May 21, 2014


Prepare your wallets, because this is blowing up!

I love when Kate Spade New York has surprise sales, and this week's own is hands down one of the best they've had. 

There are some major sales on some stunning handbags, accessories and clothes and shoes. 

Here's a peek at some of my favorite items:
The sale runs until tomorrow at midnight, so head over to the sale and get to shopping. 

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  1. Well, let us just say goodbye to my life savings.

  2. Well kate spade has always been my favourite but you need a heavy pocket to own a piece. However such sales makes it affordable for college going or people on budgets.

  3. You start your day by doing so much lol, not really a lazy person you are that means. I never do breakfast in the morning as I am very lazy. But it is a very good share instagram videos


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