to watch Uncle Jesse on demand? But really though.. let me watch John Stamos in peace. Oh and baby MK&Ashley are alright too.. 
Not funny, Netflix.. not funny at all. 

So from the bottom of my (and every other Netflix addict's) heart.. I say in the nicest way possible.. GET ON IT, NETFLIX! 

Think Netflix will feel bad for me and put these up soon? Did I miss any? Weigh in below! 

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  1. OMG Gilmore Girls ... Yes I'd binge watch that. Pretty sure my tv-holic self has seen every episode of The Hills, Laguna Beach, The OC and Modern family. Yes I have a problem!

  2. I would LOVE to see ER and the old Real World/Road Rules seasons! I am currently binge watching Grey's Anatomy. I stopped watching it a few seasons in when it first aired and thought that I would see what I have been missing.

  3. Isn't Laguna beach on Netflix?? I swear that's where I watched it!

  4. Yes to so many of these! I think The Hills used to be Netflix a couple years ago.

  5. Yea to the Disney original movies and Fresh Prince! Love seeing Will in his first years of acting and yhe show is still hilarious. I could never get info the really shows though.

  6. I totally agree!!! I love watching Lizzie Maguire and it would be so wonderful to have it only a click away plus I've been dying to see Gilmore Girls because I've actually never seen an episode but I hear its awesome. Friends is one of those ones that I've seen a bunch of episodes but never in order so I want to watch it all the way through.


  7. Three words...One Tree Hill!! :)

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