May 27, 2014

Father's Day Giveaway

I'm normally home by now, just barely missing Mother's Day by the time I fly home, but just in time for both my dad's birthday and Father's Day, and we usually celebrate it in our usual way - breakfast and gifts in bed, and letting them sleep. 

Not being home for father's day this year is going to be weird. I'm a total daddy's girl - I'm his "favorite last daughter" as he always says.. so celebrating Father's Day is always fun for the whole family! 

That's why I teamed up with some of my friends to give away some cool prizes for dad this year - well, not my dad.. but maybe your dad?

present to you our father's day giveaway! 
Father's Day
Enjoy Life Drink Good Beer Print // Hand-Forged Bottle Opener
Gin & Tonic Soap // Cotton Flannel Tie

Aren't these so cute? I can think of a bunch of guys who would love these, not just dad.. but anyways, onto the winning!
The giveaway runs until June 3rd, so good luck and win some stuff for your dads!

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  1. My dad is always 100% supportive of me, I know I can tell him anything and he'll be there for me.


  2. My dad has an amazing ability to talk through any troubles you're having and help you see new options or perspectives. He is an amazing pep-talker!


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